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  3. “Survival Lit” for 100 Who are the two title characters from “A Boy and a Man”?

  4. answer Rudi Matt & Captain John Winter

  5. “Survival Lit” for 200 Where and when does “The Cremation of Sam McGee” occur?

  6. answer • Late 1800’s • During the Gold Rush • Yukon Territory • Dawson trail & shores of Lake LeBarge • Just after Christmas

  7. In “Into Thin Air,” who is the narrator of the story? “Survival Lit” for 300

  8. answer Jon Krakauer

  9. “Survival Lit” for 400 When the author of “The Cremation of Sam McGee” describes the “strange things done under the midnight sun” and the “arctic trails…secret tales,” he is developing the WHAT of the story?

  10. answer Mood

  11. Survival Lit for 500 What type of writing is “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

  12. answer Narrative poem

  13. “All Summer in a Day” for 100 What is the special setting of this story, making it Science Fiction?

  14. answer Venus, a planet covered in tropical forests where it constantly rains

  15. “All Summer in a Day” for 200 What event occurs every 7 years?

  16. answer The rain stops and the sun comes out for two hours.

  17. “All Summer in a Day” for 300 Give one reason why the students lock Margot in the closet.

  18. answer • She is different • She’s from Earth • She knows more than they do about the sun • She won’t play with them

  19. “All Summer in a Day” for 400 At the end of the story, how did the students feel about what they did to Margot?

  20. answer • guilt/shame • sympathy/empathy • Nervousness/fear

  21. “All Summer in a Day” for 500 What caused Margot to “freak” out in the days previous to the big event?

  22. answer She didn’t want the water in the shower to touch her head.

  23. “Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” for 100 What is the setting?

  24. answer Maple Street, Anytown, USA

  25. “Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” for 200 What was the first sign that something different was happening?

  26. answer Nothing electric is working, even the battery operated items

  27. “Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” for 300 Who left to check out the situation on Floral Street?

  28. answer Pete VanHorn

  29. “Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” for 400 What character was accused because he suffered from insomnia?

  30. answer Les Goodman

  31. “Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” for 500 Who were the “real” monsters of Maple Street?

  32. answer The residents

  33. “Reflections”, “All Together Now”, & “Journalist” for 100 The narrator of “Reflections” hears the phrase “Asian Opportunist” and it leads to what literary device?

  34. answer Flashback

  35. “Reflections”, “All Together Now”, & “Journalist” for 200 What two characteristics does the author of “Journalist for Justice” possess that make her a minority at that point in history?

  36. answer African American Female

  37. “Reflections”, “All Together Now”, & “Journalist” for 300 What common theme do “Reflections” and “Journalist for Justice” have with “The Monsters are due…” and “All Summer in Day”?

  38. answer Mob mentality

  39. “Reflections”, “All Together Now”, & “Journalist” for 400 Who does the author, Barbara Jordan, think can help create a tolerant society?

  40. answer The parents

  41. “Reflections”, “All Together Now”, & “Journalist” for 500 What was the author’s purpose in writing “Journalist for Justice”?

  42. answer To inform

  43. Lit Terms for 100 What device is used when an object/color/word is used to represent an idea?

  44. answer Symbolism

  45. Lit Terms for 200 The overall message in a work is called

  46. answer Theme

  47. Lit Terms for 300 A educated guess about upcoming events or actions

  48. answer Prediction

  49. Lit Terms for 400 A reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art

  50. answer Allusion