the big wave and test review n.
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The Big Wave and Test Review PowerPoint Presentation
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The Big Wave and Test Review

The Big Wave and Test Review

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The Big Wave and Test Review

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  1. The Big Waveand Test Review

  2. Some other things to know about: TSUNAMI: A tsunami is a series of gigantic waves. When there is an Earthquake in the ocean, the shaking causes a ripple (like shaking A glass of water). The ripples are waves that travel miles until they Hit land. These waves can be taller than skyscrapers. The waves Travel faster than a jet plane. Tsunamis usually occur in the Ring of Fire, which is an area in the Pacific Ocean where there are lots of volcanoes and earthquakes. The Ring of Fire is located near Thailand, Japan, and Hawaii. Many countries have Installed computers that measure the size of the waves so that if there Was a giant wave, the people could be warned and get away from The water. The United States has these computers, Thailand didn’t.

  3. Trivia Fact: If you were about to be hit by a tsunami wave HEAD FOR THE HILLS.

  4. Tidal – having to do with the rise and fall of the sea (waves). How did we do? Wreckage – the remains of something That has been destroyed

  5. Unconscious – not being physically or Mentally aware of what is happening Sorrowfully – full of grief or sadness

  6. Renewing – repairing or restoring Faltered – hesitated or talked awkwardly

  7. Persuaded – led another person to Agree with you Unfortunate - unlucky

  8. Rambunctious – loud and hyper acting Pursued - chased

  9. Background Knowledge Survival isn’t always about living. After a trauma (a dangerous or scary thing) has happened, there is an emotional survival that has to take place. You have to survive in your own heart and head. 2 min