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Which is better Python or C ?

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Which is better Python or C ?

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  1. Which is better Python or C++?

  2. Programming Languages • Programming Languages are tools. Tools selection comes after deciding what you want to do. Asking this question means that you are beginner and don’t know which programming language to learn. So In this case Selecting Python is better • when you start to learn programming. Python is simple but powerful, You will learn about Abstraction and how to solve your problems quickly.

  3. Productive language • When you start programming using a simple and very productive language like Python you will love it because you will make big progress in little time and you will face little problems.

  4. Programming • After you learn programming this way (The simple way) you will beat the fear of programming, You already learn how to write programs, how to debug them, and how to create something useful. Later you may face limitations in the language • itself (Need for more performance, Implementation of more advanced algorithms that play with pointers, etc). In this case you can learn C or C++ and you can write extensions for Python in these languages.

  5. C or C++ • Later you can develop complete projects in C or C++. Your knowledge in Python will help you during learning C or C++. What you will find different is just Static Typing, Memory Management and some other simple concepts.

  6. So Learn Python • So Learning Python Then C Then C++ —-> Better Chance of Success • But Learning C Then C++ Then Python —-> You May Hate Programming

  7. So why starting with C/C++ is not right in 2020 ? • Because your progress will be slow, You will live a lot with old fashion software before you jump to libraries for GUI, Games, Web and more. You will face challenge (Many Crashes that you will find it hard to solve while you are less patient!) • This doesn’t mean that learning C or C++ as your first language is not possible. Sure It’s possible and we teach these languages in the University, But we understand the students feelings when they start learning these language and spend most of their time in the console/terminal window while they see in the practice more high level languages in usage.

  8. Start To Think • C/C++ is very important in many domains (Low Level Programming, High Performance Software, Real-time Application, Operating Systems, Game Engine, Embedded Systems, etc) • When you start to think about working in these domains, You will find C/C++ is a better match than other scripting language that maybe more perfect for many web applications.

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