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PISD Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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PISD Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan

PISD Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan

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PISD Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan

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  1. PISD Comprehensive Professional LearningPlan

  2. Purpose of Professional Learning Engage every educator in on-going, effective professional learning so that every student achieves. Each Child, Their Future, Our World

  3. Effective professional development is not about meeting the requirements of a list; it is about carefully considering and planning according to desired outcomes and standards that will contribute to that success. Stephanie Hirsh Executive Director of the National Staff Development Council

  4. Task Force Charge • Develop a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan for PISD to form an agreed upon set of teacher competencies using • PISD Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning • National Staff Development Council (NSDC) standards • Develop framework for PISD Summer Professional Learning Conference.

  5. Tere Ralston Devin Padavil Daniel Garcia Paula Gamble Carol Trovall Lisa Sparkman Chico Portillo Katey Arrington Russell Larson Sara Lucas Laurie Shaw Greg Vidal Rhanda Schrank Cindy Wright Rachelle Warren Debby Krueger Barbara Gideon Professional Learning Task Force

  6. Task Force Goals • Assure that every educator engages in professional learning every day so every student learns • Strengthen PISD culture of continuous learning • Develop agreed upon classroom competencies • Establish PISD best practice agreements • Move away from “seat time” to classroom implementation • Provide professional learning to assist in accomplishing these goals

  7. In order to implement the Framework for Teaching and Learning….. • What are all students expected to know and be able to do? • What do educators need to do to ensure students all achieve those things?

  8. Purpose • PISD common curriculum documents provide the “what” of instruction. • District conversation about quality instruction allows us to agree on “how” instruction is delivered. • Professional learning equips the adults to create the conditions in which young people are successful learners.

  9. Professional Learning Website

  10. Professional Learning Standards • Operations • Relationships • Content • Instruction • Problem Solving/Leadership Every campus and department participated Great uniformity in suggested standards Developed by consensus Established expectations of all teachers

  11. Teacher Choice Rubric • Each teacher self assesses using the Professional Learning Standards- by grade band and content area • Develops individual plan • Reviews with campus administrator • All district Professional Learning keyed to the standards • Multiple means fostering Professional Learning

  12. Beyond workshops Professional Learning is expanded to include -Professional Learning Communities -Curriculum writing and review -Focused series of “classes” to complete a “course -Instructional coaching -Book studies -Action research -Mentoring -E Learning opportunities TEA Project Share Wikis Blogs On-line courses

  13. Summer 2010 PISD Returning Teachers • 6 hours of learning required by October 31 • August 3-13 at PHS New to PISD • 18 hours required • August 9-13 at PHS • Prescribing Learning Plan by assignment New to Profession • 30 hours required • August 9-13 at PHS • Prescribing Learning Plan by assignment

  14. Each Child, Their Future, Our World Successful professional development includes a combination of experiences that empowers • individual educators • educational teams • the educational organization to improve curriculum, instruction, and student assessment in order to facilitate student growth. Stephen Gordon, 2004