cigie investigations committee faec annual conference november 27 2012 n.
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CIGIE Investigations Committee FAEC Annual Conference November 27, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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CIGIE Investigations Committee FAEC Annual Conference November 27, 2012

CIGIE Investigations Committee FAEC Annual Conference November 27, 2012

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CIGIE Investigations Committee FAEC Annual Conference November 27, 2012

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  1. CIGIE Investigations Committee FAEC Annual ConferenceNovember 27, 2012

    Carl Hoecker Inspector General, US Capitol Police Chair, CIGIE Investigations Committee
  2. Goals Investigations Update Investigative Process & Standards Audits/Investigations Collaboration Questions
  3. Investigations Update CIGIE Investigations Committee Role Advisory on Investigative Issues Establish Guidelines Manage Investigative Peer Review Process Training Content AIGI Committee
  4. Investigations Update Investigations Committee Activity Updated Quality Standards for Investigations Updated Investigative Peer Review Guide Established AIGI Training Subcommittee Suspension and Debarment Working Group
  5. Investigations Update Investigations Community 4,100 investigators FY 11: 5,531 Criminal Prosecutions, $4.8 Billion Joint Terrorism Task Forces, Procurement Task Forces, Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Actions Teams, and others. Cases: Health care, student loans, mortgage fraud,and even government conference abuses.
  6. Investigations Update Community (Continued) Forensic teams consisting of investigators, auditors, and other disciplines. July Settlement of a Drug Company $1 billion in criminal fines and forfeitures and $2 billion to resolve False Claims Act Six different OIGs (HHS, DOD, OPM, VA, DOL, Postal)
  7. Investigative Process & Standards Investigative Process  Predication  Investigation  Remedies  No Violation - Close Case
  8. Investigative Process & Standards Predication  Hotline Confidential Source Referral (Audit, External Agency) Proactive Investigative Efforts Other
  9. Investigative Process & Standards Investigation – My Definition Process of gathering facts, evidence, and information Solve and prevent violations of law, policy, or rule Focus on the actions or behavior of suspected person(s)
  10. Investigative Process & Standards Investigation (Evidence) Testimonial Witness Suspect Agent, Expert Activity  Documentary Private Sector Records - Subpoena Government Records - IG access Digital Evidence
  11. Investigative Process & Standards Remedies  Criminal (Conviction and Money) Civil (Money) Administrative (Discipline, Termination)
  12. Investigative Process & Standards Investigative Standards CIGIE Guidance Attorney General Guidelines Federal Law and Rules Law Enforcement Practices
  13. Investigative Process & Standards CIGIE Guidance Quality Standards for Investigations  Undercover Guideline Quality Assurance Review
  14. Investigative Process & Standards Attorney General Guidelines  For Offices of Inspector General with Statutory Law Enforcement Authority For Domestic FBI Operations Regarding The Use Of Confidential Informants US Attorney’s Office
  15. Investigative Process & Standards Federal Law and Rules Criminal Civil Case Law Federal Rules of Evidence
  16. Investigative Process & Standards Most Common Crimes  False Statements False Claims Theft
  17. Investigative Process & Standards False Claims Act Civil Matter Qui Tam Treble damages
  18. Investigative Process & Standards Federal Law and Rules Case Law Federal Rules of Evidence
  19. Investigative Process & Standards Law Enforcement Practices Officer and Public Safety DOJ Use of Force Operation Plan for LE actions OIG Investigative Manual
  20. Audit Expertise for Investigations Determine Monetary Damages and Losses Identify Flow of Funds / Comingled Contract or Grant Noncompliance Anomalies and Patterns of Behavior Financial Statement or Program
  21. Investigations Assistance to Audits IG Subpoena Language  Audit Planning Programs at Risk Historical Program Investigations Individual Audit Risk Assessment during planning phase Red Flags during Audit
  22. Questions ? Carl Hoecker Inspector General US Capitol Police 202-593-4555