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  2. "I just try to make people think. I don't try to shock them or scare them. I just try and get them to question." - Marilyn Manson

  3. “My guitarist John has never drunk or done drugs in his life” – Marilyn Manson

  4. "There is a very fine line between love and hate, I walk it every day.” – Ginger Fish

  5. “My mom just stopped teaching first grade and my dad used to be a school teacher too. They like the fact that Manson puts the blame where it's supposed to be. They believe people should be responsible for their own actions." – Madonna Wayne Gacy

  6. Tim Skold

  7. Ginger Fish Madonna Wayne Gacy Real Name: Frank Kenny Wilson Real Name: Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. Band Name: Ginger Fish Band Name: Madonna Wayne Gacy Explanation: Ginger Rogers Explanation: Madonna (the singer) and (dancer/actress) and Albert Fish John Wayne Gacy (executed murderer of (executed cannibal child-killer) 33 boys) John5 Tim Skold Real Name: John Lowery Real Name: Tim Skold Band Name: John5 Band Name: Tim Skold Explanation: 5th member to join Explanation: It’s his real name… the band

  8. Marilyn Manson Real Name: Brian Hugh Warner Band Name: Marilyn Manson Explanation: Marilyn Monroe (actress) and Charles Manson (serial killer) "Nothing is just black or just white. I combined the word "Marilyn" {Monroe} as the white, positive aspect - the light - with the word "Manson" {Charles} which is the black, negative aspect. Light and darkness, life and death are simply two inseparable parts of life. Without darkness you wouldn't know the light and without evil, you wouldn't know what's good.” – Marilyn Manson “Good and evil go hand in hand, you can't separate them.” – Marilyn Manson "I wanted a name that said it all, almost a brand name. I took a celebrity martyr and a celebrity killer and put them together. If you want to understand America, you have to look at the celebrity process. It's sick and its utterly revealing about our need to celebrate even the worst aspects of our culture.” – Marilyn Manson "I've rarely had people ask me about my interest in Marilyn Monroe, yet they always gravitate towards the darker half. I think that is a part of the statement of Marilyn Manson itself.” – Marilyn Manson

  9. Why I want this shirt: I like what the back of the shirt says. It’s from The Fight Song, which was the first Marilyn Manson video I ever saw. It’s like wearing my beliefs on my back, the way Christians wear the cross around their neck and the WWJD on their wrists and the way Jews wear the Star of David around their necks. If someone is offended by my shirt, they should think how I feel about seeing God and Jesus plastered all over the world everyday.

  10. Why I want this shirt: It’s just a simple black shirt with the Antichrist symbol. I like black shirts obviously and I clearly like the Antichrist symbol. “The word 'Antichrist‘, to me, is the collective disbelief in god” – Marilyn Manson

  11. Why I want this shirt: I like this shirt because it says ‘God is in the TV’ which is something I agree with. Marilyn Manson has used this lyric in several of his songs and he has many quotes on the topic…

  12. Why I want this shirt: I don’t really have a reason why I want this one, besides that Marilyn Manson is on it. I just really like the way it looks… most people buy clothes based on that reason anyways.

  13. Why I want this shirt: This shirt is probably the one I want the most. It’s called the trinity shirt and the small print below Jesus’s head says: ‘See no truth – Hear no truth – Speak no truth’ I’m not sure of the order though… but that’s what it says. The back says beLIEve. I like this shirt because it represents a lot of my beliefs. To me Jesus and religion in general represents hiding the truth from people and keeping a lot of things quiet… much like I’m often encouraged in this house to not say the truth or speak it… or even see it. Manson often takes words and highlights words in them and beLIEve is the perfect word to do that because religion tells you to believe lies.

  14. Why I want this shirt: I think this is funny… I can’t believe I found it. This shirt is a shirt Marilyn Manson talks about in his book and about how Christian’s think he has a shirt that says to kill god, your parents, and yourself, but it really says: ‘Warning: The music of Marilyn Manson may contain messages that will KILL GOD in your impressionable teenage minds. As a result, you could be convinced to KILL YOUR MOM & DAD and eventually in a hopeless act of suicidal ‘rock and roll’ behavior you will KILL YOURSELF. So please burn your records while there’s still hope.’ In reality, it’s saying everything you want to hear and it’s funny to people like me because we know none of his CDs encourage any of that, people just think they do.

  15. Why I want this shirt: Once again… I just like it. I like the way it looks. It’s from the Portrait of an American Family CD, the first CD he released. I don’t get why this would be a problem for anyone… I don’t understand how it could make anyone feel uncomfortable or why it would be scary. I think it would be kind of mean if someone put your face on a shirt and then called you scary. He’s not even really wearing make up in this one.

  16. Why I want this poster: I just like the way it looks, it’s from Holy Wood and they’re tarot cards with each of the band members on them.

  17. Why I want this poster: I want this poster because I just like it. It really stinks that I feel like I need to have a reason to get a simple poster in my room just because my interest isn’t the “norm”.

  18. Why I want this poster: I like it because it’s a poster of a bunch of Marilyn Manson’s paintings. I like the way he paints and the feeling he puts behind it. All music and videos aside, he’s well respected for his painting.

  19. Why I want this necklace: I want this necklace because I like it. It’s red… that’s my second favorite color. It just says his name with the Antichrist symbol again. Lots of people wear necklaces of their interests, Andrea has a tennis necklace and I know you want to tell me they aren’t the same, but they are both our interests and we each hate the other’s interests… but yet, she has a necklace and I don’t…

  20. Why I want this necklace: I just like it. It’s the Omega symbol which is from the Mechanical Animals CD. Mechanical Animals was the first Marilyn Manson song I ever heard. I also like it because he spells his name like Mar1yn Man5on, with a one and a five, which is also associated with that CD.

  21. I also want other shirts beside Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson is one of my favorite bands right now, but they aren’t the only thing I listen to. They are really probably one of the only bands that you have heard of and that is well known in society so that’s why I probably have to go through all of the effort to try to get past the stereotype with Marilyn Manson, that I wouldn’t typically have to go through for other bands. So please don’t assume that’s all I listen to and every thing I think is heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson because it isn’t at all. Other bands that aren’t even on here are: DownTheSun, SkyCameFalling, Breaking Benjamin, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Coal Chamber, Cryptopsy, Deicide, Finger Eleven, Iced Earth, Ill Nino, Kittie, Linkin Park, Meshuggah, Mudvayne, Murderdolls, Nirvana, Mushroomhead, Rammstein, Saliva, Sepultura, Skinlab, System of a Down, Static-X, Stone Sour, Trust Company, Stabbing Westward, KMFDM, Placebo, Jack Off Jill, and Blind Guardian A lot more than you thought, right? Since every time I play something you ask me if it’s Marilyn Manson and over half the time it’s one of those bands who sound nothing like Marilyn Manson.

  22. Why I want this shirt: It’s a Nine Inch Nails shirt and it just has their logo on it. I love their music and they were the band that got Marilyn Manson started. If people think they are bad in some way… I’d really like to know how because I wouldn’t understand. Plus… it doesn’t even say the words Nine Inch Nails on it, so people who aren’t into the music aren’t going to know what NIN stands for anyways.

  23. Why I like this shirt: I just like it. Nice black and white shirt.

  24. Why I want this shirt: I love Slayer. They’re a great band. If you’re worried about what other people are going to think of the shirt, don’t, because most people don’t even know who Slayer is, even people who do like Marilyn Manson. The back of the shirt says God Hates Us All, which is the name of the CD I have.

  25. Why I want this shirt: I like sweatshirts, especially black and red ones and of course, I love Slayer, so it’s perfect. No “scary” graphics on it.

  26. Why I want this shirt: I want this sweatshirt because I like it… it’s kind of hard to think of a reason why I like everything all the time. I shouldn’t have to justify myself all the time. It’s a Slipknot sweatshirt, pretty simple. Lots of people have Slipknot shirts though which is the only negative thing about it.

  27. Why I want this shirt: I also like KoRn… so I want a KoRn shirt… it’s pretty simple.

  28. ( I like their shoes and look they’re in nice suits…)

  29. - Marilyn Manson had a dog named Aleusha when he was growing up that was purposely poisoned to death by his neighbor, who used to be his friend. - Aleusha had one green eye and one blue eye. Some people think the reason for the two different color contacts was it was a way for Marilyn Manson to remember his best friend, Aleusha. Aleusha “Why would I want to look like I have some kind of office job, like most of those plaid-shirt college bands, when I'm in one of the onlyprofessions there is that allows me to look completely f*cking insane?!” – Madonna Wayne Gacy

  30. "A piece of paper or a piece of cloth doesn't mean anything. It's what you believe. And I want people to think about what they believe. I want them to consider if everything they've been taught, if that's what they want to believe or if that's what they've been told that they have to believe." – Marilyn Manson • "It's when you take away things that kids enjoy is when you cause problems for them, you know, people always think that heavy metal, or rock and roll has always been the source of the problem, but it's when you start to deprive them of that, it's when they start to get bitter." – Marilyn Manson • "You have something to learn from everybody. It's not to say that you have to like what those people have done, but at least respect them in a strange way because they had the motivation and power to attempt the things they did." – Marilyn Manson - "I am a fan of the Bible, and I know it better than most Christians do. ...It's not the teachings of Christ or the words of the Bible that I have a problem with. It's exploiting weak-minded people and controlling their lives with guilt and then turning around and blaming it on someone like me." – Marilyn Manson

  31. "I went to god just to see and I was looking at me, saw heaven and hell were lies” – The Reflecting God "I was born into this, everything turns to sh*t” – Man That You Fear "I'm a million different things and not one you know” – I Want to Disappear "Raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all” – I Don’t Like The Drugs "You were from a perfect world, a world that threw me away today, today to run away” – Coma White "A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make you anybody else” – Coma White “And when we were good, you just closed your eyes, so when we are bad, we’ll scar your minds” – The Fight Song “You never gave me a chance to be me, or even a f*cking chance just to be” – King Kill 33 “I don’t generally use profanity just for the sake of it. If I do it, I’m generally being sardonic, or it’s the legitimate or only way to express an angry thought. If you use too much of anything it becomes watered down. If every other word is ‘f*ck’ then what’s the barometer of f*ckness? It’s like, if everyone was cool, what would the point of cool be?” – Marilyn Manson

  32. - Antichrist Superstar - Holy Wood - Last Tour on Earth - Smells Like Children - Mechanical Animals - Portrait of an American Family

  33. - The official Marilyn Manson site: - Interview: - Quotes: - Essays: - Marilyn Manson’s Journal: - Marilyn Manson’s Artwork: - Marilyn Manson Song Interpretations: