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  1. Russell Hotel Scary Hotel……… AE 202 NO.21

  2. Why I choose this hotel ? Perhaps , I don’t know what hotel I should pick. So, I search “World Top 10 Horror Hotel”. Soon, I found this hotel ”RusselHotel“which is in Australia.

  3. Story It's one of the best positioned(locatoin) hotels in the country . The hotel was formerly a sailor‘s hostel(宿舍), an old sailor lived here before. Room 8 is the one for those who ain't afraid of no ghost. Past guests have described seeing the spectral seaman just standing there, staring at them. Staff have reported the sound of someone walking at night over creaky(喀喀作響) floorboards, But ! NO – ONE there.

  4. Email Q&A Hello,The Russell Hotel. My beautiful wife,Irene, and I are planning to go to Australia to have our 30th wedding anniversary. I hear that your hotel has some haunted events, and I think it will be a very special for us. Therefore, I hope to make a surprise to my wife in your hotel. Do you have any suggestions or plans? I want to give her a unforgettable wedding anniversary. And,I want to have a romantic candlelight dinner. If you prepare all for me,I will very glad and grateful. Hope to get your reply as soon as possible !

  5. Reply from hotel Hi there, Thank you for your interest in The Russell Hotel for your wedding anniversary! We are a small boutique hotel in The Rocks and there have definitely been sightings of ghosts in different parts of the hotel. Perhaps a Rocks Ghost Tour might interest you? See the following link for more information about the tour and let us know if you're interested in our Ghost Tour package.  For a romantic dinner we would recommend the Russell Wine Bar downstairs, where you can send all charges back to your room account and pay on departure. It can become quite noisy though, so we are happy to help book a restaurant for you if you wish. We don't have the space or faciities in rooms to organise a candlelit dinner at this stage.

  6. Q & A ! 1.What thing about the hotel interst me ? And how about you ? Ans. THE GHOST 2.Will the hotel prepare a candlelight dinner for me ? Ans. NO,they won’t 3.Who is ghost in the hotel,and what will it do ? Ans. It’s an old sailor. It will staring at people in the hotel.

  7. The End~