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The Dead Sea ( ים המלח ) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dead Sea ( ים המלח )

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The Dead Sea ( ים המלח )
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The Dead Sea ( ים המלח )

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  1. The Dead Sea(ים המלח) By Lucy Seiler

  2. The Dead Sea from Space

  3. 5Rules of The Dead Sea! 1. Never splash in the Dead Sea! (the salt could burn your eyes and mouth.) 2. Put Vaseline on all your cuts and scrapes before going into the Dead Sea! 3.Always were some sort of water shoe in the Dead Sea! (the rough salt at the bottom of the Dead Sea scrapes your feet!) 4. Never bring a fishing pole to the Dead Sea. If you’re a person who likes to go fishing, you’ll be disappointed to find no fish live in the dead sea. 5. Make sure to shower after swimming in the Dead Sea. (You should wash off all the salt.) Those are 5 rules of the Dead Sea!

  4. Size and Location of the Dead Sea Map of the Dead Sea • The Dead Sea is located in-between Israel and Jordan, 15 miles from Jerusalem. It is a part of both countries. The Dead Sea covers 400 square miles. The Dead Sea is 77 kilometers long and between 5 and 18 kilometers wide. That’s the size and location of the Dead sea. Fun Fact! The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth

  5. The Dead Sea’s Salt • There are many mineralsfound at the shore of the Dead Sea. When they are combined they make salt. The Dead Sea is a lake that is 9 times saltier than any sea. Water can not get out of the Dead Sea without being evaporated, water can only get in. That only leaves the salt sitting there. The Dead Sea gets saltier and saltier every day! That’s some information on the Dead Sea’s salt. Fun Fact! Never splash in the Dead Sea’s water! The salt could burn your eyes and mouth!

  6. Why is the Dead Sea Famous? The Dead sea is famous for many reasons. Some of those reasons are… • The Dead sea is the world’s largest natural spa! The Dead Sea’s black mud makes your skin smooth. The air near the Dead Sea is full of minerals. When you take a deep breath the air is supposed to be calming. • Floating in the Dead Sea’s water is relaxing. • You can float in the Dead Sea with out trying because there is a large amount of salt and that makes your body float!... Some people grab the newspaper so they can read as they float. Some people even apply their makeup as they float! • Those are some reasons why the Dead Sea is famous. My Uncle! People in their mud bath. People floating in the Dead Sea

  7. Vocabulary 1.Kilometer : It is a measurement unit from the Metric system. (The Metric system is not used in America.) 2.Mineral : It is a substance that is not organic occurring naturally in the Earth. 3.Evaporation : It is to vanish or to dry up. 4.Spa : A resort with a mineral spring. 5.Combined : Put together.

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