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  1. This “combo” opioid analgesic is 100mg propoxyphene napsylate and 650mg acetaminophene. 8 letters ARVOCET N-100 D Ans: Generic name: propoxyphene napsylate

  2. This oxytocic / prostaglandin is used to induce mid-trimester abortion and to treat emergency postpartum hemorrhage. 8 letters EMABATE H Ans: Generic name: carboprost

  3. A sedative/hypnotic that is given to relieve anxiety. It is also an antiemetic and antihistamine. Usually combined with demerol for sedation and pain relief. 8 letters ISTARIL V Ans: Generic name: Hydroxyzine hydrochloride

  4. An opioid analgesic used to decrease pain. It is frequently given IV in doses of 10mg/70Kg. Watch for resp. depression. Side effects: dry mouth, N/V, sweating 6 letters N UBAIN (no pain!) Ans: Generic name: Nalbuphine hydrochloride

  5. A tocolytic beta-adrenergic that stops premature labor by inhibiting uterine contractions. 9 letters ITODRINE R Ans:

  6. An opioid analgesic that is a common supplement for pain relievers during and after labor. Dose: 50-100 mcg/Kg. 8 letters F ENTANYL Ans:

  7. Given to mothers with a titer of <1:10 or are ELISA antibody neg. It must be given before pregnancy occurs. RhoGam may interfere. 7 letters UBELLA R Ans: This is the MMR shot.

  8. This “favorite” opioid analgesic is given in doses of 50-100mg during labor. Do not inject if RR is <12/min. 7 letters EMEROL D Ans: Generic name: meperidine hydrochloride

  9. This triple compound has propoxyphene, acetaminophen, and caffeine. It is an opioid analgesic. 2 words, 6 + 8 letters D ARVON COMPOUND Ans:

  10. This topical anesthetic is used especially for perineal discomfort. 2 words. 4 + 5 letters E MLA CREAM Ans:

  11. This corticosteroid is given to the mother to prevent respiratory distress in preterm newborns. 13 letters ETAMETHASONE B Ans:

  12. Non-opioid analgesic is used for pain after apisiotomy. A classic pain reliever. 7 letters YLENOL T Ans: Generic name: acetaminophen

  13. An oxytocic that is used in the endocervical area to ripen cervix. It induces cervical softening, effacement, and uterine contraction. 2 words, 8 + 3 letters REPIDIL GEL P Ans: Generic name: dinoprostone

  14. An antiemetic used after surgery to prevent nausea and vomiting. 6 letters OFRAN Z Ans: Generic name: Ondansetron hydrochloride

  15. This bronchodilator acts as a respiratory and myocardial stimulant in apnea of infant. 12 letters T HEOPHYLLINE Ans:

  16. This anti-viral is the treatment for herpes infection. Dose: 200mg; 5x/d for 10 days. Side effect: headache, malaise, dizziness 9 letters CYCLOVIR A Ans:

  17. This hormone is used to stimulate ovulation by stimulating the release of FSH & LH in the anterior pituitary. 6 letters C LOMID Ans: Generic name: clomiphene

  18. This mineral supplement is used to correct calcium deficiencies and counteracts to much magnesium. 2 words, 7 + 9 letters ALCIUM GLUCONATE C Ans:

  19. This “combo” pain reliever is an opioid mixed with a classic non-opioid analgesic. 7 letters & 1 number YLENOL #3 T Ans: Generic name: 300mg acetaminophen & 30mg codeine

  20. An anti-fungal used to treat vaginal candidiasis or oral thrush. 8 letters YSTATIN N Ans:

  21. This topical anesthetic contains benzocaine and is used for perineal discomfort. 2 words, 10 + 5 letters ERMOPLAST SPRAY D Ans:

  22. An oxytocic that causes uterine contraction to prevent postpartum or post abortion hemorrhage. Monitor Blood Pressure! 9 letters RGOTRATE E Ans:

  23. An antiemetic that is given as an adjunct to general and regional anesthesia. 8 letters I NAPSINE Ans: Generic name: droperidol

  24. An oxytocic that is a pituitary hormone. It induces labor. It prevents hemorrhage post birth. When given intranasal, it promotes lactation. 8 letters XYTOCIN O Ans: aka PITOCIN

  25. This salicylate inhibits the production of prostaglandins and is used for mild to moderate pain. 7 letters SPIRIN A Ans: Generic name: Ace tyl sal icy lic acid

  26. This anti-emetic is used to treat extreme nausea and vomiting. Side Effect: Pink urine Dose: 5-10mg 9 letters OMPAZINE C Ans: Generic name: Pro chlor pera zine

  27. An immune globulin given to Rh- moms who have an Rh+ baby due. It prevents antibody response to future pregnancies. Inject within 72 hr. of birth. 6 letters HOGAM R Ans: Generic name: Rho D immune globulin

  28. Gonadotropin hormone that induces ovulation. Acts at the ovary level and causes many eggs to be produced. 8 letters P ERGONAL Ans:

  29. An oxytocic that increases uterine contraction force and frequency. 10 letters ETHERGINE M Ans: Generic name: methy lergono vine

  30. This is a prophylactic treatment of infection. It is put in the eyes of a newborn. Effective against gonorrhea and chlamydia. It is rarely used now. 2 words, 6 + 7 letters S ILVER NITRATE Ans: Generic name: Silver sulfadiazine

  31. This “combo” opioid analgesic combines acetaminophen with hydrocodone. It is given for pain. 7 letters ICODIN V Ans: Generic name: 500mg acetaminophen / 5 mg hydrocodone

  32. A tocolytic and also a bronchodilator. It stops preterm labor. 11 letters T ERBUTALINE Ans: Generic name: Terbutaline sulfate

  33. The antidote for opioid analgesics. It is an antagonist that blocks the effects of opioids. 6 letters N ARCAN Ans: Generic name: naloxone hydrochloride

  34. This drug dries up secretions (antagonizes acetylcoline receptors) when a C-section is going to be performed. 7 letters R OBINUL Ans: Generic name: glycopyrrolate

  35. This laxative is a “combo” that softens and stimulates. It is composed of docusate sodium (100mg) and casanthranol (30mg) 10 letters ERI-COLACE P Ans: Generic name: docusate sodium / casanthranol

  36. This antiemetic (selective receptor antagonist) is used to prevent post-op nausea and vomiting. RN should watch for dehydration. 7 letters NZEMET A Ans: Generic name: dolasetron

  37. A mineral supplement taken orally to boost IRON. Side effects: constipation, dark-colored stools, nausea 6 letters EOSOL F Ans: Generic name: ferrous fumarate

  38. A laxative that works by softening the stool. 6 letters S URFAK Ans: Generic name: docusate calcium

  39. An anti-anemic supplement that is used to maintain normal hematopoiesis. It helps prevent neural tube defects. 2 words, 5 + 4 letters F OLIC ACID Ans:

  40. This topical cream is hypoallergenic and made of lanolin. Women use it to relieve nipple soreness from breast feeding. 8 letters ANSINOH L Ans:

  41. A histamine blocker that effects gastric parietal cells, resulting in inhibition of gastric acid secretion. Given to manage GERD. 6 letters P EPCID Ans: Generic name: famotidine

  42. This opioid analgesic is the one used when an epidural is being used. 9 letters URAMORPH D Ans: Generic name: Morphine sulfate

  43. This hormone is present in the urine of pregnant women & causes morning sickness. It is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone 3 letters CG H Ans:

  44. This stuff is used to dry up the umbilical cord. 2 words, 6 + 3 letters RIPLE DYE T Ans:

  45. This anti-infective ointment is used prophylacticly in the newborns eyes to prevent gonorrhea, chlamydia & other STDs. 12 letters + op oint. RYTHROMYCIN OP OINT. E Ans:

  46. A “combo” ASA/butalbital/caffeine. This non-opioid analgesic treats pain and the caffeine is good for the headache. 8 letters IORINAL F Ans:

  47. An Alkalinizing agent & antiurolithic is used to treat chronic metabolic acidosis and prevention of aspiration pneumonitis during surgical procedures. 7 letters ICITRA B Ans: Generic name: Sodium citrate & citric acid

  48. Premmies get this surfactant (a glucocorticoid) for treatment of respiratory distress. 8 letters URVANTA S Ans: Generic name: beractant

  49. A mineral supplement for IRON. Side effects: ABD pain, diarrhea, N/V 7 letters MFERON I Ans: Generic name: Iron Dextran

  50. An anti-ulcer agent that is given “pre C-section” for GERD. It reduces gastric acid by inhibiting histamine. 7 letters T AGAMET Ans: Generic name: Cimetidine