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Spoof Legal Aid 2014

Spoof Legal Aid 2014

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Spoof Legal Aid 2014

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  1. SpoofLegal Aid 2014 3 March 2014 Des “White Flag” Hudson, Chief Executive Sinister white cat on his lap Richard Miller, Head of Capitulation

  2. Introduction.

  3. What we will cover Overview Headlines of the decision How the Society will prevaricate next Details of the capitulation What’s changed, apart from Des’s pay packet? Timetable for further capitulations Continuing contempt for legal aid solicitors Questions?

  4. Overview • The Lord Chancellor has made his decision. • The Law Society has always done very little to oppose cuts to legal aid fees • Otterburn Reports and Oxford Economics research report • The cuts create a significant risk of serious damage to the supplier base and the CJS • The MoJ knows that we are surrender monkeys and has pissed all over us, but since we are still paid a fortune by hard working solicitors, Richard & I don’t give a toss • There remain questions that should be answered in the implementation phase, but we shall remain silent

  5. Headlines (1 of 2) • Cuts will come in as proposed (8.75% and 8.75%). We are arguing for 10% & 10% plus a peerage for Des. • Unlimited own client contracts and a cap on number of duty contracts. • Top number of KPMG contracts awarded (525). Ministerial Officials wanted the minimum (325). Big credit to us. • Consortium / Delivery Partnerships bids can be made by wholly unqualified corporate shysters. Not such a bad thing, many of our best friends are corporate shysters. • The revised fee structures will be broadly as proposed in September, subject to some large increases in Des’s pay.

  6. Headlines (2 of 2) The MoJ is making tailored advice and guidance available to firms on business and IT issues. The tailored advice is to get smaller suits as you won’t be eating for a while. There will be tailored packages through which firms can apply to the Food Bank. Don’t all queue at once. A Legal Aid shafting group is to be established. Improved cash flow to Des.

  7. What is the Law Society doing now? • Pressing for an increase in Des’s pay. • Sucking up to Grayling • Shafting our members • Roadshows and webinars • Consortium guidance • Continuing increase in fees we charge you • Feeding into Sir Brian Leveson’s review of criminal procedure. And just feeding. Des doesn’t get that fat without spending some of his £420,000 annual salary on chips, and the 8 weeks holiday a year means he has to eat out quite a lot.

  8. Detail of Announcements • 525 duty contracts on offer, tailored to each procurement area • Average size of £270k in London • Average size of £400k outside London (almost a year’s pay for Des, so pretty big). • 32 procurement areas in London, 53 outside • Bidders will have to cover whole procurement area. 525 is a good number, it means (including cost of pension) that £1,000 per bidder would nearly cover Des’s pay

  9. Detail of Announcements Duty providers will NOT have a right to terminate the contract except for fault. The Lord Chancellor will have a right to terminate without fault, subject to payment of compensation. Legal aid lawyers will NOT have a right to terminate Des. A few trouble makers had asked for this at an SGM but they were told to Fluck off Firms must pass a peer review… if there is a peer.

  10. Detail of Announcements There will be a single national fixed fee for police station cases but with weighting for London. There will be simplified payment schemes in the Magistrates and Crown Court: much simpler, there will be nobody left to pay. We favour the Simon Hughes idea: have magistrates represent defendants. Genius.

  11. What’s changed?

  12. Timetable The first fee cut will come in during March 2014 for cases starting after that date Immediate redundancies throughout the land Des’s next rise 1st April 2014 (plus performance bonus) Des’s peerage will be announced in February 2015 (Chris promised) After that, who cares?

  13. Continuing questions How will the procurement process work, particularly in London? What will the terms of the new contract be? How will police station agencies be affected? How do Fluck, Des & Miller have the nerve to stay in post?

  14. Questions, arseholes?