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Information & Library Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Information & Library Services

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Information & Library Services
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Information & Library Services

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Information & Library Services SwetsWise User Guide Emma Crowley Senior Academic Services Librarian

  2. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise Accessing Electronic Journals Using SwetsWise

  3. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise Access the Library web pages anywhere with Internet access Click on Library & Online Learning

  4. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise Click on Library home page or Click on Electronic Databases and Journals for SwetsWise

  5. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise From Library home page click on Electronic Databases and Journals

  6. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise Click on SwetsWise for electronic journals

  7. Electronic Journals - SwetsWise Click to access off campus via Athens. This is the preferred access route Click to access on campus

  8. SwetsWise – My Profile The first time you access SwetsWise via Athens you will automatically default to the My Profile page. Insert your Athens user name & university WebMail address. Select University of Greenwich A-Z Journals Listing as your start page

  9. SwetsWise – Functions Use Search Articles to search all subscriptions for articles on a chosen topic or by a specific author Use Publications to search for specific journal titles or articles. Once a title has been selected details of print and full-text electronic subscriptions are listed. Table of contents can be viewed for each volume and desired articles selected. If accessing via Athens, please ensure that the University of Greenwich A-Z Journals Listing is selected.

  10. SwetsWise – Title Search Searching for a Specific Title or Article

  11. SwetsWise – Title Search To find a specific title enter the details in the search box. You can also search for a title beginning with or containing your search term.

  12. SwetsWise – Title Search Once you have selected a title you will see details of full-text electronic subscriptions.

  13. SwetsWise – Title Search Click on the year in which you are interested and select the volume and issue you require by clicking on table of contents

  14. SwetsWise – Title Search You can then view the tables of contents for that volume and select the article you are interested in.

  15. SwetsWise – Keyword Search Searching for Articles Using Keywords

  16. SwetsWise – Keyword Search The basic search allows you to search for articles on a topic by using keywords and limit results by date. Search for author by selecting author field.

  17. SwetsWise – Keyword Search The advanced search screen allows you to combine additional keywords and use synonyms to express alternative terms for each concept. Once you are satisfied with your search terms click search to view your results.

  18. SwetsWise – Viewing Results Viewing Results

  19. SwetsWise – Viewing Results A list search results and the total number of articles matching your keywords will be displayed. The list may be sorted by relevance or by date.

  20. SwetsWise – Viewing Results You will generally see a link to the table of contents for the journal issue from which each results came and links to both the article abstract and the full text of the article if available.

  21. SwetsWise – Viewing Results Search terms are highlighted in both the title and article abstract or summary

  22. SwetsWise – Viewing Results The full text link will link through to another database or will open a PDF image. The article can then be viewed on screen, saved or printed. Adobe Acrobat must be installed in order to view articles.

  23. SwetsWise – Refining Searches Refining Your Search

  24. SwetsWise – Refining Searches Where a large number of results have been retrieved it may be prudent to refine the search. Select new search and enter different keywords or modify your original search e.g. search the article name field only.

  25. SwetsWise – Refining Searches Remember to use the SwetsWise help which contains FAQs, glossary and help guides. Online article search contains a very useful search tips section.

  26. SwetsWise – Refining Searches The search tips section contains advice for making best use of the search articles function.

  27. SwetsWise – Saving References Saving References & Downloading Results

  28. SwetsWise – Saving References There are two methods for saving references. Download all retrieved references from a single search by selecting download search result.

  29. SwetsWise – Saving References Individual references or citations from one or more searches may also be saved by selecting add to filing cabinet. References can be stored in the filing cabinet and downloaded when desired.

  30. SwetsWise – Saving References When downloading it is best to select most fields. Multi level linking URL allows retrospective access to full text articles if SwetsWise has been accessed using an Athens account. Select html as the file type & Download or email search results.

  31. SwetsWise – Saving References Search results are displayed as brief citations. Select MLL link to link directly to full text articles