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Freely variable modular shoe insole PowerPoint Presentation
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Freely variable modular shoe insole

Freely variable modular shoe insole

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Freely variable modular shoe insole

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  1. Ide helyezhetia cég emblémáját Freely variable modular shoe insole Orthopaedic - reflexology insole, awarded with golden medals of World Exhibitions of Inventions in Brussels, Geneva, Nuremberg. SIMASZ

  2. Description of the insole:1 page SIMASZ • The SIMASZ® (registered trade name) modular insole system is manufactured on the basis of internationally widely recognised achievements. • Due to the individual design the position of the supporting elements is adjustable in four dimensions: in all three direction of space and also in time. Utilisation of releasable fastening elements ensures fast and accurate formation of the multifunction insole according to the therapeutic and comfort aspects, and also the adjustment of the insole is based on wearing experience, whenever is needed. The available types: • Comforting foot padding with different elasticity. • Orthopaedic corrective insole (adult and child sizes). • Reflex therapy massage insole matching with the actual health state. SIMASZ

  3. Advantages of structuraldesign8/1 page SIMASZ This insole system contains three main structural elements: (1) multilayer basic panel assembled with fixing element, (2) groups of modular elements ensuring easy adjustment and (3) laminated leather sheath. • Suitable arrangement of supporting elements provides possibilities devising insoles to treat orthopaedic conditions as well as for therapeutic reflexology. • Preparation of this insole takes 5 to 10 minutes, while you wait. • Using the prefabricated modular elements, and based on individual sampling the SIMASZ® insole is adapted to the customer. • With the help of the supporting elements of various shape and elasticity individual adjustment is possible to fulfil the static and dynamic demands. • The supporting elements keep their elasticity. • Gradual, multilevel therapy is possible (treatment of postoperative and post injuries states). • To adjust the insole does not require special tools and materials. • The adjustment of the insole is aided by video computer foot measurement SIMASZ

  4. Description the characteristicsof the insole8/2page SIMASZ Thefeedback of the customers, their individual sensitivity as well as the real health state of the foot is considered at the fitting and adjustment and at consecutive or repeated readjustment of the support system. • Setting of the supporting elements could be fine tuned whenever is needed. • Since the insole is gradually adjustable, it provides continuously optimal treatment while the state or the size of the foot is changing. The resetting of the adjustment is advised to perform in the first third of the practical usage period. • Resetting of the support elements does not result in structural damage. The time of the adjustment is not more than 2 to 5 minutes. This is a unique feature of this insole system. SIMASZ

  5. Description of further characteristics8/3 page SIMASZ The natural leather casing, and the supporting elements of various elasticity insure effective and comfortable treatment. • The insole is manufactured in two varieties: full length type, equals with the size of the footwear and short type for the transverse arch support. This latter variety fits even in narrow footwear. SIMASZ

  6. Computer diagnosis.8/4 page SIMASZ The computer aided professional system is suitable for multidirectional analysis of the foot, weight bearing or non weight bearing and also for automated insole modelling.

  7. Computer diagnosis8/5 page SIMASZ The insole design is supported by the inventor’s own computer aided professional system. (remark: it is under testing presently). .

  8. Indications of the insole (1)8/6 page Flatfoot, foot disease, calcaneal spur, transverse arch drop, reflex therapy,acupressure, variable insole, modular insole, health protection, industrial safety, pregnant care, therapeutic aid. • The SIMASZ® is a variable therapeutic insole equipped with supporting elements of different elasticity, to be used to correct actively and gradually a wide variety of special orthopaedic foot deformities, in aftercare of operations and injuries. Because of the massage effect of the supporting elements it is also useful adjuvant in treating the circulatory diseases of the foot. The comfort insole is useful as a preventive tool. This insole unites the European and oriental healing achievements to present an individual custom made orthopaedic-reflex footwear device. • The SIMASZ® insole system provides special podiatric programs depending on the health state - in the interest of the uptodate optimal treatment. • The SIMASZ® insole provides differential elastic foot support. SIMASZ

  9. Indications of the insole (2) 8/7 page • Possibilities to extend the circle of customers. • Feature of the SIMASZ® system is, that apart of the diagnosed pathologic cases the comfort variety is usable for people with healthy feet, for pregnant women, the devices are suitable for prevention, for helping the normal gait and also to perform reflex therapeutic massage to combine the European and oriental methods. • When it is used correctly, apart of the health aspects the customer can spare some money and other efforts. • While playing sports the customer can use the special feature of our insole, that it is built of elements of variable shape andelasticity. SIMASZ

  10. Indications of the reflex insole.8/8 page The massage element on the insole is to be positioned according to the matching areas of the sole of the foot and the insole effecting to the aimed organ or group of organs is to be applied regularly.

  11. Availability, price, information2/1 page SIMASZ Price of adult insoles: (depending on the number of elements) 4500 -6000 HUF Price of child insoles up to size 34: 3500-4000 HUF Place of sale : In the premises of SE ORTHOPAEDIC CLINICBudapest, XI. 27 Karolina str. 2nd floor (Mr. Balázs Sipos)Phone : (36/1) 466-611 Wednesday, Thursday between 11-14 hours Post address : Balázs Sipos engineer 1163 Budapest, XVI. Kolozs u. 39. III. 55.282-8153 (answering machine) • E-mail : • Web site : SIMASZ

  12. Availability, offer for distributors..2/2 page In case of interest of groups of appropriate (25-30) numbers the SIMASZ® podiatric system is to be fitted locally. Entrepreneurs’, distributors’, trademens application is expected. Extra fast insole fitting and entirely new sale possibilities. The design of the insole provides the means of easy correction and readjustment without damage or quality loss SIMASZ