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PowerSchool Reports A Hands-On Guide

PowerSchool Reports A Hands-On Guide. Creating an “Enrollment Summary”. Go to the Start Page 2. Change the “Term” to the full year it will say 13-14 (2013-2014) 3. Click-Master Schedule.

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PowerSchool Reports A Hands-On Guide

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  1. PowerSchool Reports A Hands-On Guide

  2. Creating an “Enrollment Summary”

  3. Go to the Start Page2. Change the “Term” to the full year it will say 13-14 (2013-2014)3. Click-Master Schedule

  4. 1. This is the Matrix Schedule (it will show the last view you were in)2. Scroll to Bottom of Screen3. Click-Show Preferences.

  5. Select Preferences1. Select appropriate criteria.2. Under “View By” select “List” at the bottom of screen Select “All” Teachers or use the CTRL Key and select multiple teachers. You can also “Sort By” department, room, course, etc.

  6. This is your Master Schedule List By Teachers

  7. 1. Right Click and Select All 2. Copy and Paste to Excel (right click and select copy) go to Excel and (right click and paste)

  8. 1. Delete unnecessary information at the top when you paste to Excel2. If you feel comfortable….use Excel formulas to calculate enrollment by courses/departments and perform different filters & sorts in Excel.

  9. Historical Grades

  10. Return to the Start Page

  11. Click on “Current Selection” because it already has the list of all seniors from the previous report.

  12. Click the “drop down box” • Select “Mass Print a Student Screen”

  13. Click the “Quick Lookup” drop-down box.

  14. Select “Historical Grades” • Click SUBMIT

  15. Use your mouse and select/highlight all the student names (left side of window)

  16. Go to “File”, Print and click the “Options” tab at the top of the dialog box. • Click the check box for “Print all Linked Documents” • Click Print

  17. This is a sample of Historical Grades

  18. Another way to see “Historical Grades”…by “DM Transcripts”

  19. From the “Start Page” select a group of students • Under “Select a function for this group of students” drop down box…select “Print Report”

  20. Under “Value” for “Which report would you like to print?” select “DM Transcript (do not use for Credits – course listings only” • Select appropriate options for other settings if needed • Click “Submit”

  21. Now you see the “Report Queue”. It may take a few minutes…..depending up the # of students you are working with for this report. • Click “Refresh” • Click “View” under “Status”

  22. This is what the DM Transcript looks like

  23. Student Schedules

  24. Use “current selection” of our senior list • Click the drop down box and select Mass Print . . .

  25. In the drop down box select the view for printing schedules (bell schedule view, list or matrix ) • Click Submit • Select your student names on the left side. Go to “file, print, options, print linked table”

  26. Sample of a Student Schedule

  27. Class Rosters

  28. Go to the Start Page • Click System Reports on the left side navigation

  29. Scroll down the page to the bottom • Click Class Rosters (PDF) under Student Listings

  30. Select teachers (use CTRL key and click on teacher names to select multiple teachers) • Select periods

  31. Import “fields” for Heading Text and Roster columns • Click Submit

  32. Fields for Heading Text and Roster Column (Fields ) HEADING TEXT High SchoolStatement of Accountability Class Roster Summary Form Course Name:  ~(coursename)   Course Number:  ~(Course_Number)     Section Number:  ~(Section_Number) Teacher of Record:  ~(teachername)   Room Number:  ~(Room)    Period minus 1:  ~(Expression) Number of Books:  _____   Number Returned:  _____     Sequence of Books:  ____  to  ____    Test  Date:  ________ Pre:  _____            Mid-Term:  _____            Post:  _____  I have read the guidelines for administration in the CTE Statewide Assessment Administration Manual and have familiarized myself with the Testing Code of Ethics.  I understand that security of state assessment materials is my responsibility to keep secure (paper-pencil or online). Test Administrator / Proctor / Building Coordinator Signatures:  __________________________  /   __________________________  / __________________________ ROSTER COLUMNS Last_Name\First_Name\Middle_Name\Student_Number\Activities.all_case_service_manager\IEPActivities.c_504\504Activities.limited_english_proficient\LEP\Online\Paper\OCS ALT\CREDS\Make-Up 

  33. This shows the report is complete and you can “View”

  34. This is a PDF and you can save this document.

  35. Class Rosters as a group

  36. Go to the Start Page • Select “Teacher Schedules” on the left side navigation • Select a teacher and you see the teachers schedule • Click the “Enrollment” number which is a link and it will open the class roster for that class period/section

  37. Click “Make Current Student Selection” …. At the bottom of the page • In your “cookie crumbs” click “Teacher Schedule” • Locate the next course/section and click the “Enrollment number”

  38. Click “Add to Current Selection” • Repeat these steps for the remainder of courses/sections, etc. • Note: this is placing all the students for the selected teacher together. You could just do a course at a time.

  39. Click “List Students”

  40. Give the report a title • Select “Fields” to locate the “field name” and label the “Column Title” • Sort by “Last Name” or whatever is appropriate for your report • Click “Submit”

  41. Here is your report • Print report or copy & paste to Excel and manipulate the data

  42. Transcripts

  43. Running Transcripts…

  44. Select a Group of Students…

  45. Select System Reports…

  46. 1. Select DPI Reports…2. Select NC DPI Transcript

  47. Select the Radio Button for Your Selection and Submit…

  48. Transcripts Will Appear

  49. How to create Activity Groups

  50. Go to the “Start Page” • Under “Setup” click “School”

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