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  1. THE TEAM Stuart HuftonSub Camp leader Steve RogersAssistant Sub Camp leader Phillippa JohnsonFirst Aider Linda HuftonCatering (QM) Katie WebbInternational Rachael PyeActivities Kay HuftonSecretary & Administration Stephen YatesHealth and Safety John RatcliffGeneral dogsbody Betty HuftonAssistant International Ian Brightmore IT and Gateway Annette BrightmoreSpecial Needs

  2. MOUNT EREBUS (Pronunciation: air'-i-buhs) in Antarctica and is the southernmost active volcano. 3794 meters (12,448 ft) high. The volcano has been continuously active since 1972 and the crater is home to one of three permanent lava lakes in the world.

  3. Mount Erebus was discovered in 1841 by polar explorer Sir James Clark Ross (whose ships were named Erebus andTerror The ships and the volcano were all named after Erebus, a primordial Greek god, the son of Chaos. It was first climbed by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his party in 1908.

  4. LAYOUT RESTRICTIONS • 6 metres must be maintained from the sidewalls of cook tents and marques • 3 metres must be maintained from the sidewalls of all other tents

  5. RISK ASSESSMENT • You must carry out a risk assessment of your own camping area and complete the appropriate form: • After you have set up camp • And • Before your first night

  6. ARRIVAL TIMES • THURSDAY: From 5pm to erect tents • FRIDAY: 5pm to 9pm • SATURDAY: 7am to 10am or after 4pm

  7. ARRIVAL PROCEDURE • Arrive • Greeted by traffic team • Unload gear at camp entrance unloading point • Vehicles staying for the week go to correct car park area • Vehicles staying to help set up camp go to temporary visitors car park • Party Leader to report to Admin tent to book in persons arriving

  8. ARRIVAL PROCEDURE • Rest of group to go to sub camp • Personal kit is to be carried • Meet sub camp team • Be shown your camping area • Set up camp • Distribute camp ID bracelets and information

  9. DEPARTURES • Depart Saturday as early as possible • All departure transport on site by 10am

  10. ACTIVITIES • Camp activities divided into 8 zones • Entire sub camp attends each zone for one morning or afternoon • Most activities ticketed • Tickets given to group at start of camp • Group leaders responsibility to allocate tickets to campers taking into account ability, health, parental consent, etc.

  11. ZONE 1UP AND DOWN • Climbing • Abseiling • ZONE 4 WATER • Canoeing • Crystal maze • Raft building • Sailing • ZONE 2 TARGET SPORTS • Air rifle shooting • Archery • Pioneering • Table tennis • ZONE 5 TRAVEL • Adventure course • Karate • Moorland walking • Mountain bikes • RAF team building • Orienteering • Skateboarding • Chatsworth service • Tae-kwon do • Well dressing • ZONE 3 CREATIVE • Creative • Indian lore

  12. ZONE 6 SPORTS • Football skills • Street hockey • Tag rugby • ZONE 8 AWARENESS • Awareness centre • Bird and bat boxes • Boomerang • International zone • Wild flower walks • ZONE 7 PERFORMANCE • Amateur radio • Bell ringing • Circus skills • Drama • Stilt walking • Ocarainas • Steel band


  14. SUB CAMP ACTIVITIES • Organised activities and games provided in sub camp • Leaders may be asked to help supervise • Games and activity equipment available on loan • Leaders must come with their own activities programme


  16. RACE TO THE SOUTH POLE DOG SLED CHALLENGE Build prior to camp and bring with you a dog sled capable of transporting safely one polar explorer (Patrol Leader, Young Leader, etc) and pulled by 6 huskies (scouts or guides). Sled to be raced around a series of courses to determine the sub camp champion explorers. • Sled must be pulled on grass and must not have wheels. • It must be powered entirely by the 6 huskies. • It must be pulled and not pushed • Construction and design are entirely at the discretion of the group • Groups may build more than one sled • More than one team can share the same sled

  17. NIGHT HIKES • This is a bookable activity. Limited Group tickets will be available from the Activities and events office. • No Group will be allowed off site at night without specific authorisation from the Activity & Events staff.

  18. TALENT SHOW PEAK TALENT SHOW ON WEDNESDAY EVENING Each Sub Camp to select the acts to represent their Sub Camp

  19. CHATSWORTH HOUSE Discount tickets to visit the house available each day on a “first come first served” basis from the Activities and Events Office

  20. GATEWAY • Each group will be provided with a plywood penguin. This should be painted/decorated prior to camp to be attached to the gateway entrance to the sub camp. • It must include: • The name of your group • and • Where you are from

  21. VISITORS • ALL visitors will pay £2 per person, per visit on arrival at the site, except under fives who are free. • Visitors arriving at any time other than Monday evening must complete a Visitor Security Form and remain at the gate until collected by a camper or staff member. • Regular visitors and/or helpers should be registered as day staff

  22. FIRST AID • First aid provision is the responsibility of each individual group. You must have: • Qualified First Aider • Adequate first aid kit • Sub Camp First Aider • 24 hour cover • No on-site “hospital”

  23. GAS & FUEL • Gas Bottles and appliances should be used in accordance with regulations and user instructions. • Where possible, check that appliances are in a good working condition including all hoses (dated within 3 years) & connections, prior to arrival at Peak. • Only cylinders allowed in camping area, are those connected to an appliance & must be on the OUTSIDE of the tent.

  24. We strongly recommend, that NO spare gas cylinders are brought to camp, as there is an exchange facility on site. If you do, they will be removed to the storage area. • Gas canisters for lamps: please refrain from bringing spares, these can be purchased on site. • Gas canisters used in lights etc must be disposed of at the correct point NOT IN GENERAL WASTE BAGS!

  25. MOBILE PHONES • The use of mobile phones on site is discouraged • There are no charging facilities • There is limited network access • Risk of loss or theft • Noise nuisance

  26. MORE NO’S!!!!!! • No generators • No barbecues • No knives to be carried • No swimming in the river

  27. INTERNATIONALS • Girl Scouts Of Japan. Nara 26 • 4 Girls and 3 Leaders • Gruner Dracher Scouts from Germany • 7 Girls, 7 Boys and 3 Leaders • Trolhattans Scoutkar, Trollhättan Sweden • 7 Girls, 14 Boys and 5 Leaders • Russian Guides • 2 Young leaders ALL PRE AND POST CAMP HOSTS MUST HAVE BEEN CRB CHECKED


  29. SUPERMARKET • NO ON-SITE SUPERMARKET • Fresh daily supplies of Milk Bread and potatoes available. • The service will run from Saturday to Saturday. • Collection will be at pre-arranged times each day with special arrangements for the first Saturday to suit your arrival time.

  30. SUPERMARKET BUS Bus service to the supermarket will operate twice a day Monday to Friday, at a small charge. A van will accompany the bus to bring back purchases. This service will be ticketed and tickets can be obtained from the Transport team the previous day. Campers without a ticket will only be carried if space is available. Please note this service is only for leaders visiting the supermarket in Chesterfield.


  32. CLOSING CEREMONY The closing ceremony will be fancy dress following the theme of the Sub Camp