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California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). Test Administration Training 2012-13 for LEA Coordinators, Test Site Coordinators, Charter School Directors and Proctors September 11, 2012. Presenters. Jim Pisano Educational Testing Service (ETS) CAHSEE Project Director

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California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

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  1. California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) Test Administration Training 2012-13 for LEA Coordinators, Test Site Coordinators, Charter School Directors and Proctors September 11, 2012

  2. Presenters • Jim Pisano • Educational Testing Service (ETS) CAHSEE Project Director • Nicole Goward • ETS Senior Customer Service Rep • Diane Hernandez • California Department of Education (CDE) Administrator High School and Physical Fitness Assessment Office • Carrie Strong-Thompson • California Department of Education (CDE) Consultant High School and Physical Fitness Assessment Office

  3. Presentation Objectives • What’s New • Overview of CAHSEE • Maintaining Test Security • LEA Coordinator, Test Site Coordinator, Test Examiner, and Proctor Responsibilities • Demographic Data Corrections • Resources • Questions and Answers

  4. What’s New and General Updates • CAHSEE Exemption • Streamlined Waiver for Eligible Students with Disabilities • Legislation – AB 1705

  5. Overview of CAHSEE

  6. CAHSEE Purpose • Improve student achievement in public high schools and ensure that students who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate competency in reading, writing, and mathematics

  7. CAHSEE Content • The CAHSEE has two parts: • English-language arts (ELA) • State content standards up to grade ten • Mathematics • State content standards in grades six, seven, and Algebra I

  8. CAHSEE Requirement • All students, except students with disabilities, must satisfy the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other state and local requirements, to receive a California public high school diploma.

  9. CAHSEE Requirement • The CAHSEE requirement can be satisfied by passing the examination, or for eligible students with disabilities, meeting the exemption requirement pursuant to California Education Code Section (EC) 60852.3 or receiving a local waiver according to EC 60851(c).

  10. Options to Participate in CAHSEE Administrations 2012-13 For testing schedules, go to: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/hs/admin.asp

  11. CAHSEE Testing Opportunities • Grade ten: one time (February, March, or May) • Grade eleven: *two times • Grade twelve: *at least three, but up to five times • Adult students: *three times * May participate in successive administrations.

  12. Approximate Testing Times

  13. Maintaining Test Security

  14. Maintaining Test Security • To ensure test security, LEA coordinators must: • Read, agree, sign, and return the Test Security Agreement to ETS • Ensure all test site coordinators read and sign the Test Security Agreement and all who have access to the secure test materials should also read, sign and agree to the Test Security Affidavit

  15. Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

  16. Maintaining Test Security (Continued)

  17. Maintaining Test Security (Continued) • Keep materials in secure, locked storage • Establish and maintain procedures that will prevent cheating • All test examiners, proctors, and other school personnel must be properly trained; they must also sign and submit a Test Security Affidavit • The wide use of cell phones and text messaging requires test examiners and proctors to be extremely vigilant • The return of test booklets and materials must be monitored closely

  18. Maintaining Test Security (Continued) • Handle potential testing irregularities. Call ETS and CDE to report security breaches or test administration incidents • Cooperate with Global Compliance Services when they conduct audits: • Before-testing • During-testing • After-testing

  19. Local Educational Agency Coordinator Responsibilities LEAC

  20. Before Testing LEAC • Attend training • Send Designation Form and signed Test Security Agreement to ETS • Read the LEA and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual (LEATSCM)

  21. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Go to http://www.ets.org/cahsee/ • to obtain information and documents regarding the coordination of CAHSEE administrations

  22. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Refer to CAHSEE Project Calendar

  23. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • October 2012 CAHSEE Calendar Sample

  24. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Manuals are posted for reference.

  25. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Go to the secure CAHSEE Web site by clicking on CAHSEE Online from the ETS CAHSEE Web page orhttps://cahsee.ets.org/

  26. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • To obtain a username and password for CAHSEE Online,Contact ETS CAHSEE Support at • 800-241-5687

  27. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Use CAHSEE Online athttps://cahsee.ets.org to do the following: • Update your LEA contact information • Order test materials • Order supplemental shipments • Submit a Pre-ID file • Review/update an order • Check the status of your order • Make student demographic corrections • Download student results, roster reports, and summary reports

  28. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Select the appropriate date option. • Enter your Username and Password. • Select the LOGON button.

  29. Before Testing (Continued) CAHSEE Online main page LEAC Update District Information and Testing Schedule

  30. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Schedule and set up test administrations • Notify parents of LEA’s testing schedule

  31. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Order test materials

  32. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Select the link to move to the material order page

  33. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Order materials and select option to pre-ID

  34. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Enter your order counts by school Don’t forget to enter special versions needed

  35. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Be sure to always hit the Submit Changes button when you have completed your order

  36. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Sample materials order Entry Error

  37. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Print the order confirmation page to keep for your records

  38. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Prevent excessive materials ordering • “Excessive materials” is the difference between the sum of the number of tests scored and 80 percent of the tests ordered by the LEA for the entire school year. The difference must be greater than 100 to be “excessive materials.”

  39. Excessive Orders Examples Before Testing (Continued) LEAC

  40. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Go to “Pre-ID Services” tab to obtain file layout and template

  41. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Prepare the data file according to the Pre-ID file layout Upload the pre-ID file

  42. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • If submitting Pre-ID file, fill out the List of Demographic Fields Required to be Hand-marked for Schools Participating in the Pre-ID Service. • Provide the list as a handout for test site coordinators during training. • A Late pre-ID label service is available for a fee. • You must have submitted a pre-ID file by the deadline to use this additional service.

  43. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC 43

  44. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Designate and train test site coordinators • Emphasize the following in training: • Maintaining test security • Reading Test Site Coordinator Responsibilities Section of manual • Hand-gridding fields not Pre-Identified • Accommodations/Modifications/EL Variations • Signature in Box 25 • Checking in/out test materials • Providing handout of important dates

  45. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Identify and coordinate the testing of students placed in nonpublic schools • Go to California School Directory http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/sd/ to obtain NPS school code. Enter onto Box 12c.

  46. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Receive test materials (starting about 2 weeks before test administration) • Shipment 1: nonsecure testing materials • Shipment 2: secure testing materials • Shipment 3A: (optional) Pre-ID answer documents • Shipment 3B: (optional) late Pre-ID labels

  47. Upon receipt of shipments, open boxes and conduct inventory Before Testing (Continued) LEAC 47

  48. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC Sample LEA Site Packing List. This form shows all the materials your LEA boxes contain.

  49. Before Testing (Continued) LEAC • Your order will not be processed unless the “submit” button at the bottom of the page is selected after every order. • If you make an error when placing the order and would like to restart the request, select the “reset” button located at the bottom of the page. October 2012

  50. During Testing LEAC • Be the liaison between test sites, CDE, and ETS • Problem solve • Notify both CDE and ETS of potential testing irregularities • Complete the Test Security Breach Report Form, if applicable

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