lean production system @siemens andreas labrenz siemens llc rail automation n.
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Lean Production System @Siemens Andreas Labrenz, Siemens LLC, Rail Automation PowerPoint Presentation
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Lean Production System @Siemens Andreas Labrenz, Siemens LLC, Rail Automation

Lean Production System @Siemens Andreas Labrenz, Siemens LLC, Rail Automation

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Lean Production System @Siemens Andreas Labrenz, Siemens LLC, Rail Automation

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  1. Lean Production System@Siemens Andreas Labrenz, Siemens LLC, Rail Automation

  2. Siemens Production System Holistic value based production systemis key for success Optimierungs-ergebnis Siemens Production System (SPS) • A modern approach needs a holistic view across functional departments. • A cross-functional approach along the value stream generates new perspectives for optimization • Strong connection of principles and methods to the employees. • Sustainability needs a sustainable culture change. Advanced approach: Holistic System Kundenwert Kundenwert Perfektion Perfektion Wertstrom Wertstrom Classic approach: Singular improvements based on methods Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungs prozess KVP / Kaizen „ „ Ziehprinzip Ziehprinzip “ “ „ „ Flu Flu ß ß prinzip prinzip “ “ Zeit

  3. Guiding Principles & Production Strategy Challenging Vision & Guiding Principles Lean Production Strategy Product Life Cycle Management Collaborative Product Development Launch Management Design for Supply Chain Supply Chain Management Synchronized Production The Way to Synchronized Production Sustaining Supplier Integration Reliable & Zero Defect Processes Customer Relationship Management Customer Orientation First Targeting & Performance Management Lean Policy Deployment Visual Controls People & Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement of Value Add Encouraging Leadership Incentive for Employee Participation Overall Lean Administration Proactive Change Management & Communication Corporate Responsibilities: Environmental, Health & Safety Categories and Action Areas will be addressed by the Siemens Production System Version 3.0 Categories Action Areas

  4. The difference between „Lean“ and „Not-Lean“ „Lean“ Implementation will be delegated The leaders live „Lean“ The deployment of methods will be audited Employees will be coached in continuous improvement Expensive transformation projects must be successful Each day we learn by experiments and problem solving a little bit more Only specialists are responsible for improvements Each employee are engaged to become better and better KPI –based controlling with IT System Manual control with visual boards on the shop floor

  5. When all these steps become “flesh and blood” within the organization, we will have become a learning organization Focus on methods and tools Focus on building up competence Focus on management coaching Focus on learning organization • Understand lean production • External consultants • Benchmarking • Kaizen point workshops • Detailed description • Methods in the intranet • Training in methods • Management push • Central department for production system • Best-practice sharing • Audits • Transformations • Training of experts • Management pull • Expansion of “lean” production to other functions • Shopfloor management • Working on the culture • Development of lean leaders • Organization pull • Management = improvement • Open problem culture • Improvement culture anchored in the minds of employees • End-to-end mentoring Improvement is neither accidental nor voluntary 1 month to 2 years 1 year to 5 years 3 years to 20 years From 10 years