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French Comics

French Comics. By: Kate Caralle and Bailey Templin. Tintin et Spirou. Tintin was a character created in 1929 by George Remi also known as Herg é. Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Paul Cuveiler, and Jacques Laudy were all the original creator and artists of all of the Tintin comics.

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French Comics

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  1. French Comics By: Kate Caralle and Bailey Templin

  2. Tintin et Spirou • Tintin was a character created in 1929 by George Remi also known as Hergé. • Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Paul Cuveiler, and Jacques Laudy were all the original creator and artists of all of the Tintin comics. • Tintin appeared in many comics over time including: • “Blake and Mortimer” • “Alix” • “Ric Hochet” • And his most famous “Tintin and Spirou (Milou)”

  3. Tintin et Spirou

  4. Tintin et Spirou Continued • Tintin and Spirou were completely different comics that were brought together. • Tintin was more serious and realistic when Spirou was humorous and fresh. • The first issue of Spirou came out April 21 1938 and was originally created by Jean Dupuis. • Joseph Gillain was one of the most productive artists for Spirou alone and then also when Tintin and Spirou united to become one comic.

  5. Rodolphe Topffer • A comic created that came up with the literature for the comics. • He was the son of a famous artist but due to an eye defect was never able create visual art. So instead he depended on his literature and writing. • Topffer was considered to have made the first comic. He created many: • His first was 'Histoire de M. Jabot' created in 1833 • Then came 'Monsieur Créin’ in 1837 • After there was 'Les Amours de M. Vieuxbois’ • Then in 1840 'Monsieur Pencil' was created. • After that there were many more that followed.

  6. Rodolphe Topffer

  7. Rodolphe Topffer Continued • He goes down known as the first man to make comics. • After his death in 1846 a volume of unfinished comic called “Brutus Calicot” was discovered and is now kept at the University Library in Geneva.

  8. Astérix (et Obélix) • In Greek Astérix translates to Little Star. • An American exapmle would be Superman because they both represent national identity and strength. • Astérix first appeared in Pilot Magazine in October 1959. • This comic is translated into 100 different languages world wide. • His first comic was “Astérix the Gual”

  9. Astérix (et Obélix)

  10. Astérix (et Obélix) Continued • This was usually French humor like puns, caricatures, and tongue-in-cheek stereotypes. • The humor is changed a lot to appropriately fit each country or region of the world.

  11. Blake et Mortimer • Was first created in 1946 and is still being made in present day, and was created by Edgar P. Jacobs • The characters in the comics are Philip Mortimer, Captain Francis Blake, and Colonel Olrik • The characters are described in depth from their birth until their present character, targeting an audience looking for completeness and friendship. • An American example would be “Sherlock Holmes”

  12. Blake et Mortimer

  13. Blake et Mortimer Continued • The comic’s theme is Detective and Science Fiction. • This comic became a television series and eventually also became a movie. • The comic represents the quality of life.

  14. Yoko Tsuno • This comic was created by Roger Leloup. • Yoko Tsuno represents the independence of women. • Yoko is an electric engineer which is usually a job held by men. She also has a black belt, but is known for her friendliness. • She is known for telling secrets, so she isn’t very trustworthy.

  15. Yoko Tsuno

  16. Yoko Tsuno Continued • She is romantic with her balancing act Vic. • The travel around the world and even the universe for missions and adventures. • Even though there are some exotic settings the story remains realistic, friendly and has love and spirituality involved. • Each translation of the comic changes the characters.

  17. Lucky Luke et Gaston Lagaffe • The comic was created by Maurice De Bevere, but he goes by the name of Morris. • The comic was set in the Old West • It has been translated into 23 different languages. • The comic was first created in 1946 • It portrays Cowboys, horses, robbers, and villains.

  18. Lucky Luke et Gaston Lagaffe

  19. Lucky Luke et Gaston Lagaffe Continued • The comic changed its values and started showing the characters doing more socially acceptable actions. • It’s known to be very stereotypical towards ethnic groups. • The comic can be related to “Indiana Jones” or Woody from “Toy Story.”

  20. Comic Connections After we took at look at both French and American comics, we noticed many similarities between the two. They are both used for laughter, and humor. But, they also serve another purpose, to show society, its values and its actions. Instead of being just for fun, it is a sneak peak into basic international culture.

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