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The Ministry of CPD PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ministry of CPD

The Ministry of CPD

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The Ministry of CPD

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  1. The Ministry of CPD This session was inspired by a popular TV show with a similar name

  2. Anyone can learn CPD in 24 hours TheMinistry of CPD is all about getting people undertaking and recording CPD again. We want to show us that anyone can learn CPD – and that it’s fun, cool, and can help you, your family and friends to live a healthier professional life.

  3. “Pass It On” “Pass It On” is about friends teaching friends to do good, honest and affordable CPD from scratch and getting a bit more streetwise about CPD

  4. The idea behind “Pass It On”… • Inspire people to give CPD recording a try • Once they’ve learned a CPD recipe, to teach other people how to record CPD too • We also want to mobilise anyone who can record CPD to pass on their skills by teaching their friends, family or workmates how to record good, honest, affordable CPD

  5. “Pass It On”! • We’d like to get as many people as possible to sign up to the movement and pass on one CPD recipe to other people. So come on, guys, anyone can do it. Be part of “Pass It On”!

  6. How it works You send out an invitation to your friends If 4 friends each confirm that you did a “Pass It On”, this counts as 4 “Pass It Ons” to add to your Chain. Youshare your CPD recipe with them

  7. These 4 people will then need to pass your CPD recipe on to at least 2 more people to get their own “Pass It On” Chain.

  8. CPD chain reaction • Today you are invited to form the 1st link in my CPD “Pass It On” chain.

  9. The CPD chain will involve… • Show one • Do one • Teach one

  10. Top tips for CPD recording • Keep it simple • Put it in context – explain how the learning is relevant to your job/area of practice • Answer all the questions on plan and record – don’t miss any out • Write it like you were telling a story • Make ‘how to write a CPD entry’ your 1st CPD entry • Try recording something non-work related to get used to the process e.g. learning how to drive a car, learning how to ski etc..

  11. Top tips for CPD recording… • If you are recording on paper make sure you choose the correct form – there are different recording forms depending on which stage of the CPD cycle you are starting at • When starting at reflection make sure that you tackle your learning in bite sized chunks – this makes it easier to evaluate and complete the CPD cycle • When starting at reflection make sure that you are specific about what you need to learn – if you are vague it is difficult to evaluate the CPD • If you don’t know what stage of the CPD cycle to start recording go online and use the Wizard

  12. Top tips for CPD recording… • You can switch off optional fields when recording online – this means there are less questions to answer • Phone a friend or ask the audience! Having a friend or colleague look at your CPD can be a helpful support mechanism • Use the CPD Reviewer criteria These show you what a CPD reviewer will be looking for in your CPD record

  13. Top tips for CPD recording… • Record CPD regularly • Write down things you might want to record as CPD on post it notes or on a calendar. At the end of each month decide which one is the most significant and write it up • You can start a CPD entry and come back to it later

  14. Now “Pass It On”

  15. “Pass It On” guide • Once you’ve sorted out the logistics e.g. somewhere to CPD it’s time to get CPDing! • These simple guidelines will help you to get the most of your “Pass It On” groups: • CPD RECIPES • GET PEOPLE RECORDING CPD AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE • PASS IT ON • DO IT AGAIN AT HOME OR WORK • KEEP CPDing

  16. Invitation Just follow these four easy steps Choose a CPD recipe and a date Add your guests’ email addresses Invite your guests to CPD with you Hit ‘Send’

  17. CPD recipes • Choose a quick and simple CPD recipe - it may involve: • Recording CPD • Your own CPD • or the Pharmaceutical Society’s CPD case studies • Reviewing CPD • Or anything else you know about CPD that will help others get to grips with CPD recording

  18. Get people recording CPD as quickly as possible • Don’t just do a CPD demonstration! • Let them prepare the raw ingredients and CPD for themselves • One way of doing this is to have the online version of Plan & Record available and write a group CPD entry • Try recording at Reflection using the following example as a learning need “I want to learn how to record CPD using Plan & Record online”

  19. Once your class has cracked the CPD recipe, get them to pass it on to 2 of their friends. This is the magic moment when they suddenly realise they can record CPD!

  20. Do it again at home or work • Get everyone to promise to make another CPD entry again within the next month. • And - promise they will “Pass It On” to their friends and co-workers… • If they do, before you know it there will be chains of people in your local area passing on their new CPD skills!

  21. Keep CPDing • Keep teaching your group until they have mastered the CPD recipes. • They will have covered the basic skills they need to be able to CPD: Reflection, Planning, Action & Evaluation. • Keep recording your own CPD – Remember that the GPhC CPD Standards require you to record 9 CPD entries annually.

  22. The Ministry of CPD challenge….. How long can we make the chain?