pennsylvania electronic disease surveillance system pa nedss n.
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Pennsylvania Electronic Disease Surveillance System PA-NEDSS PowerPoint Presentation
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Pennsylvania Electronic Disease Surveillance System PA-NEDSS

Pennsylvania Electronic Disease Surveillance System PA-NEDSS

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Pennsylvania Electronic Disease Surveillance System PA-NEDSS

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  1. PennsylvaniaElectronic Disease Surveillance SystemPA-NEDSS Analysis & Reporting Training

  2. Analysis & Reporting - Overview Analysis & Reporting (A&R) gives users the ability to analyze the data in PA-NEDSS • Provides answers to questions in an easy to use manner that does not require detailed database knowledge • Allows data to be accessed based on program area and jurisdiction privileges (based on PA-NEDSS security access) • Allows data to be examined by different factors/ measures using the point-and-click method • Provides detailed information about patients, reports, investigations on-demand • Refreshed on a nightly basis • A&R data is stored separately from PA-NEDSS data

  3. A&R Terminology A&R functionality can be described using standard data warehousing concepts • Data Warehouse • Collection of historical point-in-time data from operational activities that are designed to be retrieved efficiently • Measure • A quantifiable data element indicating “how much” or “how many” • Number of investigations • Count of disease reports • Dimension • A qualitative grouping of data that describes a measure—answers “when, where, why, and who” • By disease • By time • Hierarchy • Represents an increasing level of detail within each dimension

  4. Benefits of the A&R Environment A&R provides specific benefits for Public Health Staff • Highly Flexible Environment • Ease of “pulling the data out” • Faster Response to Requests for Reports and Data • Reduction of staff effort to answer a question • Refocus Staff to Other Activities • Common Definitions for Business Terms and Data • Standardized Way of Approaching a Question • Identify the Effectiveness of Various Program Initiatives

  5. Accessing the A&R Environment A&R can be accessed via PA-NEDSS • Log on to PA-NEDSS at and click on the Analysis and Reporting tab. • A&R portal will open in a separate Web browser. • Users have access to reports and data for enhanced analysis based on geographic jurisdiction and program area. • All program areas are included in this release.

  6. Help in the A&R Environment Using Metadata - help information about the Analysis & Reporting capabilities By clicking on the Metadata icon within any cube, the PA-NEDSS A&R Metadata portal will open in a separate window. Enter a search term Brows search topics Modify User Options View Description of Data Element

  7. Obtaining Additional Information If You Need More Information About A&R… • Training documents used today can be accessed by logging into PA-NEDSS and clicking on the Training Materialslink found on the Welcome page • For help on how to approach local training, call 717.705.0096 • For general questions regarding A&R functionality, contact the NEDSS help desk call 717.783.9171 or email

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