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Nancy Shotts

Nancy Shotts

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Nancy Shotts

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  1. NancyShotts Hello! Welcome to my slide show. This will be a brief snapshot into my life! I’ll try to sum up the major points!

  2. I’ll start by introducing my wonderful husband Dan ! He is truly my very best friend and we enjoy doing so many things together…. A few of them are in the pictures that you see! (band chaperoning, biking in Colorado, going to B&B’s across the country, and my personal favorite, going to beaches!

  3. Our Family

  4. We’re so proud of our daughter-in-law, Dr. Amanda Shotts, D.V.M. Beautiful moment for a mom…. dancing with my son Nathan at his wedding! Another happy and proud moment…my son Jonathan’s graduation from college! And this is my beautiful daughter Amanda!! (yes, there are two Amanda Shotts in our family!)

  5. And here is the rest of the family…… Meet Shadow the queen of the castle who is on her 9th life! This is Scarlet and Last Chance our 90 lb. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs who are partners in crime in destroying our back yard!

  6. One of the recent highlights of my life was a trip to Guatemala with my husband. He works for Camino Global and we had the privilege of visiting missionaries and experiencing firsthand part of this ministry to Spanish speaking peoples of the world. These pictures capture some of the highlights – Casita Benjamin, Lake Atitlan, Seteca, Santiago, and Antigua.

  7. I’ve been privileged to be a music educator for over 30 years! I’ve had a private piano studio, taught elementary music, as well as middle school and high school choir! These jobs have involved multiple recitals, concerts, competitions, and trips, all of which have allowed me the opportunity to invest in the lives of my students.

  8. I am very excited about my new job in Dallas ISD teaching piano at Greiner Middle School Exploratory Arts Academy!

  9. My leadership story has certainly taken many twists and turns along the way, but I’ve learned from the many experiences and people that God has put in my path. All of it is part of His plan for me. And now, for the next part of the journey……………….

  10. I’m excited about the leadership challenges ahead!