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Voluntary Registration

Voluntary Registration

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Voluntary Registration

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  1. Voluntary Registration LaTasha Smith (804) 591-3923

  2. Background checks There are 4 to be filled out. CPS Criminal Records Sworn Disclosure Statement TB results • All of the above can be no more then 90 days old. • All must be the originals except the TB

  3. CPS– Central Registry • Mail Search to you. • Do not leave blanks, incompletes will be returned • Print legibly and in ink • Must be notarized • $7 fee, must be a money order • All living in the home who are 14 years and older • Mail to address on the form

  4. CRIMINAL RECORD SP 167 • This form is to be filled out on the provider ONLY. • This form must be notarized. • This form is mailed back to you. • You must do the Criminal and Sex offender background check. • Check the $20.00 fee box. • Can be done online.

  5. Criminal Records SP 230 • This is mailed back to you. • Fill in everything, no blanks • Check the criminal and sex offender • $20 Money order • Needs to be done for all adults living in your home and working with the children 18 and over. • Need to complete 2 for each adult unless you go online • You can go online to complete these • You can pay online but do not have to • You will print the criminal record and mail it in

  6. Barrier Crimes • Any felony that is not 5 years old will stop you from doing child care. • A barrier crime is a crime against a person (adult, child). • Examples: • Bad check – okay • Cursing in public – okay • Convicted of assault – not okay • Convicted of Arson – not okay

  7. Sworn Disclosure Statement • Complete all information • 18 years or older • This form must match your criminal record • Have you been convicted of a crime in Virginia • Have you been convicted of crime outside of Virginia

  8. TB Results • 18 years or older • Any medical facility • Can be a copy • Can be done by: skin test x-ray Verbal screening • Must have a doctor’s signature, with a current date. • Must be within 90 days of the time you turned in your application

  9. Voluntary Registration Application • complete all information • Needs to be notarized • Return with $50.00 application fee • Return with original background clearances and your TB results. • Remember your 90 Days.

  10. Things to know • Your welcoming letter has a check list on the back • Standards can be found on the Virginia Department of Social Services website • Becoming V.R. puts your info in the R&R and DSS website • You will be eligible for USDA • There are two USDA programs in the area • CAPUP & ChildSavers • The $50 fee should be paid by Money Order • If you send a check there is a 10 day waiting period.

  11. Health and Safety Checklist • Filling out the Health and safety checklist • P is for Provider • S is for screener • N/A is for not applicable • Sign and fill out information on back of checklist • Have it filled out and ready for your inspector.

  12. Flashlight Fencing Hand rails Cords Cribs Safety gates Outlets/wires Cleaning supplies Knives Guns Hand washing Smoke free environment Discipline Mandated reporter Each child needs their own form Assistants or Substitutes Recap Health and Safety Checklist • If you move, change your phone number, or there is a name change we need to know

  13. The Children’s Records • Child’s records: • There are 5 forms to be in each child’s file. • Enrollment form • Physical and immunization form • Medical Administration form • Insurance form • Emergency release form. • You need one for each child in care. • All information needs to be completed.

  14. Proof of Identity • What types of documentation is acceptable • Birth certificate • Birth registration card • Notification of birth (Hospital, DR, or Midwife record) • Passport • Copy of placement agreement or entrustment agreement from a child placing agency (foster care or adoption agency) • Virginia public school records • Certification by a principal of a public school in the U.S., that a certified copy of the child’s birth record was viewed by the school

  15. Proof of Identity • This must be completed within 7 days of the child starting • What happens if they parent doesn’t show you proof of identity • You must have the proof of identity filled out on the child’s record form • What happens once you report to the law enforcement • You do not have to stop caring for the child • You need to have the child’s past child care facilities • Make copies, one for each child. • Have parents fill in all the information. Child’s Enrollment Form

  16. Provider Checklist The Provider checklist and Children’s record requirement forms should be completed before the home inspection. If you have no children you do not need to complete until you have children. Medication Permission You must have permission to give medication to children. You only need to fill this form out if you are administering medication to a child. The form only gives you permission to give the medication for 10 days.

  17. Medical Form • Needs to be signed by a doctor • Page 1 the parent fills out, page 2 & 3 the doctor’s office fills out • Parents have 30 days to return the form to you • Needs to be kept up to date Emergency Release Form • One in each child’s file. • Filled out completely. • Signed by parent.

  18. Floor Plan / Evacuation Plan • You need a floor plan for each level of your home, if you are caring for children on those levels • Questions to think about • Documentation of monthly fire drills • Think about your environment • State law requires: • Working smoke detectors • You to have a fire extinguisher 2A10BC

  19. Field Trips If you intend to do field trips you will need to fill out the “Permission to Take Child on Trips” form. You must follow safety regulations for car seats You need to fill a new form out each time you go on a trip. Injury Report You need to fill out an injury form if a child is injured in your care. Parents should be notified of serious injuries immediately Your inspector should be notified of serious injuries or death within 24 hours.

  20. Insurance Form • The State of Virginia says you do not have to have insurance but you have to let the parents know you do not have insurance. If you have insurance you have let them know and the amount of coverage you have. • If you change the amount you carry you must disclose that to your parents • The parents must sign and date the form • Kept in child file, one per child • There are a few companies who offer child care insurance, something to look into

  21. Medication Administration Training • If you are going to administer prescription medication you will need to take the MAT training • If you are only going to give over the counter medication with the parents permission, you do not need the training • Either way you need to have the MAT form filled out for each child • The MAT training is an 8 hour training, cost anywhere from $50 and up, and must be renewed every three years.

  22. Crib Guidelines • You need to call Consumer Product Information • List model number for all cribs on form • Call yearly • If you are not currently caring for infants check and sign on the bottom • If you will not care for infants check and sign on the bottom

  23. Pet Guidelines • You need to fill out this form if you have pets or not. • Your dog needs to be up to date with his rabies shot. • Children and pets should be kept separate.

  24. 5 is the Magic Number! • You can only care for 5 children at one time. • 5 is your capacity. • Your own children or any child living in your house do not count in your number of children. • You can care for a 5 children from 8 to 5, • 5 different children from 5:30 to 11, and 5 children 11:30 till 7:00. • You can not overlap children.

  25. Point System • Infants 0 to 15 months = 4 points • Toddlers 16 mths to 23 mths = 3 points • Children 2 years to 4 years = 2 points • Children 5 years to 9 years = 1 point • Children 10 years and up = 0 points • You have a total of 16 points • Your children count in your points • You can only care for 5 children at one time.

  26. Example Mary has a 2 year old, 14 month old, 10 month old, and 6 month old. How many points does Mary have? 2 year old = 2 points 14 month = 4 points 10 month = 4 points 6 months = 4 points Total points? Can she take another child? If so how old can that child be?

  27. Things to Remember • Fill out all forms and send it to the proper place. • Fill out the application and have it notarized. • Get your TB results • Fill out your Sworn Disclosure. • Once you get all the information back (CPS and CR checks) mail all the above to ChildSavers • Remember that you need to have this for all adults living in your home and any assistants or substitutes (except the application). • I will call you to set up an inspection of your home. • You will then go over the Health and Safety Checklist and complete all other paperwork before I come to visit.

  28. INFANTS • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is the unexpected death of seemingly healthy babies 12 months or younger • Back To Sleep (Always put healthy babies to sleep on their backs for naps and at bedtime). • Avoid overheating • Smoking and Second Hand Smoke • Do not have more than one baby per crib • Infants should sleep in cribs and not on beds.

  29. The Children • Encourage children to develop • They need plenty of time to rest and play • Activities that are appropriate for their age and development • Discipline should never be physical • A daily schedule will help you and the children • Read, read, and read some more to the children

  30. Last Thoughts • This is a licensing Program. You could have a visit from a license inspector. 10% of homes are inspected yearly. • You are not required to obtain training unless you work with DSS. They require you to have 4 hours of training per year. • Training will help you to improve your business. • Check your zoning laws, if your apartment will allow you to run a business, and your home owners association.

  31. Websites • Tips calendar: • Department of Social Service Website: • Virginia Department of Health • Virginia State Police Website