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Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc.

Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc.

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Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc.

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  1. Emerald Web Site OverviewPart IHow to set up your web site Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc.

  2. Index Before Your Begin • Site Basics • Web Site Options • Site Styles • Home Page Movie • Stock Ticker • Stored Files • Upload Masthead • My Company Info • Site Title • Site Subtitle • Footer Disclaimer • Home Page Image • Home Page Text • Address Fields • Directions to You • My Company Info (cont.) • Splash Page • Privacy Policy • Site Description/Keywords • Browser Title Bar • Contact Us Intro • Contact Us Acknowledgement

  3. Welcome We thank you again for purchasing an Emerald® web site. We are sure that you will find it easy to enter and format text, insert images, and create hyperlinks using our WYSIWYG html editor. Before we start we encourage you to have this guide open in one browser window and the Web site Administrator in another. In the next few slides, we will provide some important tips you should remember as you work with your Emerald Website.

  4. Before You Begin Tip 1: Bookmark Bookmark We post helpful information to help you manage the Web site. Consider going through a WebEx training session. Attendees often benefit by the questions raised by other users at the end of the session.

  5. Before You Begin Tip 2: Where to Log In Access the Web site Administrator by clicking on the Web Site Admin button. Log into the account by putting in the user name and password in the fields provided. Lose the User name and Password? Click the information button for help

  6. Before You Begin Tip 2: Where to Log In This will lead to the Home page of the Emerald Web Site Administrator. The dashboard provides access to both Emerald content and customizable Web site sections.

  7. Before You Begin Tip 3: Save Often Remember: Internet connections can sometimes slow down and even stop working during a session. Safeguard against data loss by bysaving changes often.

  8. Before You Begin Tip 4: Preview Preview changes. At various points, it is important to preview changes in order to test page format. Consider gathering vital information, content, and images before starting. Make one pass-through of all the fields provided, then preview the site.

  9. Before You Begin Tip 4: Preview When previewing, the administrator will provide a reminder that the site being previewed is a private copy of the Web site. Only those who can log into the Web site administrator can see it under development. Click Close This Window on the Preview Site Disclaimer to review the changes made.

  10. Before You Begin Tip 5: Pop Up Blockers If upon previewing, the page returns to the Web Site Administratorpage, then a pop-up blocker is active on the browser. Click on the Pop-up info bar and click Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site. Click View Preview Site again. If the popup blocker has been successfully defeated, then close the pop up disclaimer and advance to a preview of the Web site.

  11. Before You Begin Tip 6: Update Site Button When changes are made, the Update Sitebutton turns red. It is best to wait until a complete round of changes are made before clicking it. This way the Broker Dealer compliance department has a chance to review all changes at once. Consider waiting until they approve the changes before making another round. If you do not click the Update Site button, your broker dealer's compliance department will not see your changes.

  12. Before You Begin Tip 7: Site Status Compliance departments take between 5 and 10 business days to review and approve changes. We recommend a visit to Reports / Site Status to view the status of changes submitted to compliance. If the Web site is attached to Emerald's electronic compliance manager, all posted changes will read "awaiting compliance manager approval". For items that the broker dealer compliance requires further changes, the status message will read,"Previous Changes Rejected". Once changes have been made and approved, the message will change to "Approved moved to the public site".

  13. Site Basics Web Site Options Roll over Site Basics and click on Web Site Options.

  14. Site Basics Web Site Options Click on edit.

  15. Site Basics Web Site Options Make changes as needed, then click save changes. When adding multiple Email addresses, separate them by using only a comma. Click on the information item below for help with the Google, Yahoo, and Bing verification codes.

  16. Site Basics Site Style Roll over Site Basics and click on Site Style.

  17. Site Basics Site Style Choose a new Site Style, if desired, and click Save Changes. Click on a style to see a larger image. Need to know more about the minimalist style? Click on the Information icon below.

  18. Site Basics Home Page Movie Roll over Site Basics and click on HomePage Movie. The "Minimalist" Styles do not show "Home Page Movies"

  19. Site Basics Home Page Movie Select the check box next to the desired movies, then click Save Changes.

  20. Site Basics Stock Ticker Roll over Site Basics and click on Stock Ticker.

  21. Site Basics Stock Ticker Market watch displays image icons for the various items available. If too many indices are checked, these icons will disappear. The user will need to go to the Marketwatch section on their site to select the other Marketwatch features. Select the check box next to the desired indices, then click on Save Changes. Looking for the 20 minute delay DOW? Click the Information Icon below.

  22. Site Basics Stored Files Roll over Site Basics and click on Stored Files.

  23. Site Basics Stored Files Emerald offers 5 megabytes of space to store website images While this space is meant for images, our customers will often upload Word Documents, PDF files, short videos.

  24. Site Basics Stored Files Navigate to the location of your image and double-click on it.

  25. Site Basics Stored Files Enter a short description of the image if desired. Click Upload Now.

  26. Site Basics Stored Files The uploaded file is now listed in the Stored Files list. Double-click the file name to view the image.

  27. Site Basics Stored Files The image is shown as it will appear on the Web site. Size information is also shown. Need more space? See the information Icon below

  28. Site Basics Upload Masthead If a graphics artist has created a custom masthead image for the Web site, or if one has been downloaded from the Emerald Web site administrator, it can be uploaded to replace the default masthead image. Be sure to have the image saved on the local computer in a location (such as My Images) that is easy to remember .

  29. Site Basics Minimalist Wide-Format Style Upload Masthead Here are the height and width requirements for the various site styles. Note that the height matters only for the Minimalist style. 400 All measurements are in "pixels" 970 Moderne Wide-Format Style All Other Styles 756 940

  30. Site Basics Upload Masthead Roll over Site Basics and click on Upload Masthead. Click on Browse.

  31. Site Basics Upload Masthead Navigate to the location of the file and double click on the saved masthead image.

  32. Site Basics Upload Masthead Click View Preview. The new masthead is now visible on the Web site.

  33. My Company Info My Company Info holds many of the fields that help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • We strongly encourage leveraging this area to add in both identifying information about the persons represented on the Web site the business as a whole, and key elements that describe the services provided • Gather information about the people and the business to assemble solid information that can be included in the My Company Info fields Need Information for Search Engine Optimization? See the Information icon below

  34. My Company Info Site Title The text entered into this field will be layered over the Web site's Masthead Image . If a custom masthead has been used on the Web site, this field might need to be left blank.

  35. My Company Info Site Title Type in identifying names and designations, or DBA, then click Save Changes.

  36. My Company Info Site Subtitle The text entered into this field appears in bold at the top of the home page.

  37. My Company Info Footer Disclaimer The Footed Disclaimer appears at the bottom of the Web site. It is included in every page of the Web site. Compliance often offers this as an alternative to the "Preemptive Disclaimer" that some Web sites must provide to their readership before they can actually enter the Web site.

  38. My Company Info Home Page Image This feature allows a quick insert of an image into the top left portion of the Web site's home page. An image can also be inserted in the "Home Page Text" area instead of here. Skip this step if the image is to be inserted in Home Page Text". Skip this step and use the "Home Page Text" area to insert an image if the position of the image on the page needs to be changed (e.g. align it to the center, or to the right of the page.) Need to resize an image? Click on the Information Icon below.

  39. My Company Info Home Page Image Click on Browse.

  40. My Company Info Home Page Image Navigate to the folder on the local computer where the image is located and double click on it.

  41. My Company Info Home Page Image Click Upload Now.

  42. My Company Info Home Page Image The uploaded image is now visible. It will appear on the Web site. If a square box with a red X appears, then the file is either not an image, or an image that was not saved specifically "for the Web" (such as a High Resolution JPEG.) In such cases, the image needs to be returned to the person who provided it to have them save it in the proper format. High Resolution JPEGs are often saved for print and will not be viewable on the web.

  43. My Company Info Home Page Text Home Page Text deserves a good amount of focus. Except for the Minimalist style, the Home page is the first section customers and prospects will see when they enter the Web site. Craft content carefully to provide key information about the business owners and important elements of the services provided.

  44. My Company Info Home Page Text Emerald provides default text for most of the custom sections. Modify this text as needed, or delete it to add customized content. Avoid copying and pasting from other sources, such as Web pages or word processing programs. If it is required to bring text from these other sources, use the "Paste as plain text" button in the editor. See the Information icon below.

  45. My Company Info Home Page Text The editor works somewhat like a normal word processing text editor. Format the text with the buttons provided in the toolbar. Change the color and style by highlighting text and clicking on the corresponding editor buttons. Need to insert an image in the "Home Page Text" area? Click on the information icon below.

  46. My Company Info Home Page Text For an explanation on the WYSIWYG editor buttons", click on the information icon below, or visit and enter the word "Editor" in the Search field. Select the link, "WYSIWYG Tip Sheet"

  47. My Company Info Address Fields The fields represented in the image to the right are all simple text boxes. On some styles the addressing information is listed on the Home Page Textand in the Our Location pages. On others they are visible only on the Our Location page. Only enter text. Pasting code in these text fields may have unknown effects on the look of the page.

  48. My Company Info Directions to you Post driving directions into the Our Locationpage by entering them in Directions to you. Using the text editor, include driving directions from various locations and/or insert a map image, or an image of the physical office location.

  49. My Company Info Splash Page The splash page provides customers and prospects with a quick introduction to the Web site before they reach the Home page. Consider posting a Flash movie, and/or add custom content to welcome customers.

  50. My Company Info Splash Page • It allows you to select from three custom options: • No Splash page • One of Emerald's splash movies • Your own Splash page text Consider using this page as a billboard for special messages or events.