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PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS. LABORATORY COMMUNICATION. Stefan Ursu CDT Aesthetic Dental Studio, Inc. NYUCD International Aesthetic Program. Traditional Communication Methods. In other words...,. “A3... but a bit darker”. Modern/Contemporary Communication. Types of Communication.

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  1. PRESCRIPTION FOR SUCCESS LABORATORY COMMUNICATION Stefan Ursu CDT Aesthetic Dental Studio, Inc. NYUCD International Aesthetic Program

  2. Traditional CommunicationMethods

  3. In other words..., “A3... but a bit darker”

  4. Modern/Contemporary Communication

  5. Types of Communication • Photography & Video • The Aesthetic Checklist • Shade Selection • Shade Matching Devices • Facebows and Articulators • The Prescription Form • Direct Patient Contact

  6. Photography

  7. Traditional Photography • Take Stills • Hold on to the case for two more days while developing shots • Delays with unusable pictures • Slow and Costly

  8. Vs...

  9. Digital Photography • Unlimited photos via the internet. • Fast viewing and upload • Free Developing!

  10. ARMAMENTARIUM • Digital SLR camera with memory card • Micro/Macro lens with 1:1 ratio ability • Ring or dual flash system • Shade guides • Retractors • Occlusal mirrors

  11. Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera with memory card

  12. Digital SLR Camera Nikon Canon

  13. Macro/Micro Lens

  14. Macro/Micro Lens Sigma EX Macro 105mmF2.8 Nikon Micro 105mm F2.8 VR Canon 100mm Macro EF

  15. Flash Systems

  16. Flash Systems Nikon R1C1 with Commander Wireless Speedlight

  17. Flash Systems Canon Twin lite MT-24Ex Flash

  18. Settings W. Balance Shutter Speed Film Speed /ISO F-Stop 125 Facial 5.6 200/100 Dento-Facial 125 200/100 22 Dental 125 200/100 32

  19. Shade Guides

  20. Shade Guides Vitapan Classical Vita 3D-Master

  21. Shade Guides • Easy to use • The most commonly used shades A1-D4 • Universally known/used as a standard • Arranged Based on Hue Groups Vitapan Classical

  22. Shade Guides • Arranged By Value • 29 Shades including 3 Bleached Shades + 52 Intermediate Shades • Easy 3-step Shade determination Vita 3D-Master

  23. Instructions for Use

  24. Step 1 • Hold shade guide at arm’s length • Determine lightness level (value) of tooth by scanning the top shadetab in each group

  25. Step 2 • Determine color saturation (chroma) within the chosen group

  26. Step 3 • Determine the Hue yellowish (L) reddish (R)

  27. Laboratory Pictures

  28. Tips For Taking Shades

  29. Tips For Taking Shades • Take shade prior to anesthesia and/or preparation • Use natural light or daylight lamps • Go with your first decision • No bright colors • Take shade early in the day

  30. Tips For Taking Shades • Try to sit down • Have patient sit on normal chair (if possible) • Rest your camera elbow in your midsection • 90 degrees or slightly higher • Use pre-determined settings to focus

  31. Retractors

  32. Retractors

  33. Occlusal Mirrors

  34. Occlusal Mirrors • Durable • Autoclavable • Helps educate patient • Increases case acceptance

  35. Video

  36. Video • Real-Time Diagnostics • Occlusal Schemes • Parafunctional Movements • Ability to Choose Best Shot

  37. Video

  38. Tips For Taking Video

  39. Tips For Taking Video • Use plenty of ambient light • Use a great camera stand • Autofocus lens with Vibration Reduction (VR)

  40. Shade Matching Devices

  41. Daylight Lamp (5500 K)

  42. Vita Easy-Shade Compact Vita Easy-Shade Compact

  43. Aesthetic Checklist

  44. Aesthetic Checklist • Chair-side system • Simplifies treatment plan • Great case documentation

  45. Facebows & Articulators

  46. Facebows & Articulators Question: -Why Use a facebow & Articulator? Answer: -To reduce chairside adjustments leading to expensive remakes and lost time.

  47. Facebows & Articulators • NOT • An Articulator Rather.. A Model Holder

  48. Facebows & Articulators Why not?...

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