a model presents a creation from the holly fulton n.
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World Record attempts

World Record attempts

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World Record attempts

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  1. A model presents a creation from the Holly Fulton Spring-Summer 2013 collection at London Fashion Week September 15, 2012. REUTERS-Suzanne Plunkett

  2. Children dressed as Mahatma Gandhi take part in a peace march in Kolkata January 29, 2012. Four hundred and eighty-five children from the Training Resource and Care for Kids (T.R.A.C.K.S), a charity for single mothers and children living without support at railway stations, took part in a peace march, in an attempt to create a Guinness World Record for being the largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi. REUTERS-Rupak De Chowdhur

  3. Emma, a 17 year-old model, poses as she wears the wedding dress with the longest train in the world during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest, March 20, 2012. The 2,750 meter long train broke a previous record of 2,488 meters. It is made of 4,700 meters of material using 1,857 needles, taking 100 days to made. REUTERS-Radu Sighet

  4. Students stand in formation on a field as they form a smiley face in an attempt to break a world record in celebration of the 110th anniversary of their university in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China, April 27, 2012. A total of 3,110 students from Nanjing Agricultural University broke the Guinness World Record for World Largest Smiley Face, overtaking the last world record of 2,961 volunteers in Canada on July 2011, local media reported. REUTERS-Sean Yon

  5. People take part in an attempt to break the world record for mass-massaging in Muang Thong Thanni, Bangkok August 30, 2012. Thailand broke the Guinness World Record with 641 couples taking part in the event, tripling the previous world record set by Australia in 2010. The event was organized to promote Thailand's massage and spa industry, according to the Health Ministry. REUTERS-Sukree Sukplan

  6. Men kiss among other couples participating in the Guinness World Record attempt in the longest continuous kiss in Pattaya February 12, 2012. The 'Longest Continuous Kiss' event is organized to celebrate Valentine's Day in Thailand, started out with seven couples trying to set a new record of kissing for more than 46 hours 24 minutes and 9 seconds. REUTERS-Damir Sagol

  7. Chefs, including Belgian chef Pierre Wynants (L), throw their hats in the air in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people throwing chefs hats, at the Grand Place in Brussels January 9, 2012. REUTERS-Thierry Rog

  8. 25-year-old German Lutz Eichholz rides his unicycle along upright beer bottles in Tel Aviv on September 26, 2011, during his attempt to break the world record. Eichholz set a new Guinness world record by riding his unicycle over a 8.93-metre-long row of 127 beer bottles. According to organizers, the previous record was 7.99 metres. REUTERS-Nir Elia

  9. Cindy Wilson of Aurora, Ohio (L) takes part in an attempt to set a new Guinness world record for the most Lucy Ricardo lookalikes (from 'I Love Lucy') assembled in one place in Jamestown, New York August 6, 2011. REUTERS-Doug Ben

  10. Romanian police officers practice on a CPR training mannequin while volunteers learn how to save lives by practicing the technique on 700 plastic models, in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, at Dinamo stadium in Bucharest July 26, 2011. REUTERS-Bogdan Criste

  11. Sideshow performer Staysha Randall grimaces as body piercer Bill 'Danger' Robinson pierces her body with needles in an attempt to break the Guinness Book record for 'Most Body Piercings in a Single Sitting' at Inktoxicated Tattoos in Las Vegas, Nevada June 7, 2011. REUTERS-Las Vegas Sun-Steve Marcu

  12. Children hug trees as they prepare to take part in an attempt to create a Guinness World Record for the most number of people hugging trees for two minutes in Kathmandu June 5, 2011. REUTERS-Navesh Chitraka

  13. Men prepare to barbecue beef to create the 'Biggest Barbeque in the World' in General Pico March 20, 2011. In the attempt to obtain the Guinness World Record for the 'Biggest Barbeque in the World', about 30,000 people took part of the event where 13,713 kilos of beef were grilled by more than 80 participants. According to organizers, General Pico broke the record, which had been previously held by Montevideo in 2008 when 12 tonnes were roasted. REUTERS-Walter Brandimart

  14. A group of 'couch potatoes' cheer at the end of an episode, as they attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for continuous television viewing of more than 86 hours, by viewing the complete set of episodes of the drama series '24' in Hollywood December 3, 2010. The contestants must stay awake the duration of the viewing, but get ten minute breaks every two hours. REUTERS-Fred Prouse

  15. Players participate in a Guinness world record attempt taking place across the world for the largest simultaneous game of Monopoly, at a hotel in Madrid, August 27, 2008. REUTERS-Paul Hann

  16. Judges measure the beard of Sarwan Singh during a ceremony in Surrey, British Columbia November 11, 2008. Singh was attempting to break the Guinness World Record. Singh's beard measured at 1.895 metres. REUTERS-Andy Clar

  17. Ashrita Furman (R) of the U.S. checks the milk crates before trying to set a new Guinness record of balancing 22 milk crates on his chin ahead the world famous Pisa tower September 10, 2005. REUTERS-Max Ross

  18. Chef Ramzi Choueiry holds the final bucket of fried falafel to add to the dish in Ain Saadeh, northeast of Beirut, May 9, 2010, during an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records for producing the biggest plate of falafel in the world. The falafel dish, weighing 5,173 kg (about 11,400 pounds), was prepared with approximately 844,000 falafels. REUTERS-Jumana ElHeloue

  19. People walk amid candles lit at Praca do Comercio at Lison December 17, 2011. Fifty thousand candles were lit in Praca do Comercio, Lisbon's downtown square, as part of an attempt by non-governmental organization Terra dos Sonhos (Land of Dreams) to achieve a Guinness World Record. The candles were sold at 1 euro each ($1.30) to raise funds for realizing the dreams of children suffering from long and terminal illnesses. REUTERS-Hugo Correi

  20. South African surfers take to the water in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the highest number of riders on a single wave at Muizenberg in Cape Town September 2, 2007. REUTERS-Mike Hutching

  21. People in swimsuits dance during an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest swimwear parade at one time, in Sydney November 12, 2009. REUTERS-Daniel Muno

  22. Albanian artist Saimir Strati, 43, creates a mosaic of the late pop legend Michael Jackson in Durres, some 40 km (25 miles) from the capital Tirana, October 31, 2009. Strati was using 250 000 paint brushes and 28 days to complete the 10 metres large and 2.6 metres long mosaic that is placed on the side of a truck traveling the streets of Albania. This was Strati's fourth attempt to enter the Guinness World Record. REUTERS-Arben Cel