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Planning Your Outdoor Living Space PowerPoint Presentation
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Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

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Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

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  1. Planning Your Outdoor Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Living Space ===::=== ===::=== A well-planned outdoor living space is essential for a backyard haven. Start planning a stylish, functional extension to your existing home now. The project timeline for most outdoor living spaces is 60-90 days from design to construction. A Design/Build firm can create a plan that reflects your distinct style and blends with the existing architecture of your home. With so many different elements to beautify your outdoor living area, here are some of the top features to create the perfect spot for year-round entertaining. Custom Outdoor Kitchen Transform your outdoor deck or patio into an entertainment oasis by adding a custom outdoor kitchen perfect for hosting large get-togethers or enjoying quiet evenings alfresco. Outdoor living has taken over, and the center feature of this trend is a well- designed outdoor kitchen. Designs can be functional enough for everyday use, but sophisticated enough to show off at your next outdoor party. Those truly serious about outdoor living will have everything from a wine chiller to a pizza oven and granite counters. The sky is the limit on your custom outdoor kitchen’s “WOW” factor.

  2. Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace One of the biggest trends in landscape design in recent years has been the integration of spectacular fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. This is a great way to add an element of comfort and ambiance to your outdoor living environment. Outdoor fireplaces are a unique way to create a comfy gathering space to your outdoor living area. Fire pits add a finishing touch to any outdoor space, adding extra light, ambiance, and warmth to create the perfect backyard that you can use year-round. Entertainment System No outdoor entertainment system would be complete without an outdoor television. High definition flat screen TVs in a protected structure mean you can enjoy your favorite TV show, movie, or sporting event while grilling or entertaining friends. Built-in speakers and sound systems allow you to enjoy streaming audio with the touch of a smartphone. Waterscapes Water features create dazzling effects for entertaining and add esoteric beauty to your existing or new outdoor living space. Waterfalls spilling into a pool or a pond adds serenity and natural-looking beauty. Pools are the centerpiece of any backyard and can be a great selling point for future buyers while dramatically adding to the atmosphere of your outdoor entertainment area all year long. Landscapes Landscape improvements can add that sought after curb appeal that makes coming home so enjoyable. Upgrades or complete makeovers to your front or backyard make a huge difference in overall home

  3. appeal. Professionally designed landscaping and garden layouts, stone wall designs, paths, manicured flower beds and shrubs, natural wood, concrete and stone patios are comfortable and inviting. Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting systems can bring brilliant life to your outdoor areas after the sun goes down. The focus should be on highlighting all the best features of your property and creating a welcoming ambiance. The architecture, textures and colors of your home should all be considered in the design of your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor lighting extends the usable square footage of your home, opening up all areas for evening entertaining. Lighting also increases the safety and security of your outdoor living space. Other Essentials Beautiful arbors, roof and porch extensions, and other essentials to your custom outdoor living space all add to the value and beauty of your home. Consider options like retractable screens which are great looking and protect from insects which can be an outdoor party spoiler. An open air outdoor living venue can bring the beauty of nature into your home. As we approach the season where cookouts and outdoor entertainment become the mainstay, it’s time to create an oasis worthy of spending quality time outdoors with all of the comfort of the indoors. Explore the possibilities of creating your custom outdoor living haven. Visit our Membership Directory for additional members who specialize in Outdoor Living Areas. For more information visit: NARI Blog