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Good Day Grade 5! PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Day Grade 5!

Good Day Grade 5!

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Good Day Grade 5!

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  1. Good Day Grade 5!

  2. Let’s Have A Quick Review! Are You Ready?

  3. Texture in Music The overall quality of sound of a piece, most often indicated by the number of voices in the music and by the relationship between these voices. Round Song a song in which several people sing the same melody but starts at a different time and ituses imitation

  4. one melody either sung • without musical accompaniment or played by itself. Monophony Homophony multiple voices where one voice, the melody, stands out prominently and the other voices form a background of harmonic accompaniment. one main melody accompanied by chords people may mention chords, accompaniment, harmony or harmonies. can also be called counterpoint, or contrapuntal music. contains imitation, which occurs when a melodic idea is presented by one voice or instrument and then restated immediately by another. Polyphony multiple melodic voices which are to some extent independent from one another.

  5. Melody the succession of musical tones. Harmony using different pitches simultaneously Counterpoint is the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm, and interdependent in harmony.

  6. Chords three or more different notes that sound simultaneously. A Capella vocal music or singing without instrumentalaccompaniment

  7. Are You Ready? Now Let’s Have our First Quiz!

  8. Pamulinawen Pamulinawen Pusok indengam man Toy umas-asug Agrayod'ta sadiam. Panunotem man Inka Pagintutulngan Toy agayat, agukkoy dita sadiam. Leron, leron, sinta Leron, leron, sinta, Buko ng papaya, Dala dala'y buslo Sisidlan ng sinta; Pagdating sa dulo'y Nabali ang sanga, Kapos kapalaran Humanap ng iba.

  9. Thank You and God Bless