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Workshop on Hyperspectral Sensor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and PowerPoint Presentation
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Workshop on Hyperspectral Sensor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and

Workshop on Hyperspectral Sensor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and

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Workshop on Hyperspectral Sensor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and

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  1. Workshop on Hyperspectral Sensor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Atmospheric Soundings from Environmental Satellites Co-organizers: NOAA and NASA civilian space agencies of the U.S. Government and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) - serving 26 member states (Dedicated to Moustafa Chahine, JPL Chief Scientist, AIRS science team lead, who passed away 3/24/2011) March 29-31, 2011 Key Biscayne, Miami FL University of Miami Rosentiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science campus, adjacent to NOAA AOML research Lab Roger Heymann,PE Engineering staff NOAA NESDIS USA

  2. Welcome to this satellite hosted hyperspectral sensor workshop, meeting, technical exchange among nations’ governments with its environmental applications directed to GHGs, atmospheric chemistry, weather forecasts . • Atmospheric chemistry, weather forecasting, Green house gases, that is the evolution of this sensors’ development, applications and world government space missions, for civilian environmental operations • We are here to discuss these government satellite missions research and operations through your invited papers • Welcome to the U.S., its City of Miami FL • My name is Roger Heymann and I am on the NOAA NESDIS engineering staff for advanced satellite system planning. I am a co-creator and co-organizer of this workshop with others. • The other workshop partner co-creators, co-organizers are: • Mitch Goldberg - NOAA- NESDIS • Bob Atlas – NOAA-OAR- AOML research lab of Key Biscayne, Miami FL • Ken Jucks – NASA Headquarters • Rosemary Munro – EUMETSAT and its 26 member states • Chris Barnet – NOAA- NESDIS

  3. Our NOAA host for this workshop is the NOAA OAR Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorology Laboratory (AOML), a research Lab, and its Director Dr Robert Atlas. AOML’s building is immediately across Rickenbacker Causeway from our meeting • We are using the campus facilities of the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science for our meeting. We are all guests of the university’s facilities and we thank the university for allowing us to be here. It is a private university. We are here in Key Biscayne to highlight our NESDIS collaboration with AOML • I am a guest to the city of Miami as many of you are, my NOAA office and home is in MD near Washington DC. • Workshop started as NOAA cross Line Office coordination between NESDIS and OAR AOML research Lab. Expanded to NASA Headquarters and EUMETSAT as co-organizers. • Workshop by its invited attendees has evolved to a meeting of world nation Governments- almost all speakers represent their Governments • This meeting is viewed NOT as a science meeting, but a meeting one of governments to assist in their future hyperspectral satellite mission planning and operations, and of coordination among world Governments

  4. Following Governments’ speakers participating beyond EUMETSAT Member States and U.S. are: • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • France • Germany • Japan • United Kingdom • How we will function: • We have 30 minute breaks, a cafeteria just outside our door • 1 ½ hours for lunch, maybe take a walk, spend some time in Miami’s sun, talk, wireless access at university • Tonight-Tues arranged at Courtyard Marriott for bartender & open bar for ~1 hour for us to gather, buy drinks, talk, meet • Tomorrow- Wednesday night arranged group dinner at Rusty Pelican, $38 each person

  5. MULTI-NATION HYPERSPECTRAL SENSOR SATELLITE MISSIONS’ HISTORY This History is foundation for this workshop and structure – a primary driver now for meeting is hyperspectral evolution to GOSAT and OCO GHG satellite missions

  6. With launch of Japan’s GOSATTANSO FTS and upcoming JPL NASA OCO grating launch to measure GHGs, above table’s hyperspectral sensor missions of atmospheric chemistrywith TES–FTS of JP//NASA/USA, SCICAT-ACEFTS of Canada, MIPAS FTS of ESA/Europe, weather forecasting with AIRSgrating of JPL/NASA/USA, and IASI FTS of CNES/France/EUMETSAT ----- • A workshop by nation Governments on world nation Government launched satellite activities with hyperspectral sensors seemed needed by NOAA. And so NASA headquarters and EUMETSAT asked if such a meeting was to be developed could they co-organize such a meeting with NOAA • Thank you invited speakers and Governments for helping make this Meeting happen • And thank you to our International Affairs Offices of NESDIS and EUMETSAT who helped through their coordination, to make this happen • And we dedicate this meeting to MoustafaChahine