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2006 Products & Services Catalog PowerPoint Presentation
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2006 Products & Services Catalog

2006 Products & Services Catalog

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2006 Products & Services Catalog

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  1. 2006 Products & Services Catalog “Emission Control Specialists” 957 NASA Road One, Suite 110 Houston, TX 77058 USA (877) 840-0646 FAX (281) 754-4876 Local (281) 957-5412 Internet:

  2. Content Guide • Company Information • Vapor Scrubber Systems • Micro Vapor Scrubber Systems • Carbon Adsorption Systems • Carbon Media • Vapor Scrubber System Rentals • Thermal Oxidizer Rentals • Blower Rentals and Sales • Hydrocarbon Encapsulation Chemicals • Specialty Chemicals • MSDS Sheets • Miscellaneous 957 NASA Road One, Suite 110 Houston, TX 77058 USA (877) 840-0646 FAX (281) 754-4876 Local (281) 957-5412 Internet:

  3. Company Information Since our inception in 1999, we have been constantly researching new and innovative ways to treat hazardous vapors. After building the largest portable rental scrubber fleet in the nation, we began producing a unique line of ‘safe’ carbon adsorption systems. After successfully coupling these two technologies into a single, mobile vapor control system, we added combustive vapor treatment to our fleet. This now enables us to treat highly concentrated hydrocarbon vapors and provide vapor degassing services. Having all three of these technologies (wet scrubbers, carbon systems and thermal oxidizers) puts us in a position to effectively offer a solution to almost any situation or application. We have a full service manufacturing facility located in Hitchcock, Texas. Here, in addition to building units, we stock consumables such as carbon media and chemicals used in the environmental industry. Furthermore, it is one of our staging areas for our scrubber systems, carbon units, oxidizers, and blower systems. Vapor Tech is also a manufacturer of specialty hydrocarbon encapsulators, industrial deodorants, and industrial-strength cleaning agents. All together, we’ve become the most comprehensive emission control supplier in the country.

  4. Vapor Scrubber Systems Vapor Technologies, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of packed-column scrubber systems. These systems are capable of yielding very high removal efficiencies (up to 99.9999%) for a host of vapor contaminants. Furthermore, we offer many materials of construction for these units. From basic and exotic steels to polypropylene and FRP, we have the ability to build a system to your exact needs. Unlike other companies which merely build units, we have the chemical experience that allows us to tailor the correct scrubbing media with the system which will yield the highest efficiency. Our vast experience with scrubbing thousands of chemicals give us the ability to do this with precision. Steel Systems Light Industrial Poly Systems FRP Systems Available Scrubber Options pH Control Heat Tracing & Insulation Level Control Purged Boxes Explosion-Proof (Class 1, Div 1) Motors Spill Containment Data Logging Blowers Remote Monitoring

  5. Micro Vapor Scrubber Systems In addition to larger scrubber systems, Vapor Tech is one of the only companies in the world that has a whole scrubber line devoted to low volume air streams. Flows between 1 and 150 CFM satisfy the definition for these types of scrubber systems. Materials of construction include poly, stainless, carbon steel, and others. All of these units are fully customizable. From the reservoir size to the placement of fittings, your unit will be a product of your own design. Applications Include: Available Options: • Labs and Pharmaceutical • Small Reactors & Bench Testing • Emission Control for Small Tanks & Containers • Fume Hood Recovery • Semiconductor & Plating pH Monitoring & Control Blowers Spill Containment Mobility (Units may be equipped to roll on casters) And Much More…

  6. Carbon Adsorption Systems Vapor Tech is a custom manufacturer or vapor-phase carbon adsorbs and vessels. These range from 25 CFM units to roll-off sized systems. However, our units are different than any other carbon vessel manufacturer; we have un-matched safety features making them safer to operate than any other units on the market. All of our vessels come with deep core temperature gauges which give warning of thermal trouble deep inside the bed. Furthermore, if a thermal event occurs, our units have liquid extinguisher systems which can be piped to water or fire-foam to greatly reduce the possibility of an ignition or fire. VP55 DRUM WITH VENTURI BLOWER 2500 CFM UNIT WITH BLOWER • Key Features: • Fully Customizable • Include Safety Features Not Seen on Any Other Carbon Units • Safest Carbon Systems on the Market Today! 957 NASA Road One, Suite 110 Houston, TX 77058 USA (877) 840-0646 FAX (281) 754-4876 Local (281) 957-5412 Internet:

  7. Carbon Media To ensure proper adsorption and efficiency for your specific application, make sure you are buying the right carbon. Vapor Tech carries a full line of carbon media ranging from coconut shell virgin material to impregnated types. These medias are available in many different types and sizes. Available Carbon Medias KOH Impregnated Acid Impregnated Coconut Shell Low-Rise (Heavy Hydrocarbons) MIDAS (Hydrogen Sulfide) Re-Activated Carbon Media (Hydrocarbons) Available Quantities 50 Pound Bags 200 Pound Fiber Drums 1000 Pound ‘Supersacks’ Bulk Delivery

  8. Vapor Scrubber System Rentals From skid-mounted units to completely mobile trailer-mounted systems, Vapor Tech is the full service vapor scrubber rental source. We have a wide range of units based on airflow requirements; 60 to 5000 CFM units are available for short or long-term use. We offer many options including high-pressure blowers, supplemental carbon units, custom manifolds and more. These units are used everyday in terminals and refineries to effectively remove and treat many odorous and hazardous vapors. Contact Vapor Tech for your specific application needs. Rental Scrubbers Highly Recognized & Safe Technology Units Available Able to Treat 60 to 5000 CFM Most Systems Completely Mobile Highly Adaptable with Vacuum Trucks & Tritons Cheaper Than Thermal & Combustive Systems Able to Treat Multiple Vapors at Once Proven Performance in Most Refineries & Terminals Easy to Operate and Maintain Many Built in Safety Features Treat Vapors Oxidizers & Combustors Cannot Triple-Column 5000 CFM Stainless Steel Unit Skid-Mounted System Uses & Advantages Scrubbers work well for almost every application due to their ability to use diverse chemical medias. However, these systems are even better suited for applications which thermal oxidizers and combustion engines aren’t recommended. A few examples are chlorine, EDC, ammonia, acids, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide and many more. Contact us for details. Triple Column System Just a Few Examples of Our Rental Scrubber Systems

  9. Thermal Oxidizer Rentals Vapor Tech rents thermal oxidizer units for the efficient removal of hydrocarbon vapors. Our systems are trailer mounted which makes them easy to mobilize in even the smallest of locations. Our units come with trained personnel which deliver, mobilize, start-up, monitor, and de-mobilize the system. Our systems are equipped with the latest monitoring equipment and safety features necessary for safe and efficient operation. Features 99.99% (DRE) Removal Efficiency for Hydrocarbons Highly Recognized & Safe Technology Maximum Airflow = 1500 CFM Maximum LEL at Inlet = 45% Uses LPG or Natural Gas to Fuel Unit Uses Less Fuel Than Other Oxidizers Has Latest Monitoring Equipment Equipped with Flame Arrestor Reaches Operating Temperature in 10 Minutes Comes with Trained Staff to Operate & Monitor Unit Available for Short & Long-Term Rent Gooseneck Trailer Mounted Units Equipped with Latest Monitoring Equipment Uses Include Centrifuge Emissions Plate / Belt Press Emissions Tank Degassing Tank Cleaning Activities

  10. Blower Rentals & Sales Rentals Pressure Blowers Assist Blowers Motors TEXP (Class 1, Div 1) for Safety 1500 & 3000 CFM Units Available Static Pressures as High as 58” of Water Available for Short or Long Term Lease Hoses & Custom Manifolds Available 120V TEXP Motors 950 CFM @ 5” of Water Excellent for Ventilation Great for Lower Flow Applications Long/Short Term Leases Available Plastec Blower Sales Vapor Tech is a manufacturer’s rep of Plastec Ventilation blower systems. These are 100% poly blowers which are excellent for use in corrosive applications. Many different flow rates and pressures are available. A few uses include: Scrubber Systems Lab Hoods Room Ventilation Acid Tank Ventilation And More…. Excellent for a Host of Corrosive Applications

  11. Hydrocarbon Encapsulation Chemicals Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals which are used to drastically reduce LEL levels and odors associated with most hydrocarbons. Our Carbonil line of suppressants is very widely used and accepted in many chemical companies, terminals, and refineries. Furthermore, our products are some of the most economical on the market; both in price and dilutability. Field Test Example This field study involved a small (1000 bbl) above ground storage tank which contained benzene. The tank was vented through Vapor Tech’s rental scrubber system while CARBONIL XT was injected through one of the tank manways. A firewash nozzle with pneumatic pump was used to spray the chemical into the tank. The chemical was first sprayed at the roof and top walls and allowed to run down the sides of the tank. Washing with CARBONIL XT stopped when all of the surfaces were wet. Concentration levels were then monitored by a hand-held gas meter set for benzene. The results were as follows: Possible Uses: Degassing Tank Cleaning Spill Control Scrubbers Equipment Decontamination Soil Decontamination Line Cleaning Pigging Steam Stripping

  12. Specialty Chemicals Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of specialty industrial strength deodorizers and cleaning chemicals. The list below will show a few of our more popular products and break them down according to use. MSDS sheets for these products are available in the back section of this catalog. If you need further information regarding any of these products please contact us. A sample of our Products… Available Quantities: 5, 30, 55, Tote, and Bulk Delivery