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GROUP 4. Old School or New? With technology constantly changing, yesterday’s classroom looks different than today’s. World Wide Web.

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  1. GROUP 4 Old School or New?With technology constantly changing, yesterday’s classroom looks different than today’s

  2. World Wide Web • The World Wide Web is a broad term used to describe documents that are written in Hypertext Markup Language or HTML and are available to anyone with internet access. Because of this new, extensive availability of information, children need to skills related to locating reading, and analyzing an online source. • Find resources for teaching with the Web at: • Video: New Literacies of the Internet • Video: Integrating Technology

  3. Web 2.0 • Web 2.0 involves a number of web applications that often are associated with interactive activities or online collaboration. • Some examples of Web 2.0 applications used in the classroom are: Wikis, EduBlogs, and TeacherTube

  4. iPad • iPads are tablet computers, equipped with the iphoneoperatingsystemmeaningstudents can download Apple applicationstotheiripad. iPads can beboughtforabout $500. • BecausetheiPadismadeby Apple you can onlyfindtheiPad at storesthatsellApple products. Check it out at: “But a few educators are betting the iPad will herald a revolution in the classroom, once-and-for-all displacing musty textbooks in favor of a mobile multimedia device that can engage students in new and innovative ways…” - - "How Schools Are Putting the iPad to Work“

  5. SMARTboards • A SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard that is paired with a projector which displays images from a computer or DVD player. Depending on the brand SMART boards can range from $200-$7000.  • You can find examples of SMARTboards at the AVI-SPL Website

  6. i-Clickers • The i-Clicker is a hand held device that can be programmed to gather information from large audiences. • It gives six possible letter answers which are instantly downloaded to a receiver that stores the data and arranges it in easy to read graphs. • The i-Clicker can be purchased both new and used from between $10 and $40.  • Check it out at : or find out more about how the i-Clicker is used in the classroom at : Learning Spaces

  7. Podcasts • A podcast is an "audio program” that has already been recorded  and downloaded to a website so that anyone can listen to them on their own computers or phones.You can find a podcast almost anywhere, including iTunes. • Podcasts are free and easy to use! You can more information about podcasts by listening to a podcast atEDUCAUSE

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