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Fashion B Standard 13 Wardrobe

Fashion B Standard 13 Wardrobe. Created by Kris Caldwell Timpanogos High School. “The fashionable woman wears clothes, the clothes don’t wear her.” -Mary Quant. The Best Clothes for You. Projecting an image: What people remember about you Dress is a big part of your image

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Fashion B Standard 13 Wardrobe

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  1. Fashion B Standard 13Wardrobe Created by Kris Caldwell Timpanogos High School

  2. “The fashionable woman wears clothes, the clothes don’t wear her.” -Mary Quant

  3. The Best Clothes for You • Projecting an image: • What people remember about you • Dress is a big part of your image • Improving your image • Good grooming • Good posture (facial expressions, smile) • Hair style that suits you • Clothes fit properly

  4. Yin and Yang Traits • Yin and Yang traits combine personality and physical characteristics. They are described in ancient Chinese Cosmology. Cosmology deals with the order of the universe. Chinese philosophers used yin and yang to describe the opposite, but equally important forces that exist in the world.

  5. Yin Traits • Yin: Represents the passive, timid, and delicate elements of personality. Dominantly yin people are submissive, mild, and fragile. • Chinese cosmology pictures yin physical traits, such as being feminine and short including small bone structure, graceful features, delicate coloring, and soft, gentle speech. • Yin in clothing: graceful, fluid lines; intricate details; curves; soft, sheer fabrics.

  6. Yang Traits • Yang: Represents the active, rugged elements of personality. Dominantly yang people are forceful, aggressive, and strong. • Chinese cosmology pictures yang physical traits as being masculine and large with strong, prominent features. • Yang in clothing: bold designs; minimum detail, heavy textures; bold, chunky jewelry.

  7. Choosing the “right” clothes for you • Lifestyle • Activities you do and places you go • Clothes should fit your lifestyle • Wear clothing appropriate for the occasion • Climate • Need different clothes for different climates

  8. Choosing the “right” clothes for you • Community Standards • Influences the appropriateness of clothing • You should try to conform to community standards • Ex: Smaller communities are usually more conservative

  9. Benefits of choosing the “right” clothes for you • You can project your best self-image: You will look and feel your best. • You can save money: You save money by not making clothing mistakes. • You can gain flexibility: Planning and having mix-and-match garments will allow you to combine them in different ways to create many outfits.

  10. Wardrobe Planning • Basic Apparel: Garments that are worn most often and are the core of a person’s wardrobe. • Investment Dressing: Having several good quality garments that will last a long time and not go out of style (Classics)

  11. Wardrobe Planning • Extenders: Less expensive garments and accessories that can be mixed and matched with the basic apparel of a wardrobe to multiply the number of outfits. Aldo called multipliers. • Wardrobe Plan: A “blueprint” of action to be taken to update or complete a person’s wardrobe in the best way.

  12. Accessories • Accessories are the items you wear with your garments to create complete outfits. Some are functional as well as decorative. Examples of accessories are: Footwear Handbags Headwear Belts Scarves Neckties Handkerchiefs Jewelry Eyewear Hosiery

  13. Extenders • Once you have planned your basic apparel, consider less expensive garments and accessories to be your extenders. • Examples of extenders are: • Pants of an unusual texture • A patterned or quilted vest • A brightly colored turtleneck

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