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Digital Presentation. Paige L. Moore. About Me. My name is Paige Laine Moore. I am currently 16 years old, but I will be 17 on October 11 th . I am a senior at Union County Early College which is in the Union County Public Schools School District.

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    1. Digital Presentation Paige L. Moore

    2. About Me • My name is Paige Laine Moore. I am currently 16 years old, but I will be 17 on October 11th. I am a senior at Union County Early College which is in the Union County Public Schools School District. • I hope that you will enjoy my presentation and consider me as a possible US Senate Youth Program finalist.

    3. School • I am a student at Union County Early College High School. Union County Early College (UCEC) is part of the Learn and Earn Program which means that each student attends high school for five years instead of the traditional four. • I attend high school on the South Piedmont Community College Campus so I am taking both high school and college classes. • Unlike other seniors who graduate from traditional high school with only a high school diploma, I will graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associates Degree.

    4. Stats • Union County Early College High School GPA: 3.67 • Previous semester GPA: 3.61 • South Piedmont Community College GPA: 3.0 • Graduation Date: May 2011. • In this presentation and on my application I have written that I am a senior, yet as I’m sure you have noticed, I will be graduating in 2011. I would like to inform you that I will not be graduating late due to lack of credits or failed classes. In order to get both an Associates Degree and High School Diploma I have to attend my high school for five years. Which means I have two senior years. If I had attended an average high school, then I would be graduating in 2010.

    5. School Involvement Photo of Paige during dress like a teacher day • I have been elected Student Body President for two separate terms. As student body president I have brought order to the student government association by instituting both a Constitution and Bylaws. I created committees for different projects, which was new concept to our student government association. I helped institute a BETA Club and National Honor Society chapter for our school. Pictures I took during our last spirit week at UCEC.

    6. School Involvement • I registered my high school for the North Carolina Association of Student Councils and represented my school at the district convention. • I have registered my high school with the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program. • I have also represented my high for two years as a South Piedmont Community College Student Government Association Delegate More photos of spirit week.

    7. School Involvement • I also participate in many of the clubs that my school offers. I have been in the following clubs: • Yearbook Club • Book Club • Open Mic Club • Debate Club • Textile Club (I was elected the Vice President) • Civics Club (I was elected President) • Future Business Leaders of America (I was elected Vice President) • BETA Club (I assisted in the establishment of this club) • I also was awarded the Superintendent’s Leadership Award for the 2008 – 2009 school year. In the Civics Club I worked on getting the Bottle Bill Passed.

    8. Community Service • For the past four years I have worked with the kindergarteners of Walter Bickett and Benton Heights (two local Elementary school). I have visited and worked with them inside and outside of the classroom. • Also, every year during Christmas time I participate in the Angel Tree event. For this event, I buy and bring presents to the students of Walter Bickett and Benton Heights. Photo taken of UCEC students working with the students of Walter Bickett Elementary

    9. Community/School Involvement • Last semester I (along with the rest of the Civics Club members) worked on passing the Bottle Bill (AKA The Litter Reduction Act of 2009) in the North Carolina General Assembly. • I did this by e-mailing Senator Doug Berger asking him to re-proposed the Bill (which he did). • In order to gain public support for the Bill I requested a booth and the community Arbor Day Event. Representative Pryor Gibson was so impressed by our efforts that he drove from Raleigh to attend the Arbor Day event. Paige at the Arbor Day event.

    10. Community Involvement • I am also a member of the Monroe Youth Council (MYC). MYC is a part of the Monroe City Council that is responsible for bridging the gap between the City of Monroe's Youth and the City Council. • The MYC works on many community projects such as restoring the Old Monroe Armory and working with the children who attend after school and the Recreation Center. One of the oldest buildings in the city of Monroe.

    11. Community Involvement • This past March I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the five MYC members who got to travel to the National League of Cities Conference in Washington D.C. At the conference I attended seminars concerning the economy, inner city violence and many other city issues. Paige meeting members of Congress Photos of me attending conferences and meeting Congress members Sue Myrick and Larry Kissel.

    12. Involvement in Politics • During the last presidential election, I participated in a mock presidential debate. I represented Hillary Clinton and won the debate. • My participation in this debate led me to contact the campaign offices of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain. • After I contacted the campaign offices I was invited to the campaign offices of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. These meetings eventually led to me receiving free tickets to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Charlotte rallies. Pictures that I took at the rallies. This one is from a newspaper clipping.

    13. Sources (graduation picture) (FBLA picture) (Bottle Bill picture) (Photo of UCEC students working with students of Walter Bickett) (Arbor Day Event Picture) (Statistics photo) (Photo of old Monroe building)