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24*7 Live Chat Support PowerPoint Presentation
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24*7 Live Chat Support

24*7 Live Chat Support

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24*7 Live Chat Support

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  1. Reasons to use CHAT LIVE AGENTS

  2. 1. Allow customers to multitask. No one wants to spend their lunch break on hold with your company. With live chat support, customers can carry on with their day- to-day lives while waiting for that“ping” sound to assure them the agent has replied. A Customer can contact anytime in order to sort his query about the particular service or product of the respective company.

  3. 2. Provide chat logs for transparency and proof of contact When customers engage with your company’s customer support via phone, Chat, E-mail, Voice, they don’t typically receive a recording of the verbal conversation. The Online Support Chat is there to help customers in firing their doubts and queries promptly on the website. Instead of the customer wasting time in placing their support query again and again, the chat agent can simply look at the previous chat and continue the conversation.

  4. 3. Make customer service available 24*7 Your customers want to be able to reach you whenever they encounter a problem, and frequently, that happens anytime outside of normal work hours too. Live chat gives your business the opportunity to provide 24*7 Live Chat Agent Support, that helps in reducing response times while boosting customer satisfaction and your Leads as well.

  5. 4. Prevent unnecessary costs Calling support costs money, especially when customers are put on hold for long periods of time. Live chat comes at no cost to the customer , and your agents have a better chance of being treated a calm, respectful manner. There is no complex wiring or infrastructure required to install live chat software, it s quick, simple and easy to install. It’s a low investment method that increases your customer reach effectively.

  6. 5. Gather important data The Live Chat Agent Services useful in a way to track all the data regarding customer from where the query arrives. One can gather important data of the customer like:- Location. Time on site. Active or idle. Reffering Link. Number of Chats. Number of Visits. Device information Operating System Information

  7. 6. Increase sales Website owners love live chat because it lets them confront customers towards certain products or services without having tdoor- to- door visits or marketing. A customer that visits your website is probably already interested in your product or service instead of wishfully hoping they make a purchase, you can engage them by using proactive triggers. By initiating contact during the crucial decision- making stage, you increase your ROI , Sales, marketing and of course customer making successfully.