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  1. Charge: • Your task is to develop core ideas/projects for an $8-10M ($1.25-1.5M per year for 5 years) NIH Center proposal. • Specifically, you should consider the following questions

  2. Molecular Imaging • Group Members Peter A. Dowben Yuri L, Lyubchenko Xiao Cheng Zeng Ron Cerny Stephen DiMagno Michael Boska

  3. Briefly describe the core projects your group would design for the Center. Please dream big. • We envision a comprehensive center that spans molecular biology, target identification, whole cell studies, small animal, large animal, human imaging. • Key new components of the facility include: centralized cell culture facility, an adjacent animal facility, cyclotron, preclinical PET/CT scanner, whole body MRI, small animal fluorescence scanner, imaging mass spectrometer. • Magnetic and electric dipolar molecules with functionalities not only as MRI agents BUT also magnetocaloric and inductive heating and cooling; nanoimaging characterization of the MRI agents; imaging liqand-protected metal nanoparticles, PET, radiochemistry facility (cyclotron). • “Donor’s Name” Institute for Translational Molecular Imaging

  4. Identify the key faculty from from both campuses to involve in these projects. Include their strengths. (UNMC on next slide) • UNL FacultyStrengths • Gruverman ferroelectrics Wai-Ning Mei (UNO) electronic structure theory R. Sabirianov (UNO) electronic structure theory L. Parkhurst, UNL Chemistry, fluoresence D. Sellmyer, UNL Physics, metal nanoparticles synthesis J. Shield, UNL Mech. Eng., nanoparticle characterization Stephen DiMagno 18F Radiotracer synthesis Chemistry (UNL) Electrical Engineering (UNL) Biomedical Engineering (UNL)

  5. Identify the key faculty from from both campuses to involve in these projects. Include their strengths. • UNMC Faculty Strengths Liu, Yutong MRI applications, Image processing Boska, Michael MRI applications Sajja, Bala Image processing Eppley Cancer Institute (UNMC) Molecular Biology/target ID Neurosciences (UNMC) Moleuclar/histology/animal models Cardiology (UNMC) Etc Radiology (UNMC) College of Pharmacy (UNMC)

  6. Identify external academic partners & expertise or equipment resources/strengths that are needed to accomplish these projects. Dana Farber Cancer Institute U. Missouri Medical Center Free University of Berlin (Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, FU Medical Center) University of Minnesota

  7. List potential industry/foundation partners (think broadly) and what they would contribute. Include reasons why they would be interested. Thermo Fischer Scienticfic Health Care GE Health Care Sigma Aldrich Epichem Luna Nova Cardinal Health Siemens

  8. Describe how you would link the Center to other campus resources. • MRI facilities • Nanoimaging core facility, UNMC • Nanoscience facility, UNL • Mass Spectrometry facility, UNL