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Annual National Conference 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual National Conference 2012

Annual National Conference 2012

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Annual National Conference 2012

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  1. Annual National Conference 2012 Delta London Armouries Hotel “Going Green in the Forest City”

  2. Education and Learning Thursday, May 3, 2012 • Allison Graham, Business Cards to Business Relationships: How to Build the Ultimate Network Highlights: Allison presented on the 7 steps to making the conference worthwhile by networking effectively. Allison is an expert in personal branding and profitable networking, and has had the opportunity to work with many of Canada’s most prominent companies, financial institutions, and associations.

  3. Education and Learning Friday, May 4, 2012 • Dr. Hamid Faridi, McCormick’s Spices for Health • Highlights: Spices have a long history of use. In the past, spices were considered a ‘super food’ with magical medicinal power. Extremely rich in antioxidants, spices can also help you eat healthier with their use in recipes to allow for a reduction in fat, sugar and salt.

  4. Education and Learning Friday, May 4, 2012 • Elisa Wilson & Brendon Wylie-Toal, Going Green in Healthcare/Foodservices Highlights: Healthcare institutions need to focus on being the healthiest environments in which to work, offering the healthiest food to staff and patients while having a positive effect on the environment. We can all work to make our environment more ‘green’ by asking questions, being informed, and sharing successes with your community!

  5. Education and Learning Friday, May 4, 2012 • Samara Foisy & Katie Jessop, Turning Policy into Practice – Heart & Stroke Foundation Highlights: Developed in 1999, Health Check is the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s food information program designed to help Canadian’s make wise food choices in grocery stores and restaurants. The Health Check symbol means that the food item has met nutrient Criteria and is reviewed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Registered Dietitians. Over 1500 restaurants across Canada now have Health Check on their menus!

  6. Education and Learning Friday, May 4, 2012 • Chef D –TheAllure of Seductive Flavours Highlights: Chef D prepared a delicious salad and a mushroom lavender soup that was enjoyed by delegates. Chef D’s recipes have been featured in Canadian Living and Foodservice and Hospitality’s magazine, Chef’s Corner among many others!

  7. Education and Learning Saturday, May 5, 2012 • Bernadette Erb, From A Couple of Squares to a Couple of Million Cookies • Highlights: A Couple of Squares Inc. located in London, ON is a Canadian-ownedbakery.Thiscompany’sknowledge of baking, design and customer service shinesthroughwithevery cookie theycreate. Theybelieve in changing and evolving to meet consumer needs, having a passion, and a strategy.

  8. Education and Learning Saturday, May 5, 2012 • Nancy Hewitt, Ontario GreenhouseVegetableGrowers • Highlights: Formed in 1967, the Ontario GreenhouseVegetableGrowers (OGVG) represents more than 220 memberswhoproducegreenhousetomatoes, cucumbers, and bellpeppers on 2, 067 acres in Ontario, Canada. OGVG’s vision is: ‘That ourproducers have continualopportunity to succeed’.

  9. Meetings Business meetings which take place at the National Conference include. . . • National Executive & Past Presidents’ Advisory Meeting • CAFP Branch Presidents/National Directors Meeting • CFE Committee Meeting • Branch Presidents / Executive Meeting • Membership / Marketing Meeting • Treasurers’ Meeting • CAFP Student Members' Meeting • CAFP Business Meeting & Annual General Meeting • CAFP National Executive Meeting

  10. Social Events & Networking Banting House Tour The Banting House National Historic Site of Canada celebrates the life, career, and achievements of Sir Frederick Banting. Delegates had the opportunity to tour the museum.

  11. Social Events & Networking • Labatt’sBrewery Site Tour & Dinner The Labatt Brewing Company in London, ON produces approximately 40% of all the beer brewed in Canada – it is the largest brewer in Canada. Delegates were given a 2 hour tour which included a walkthrough of the brew house, as well as the fermenting, ageing, and packaging areas…and a tasting!

  12. Hospitality Suites

  13. Hospitality Suites

  14. Awards and Luncheons • CFE Awards Luncheon & Official Opening The CFE program promotes continuous learning, professional development and contribution to advancement of the industry within the community in which we live and serve. Congratulations to our 2012 recipients! New CFE recipients were Ken Upton (Calgary), Donna Andriats (Edmonton), Melissa Barry (Halifax/Dartmouth), Leesa Franklin (Ottawa), and Phil Saunders (Toronto). Patricia Myatt received her CFE diamond award; the highest CAFP honour to be achieved. Student CFE honours went to Kathryn Morgan (London) and Darrin Mah(Vancouver). Sponsored by:

  15. ARAMARK Gold Plate & Student Awards Luncheon Sponsored by:

  16. General Awards Luncheon The CAFP Toronto Branch was recognized for their outstanding initiatives in education and student development. William Chan and Brenda Hanlon, CFE were the recipients of the National President’s Awards for their commitment and outstanding leadership in the association. Sponsored by:

  17. 2012 Food Executive of the Year • Sponsored by: Tom Mitchell, CFE Congratulations!

  18. 2012-2013 National Executive

  19. National President’s Gala • The President's Dinner Celebration • Presentation of the Sara Lee FEY • Greeting Exchange • Formal Gala and Entertainment

  20. National President’s Gala • Saturday May 5, 2012

  21. National President’s Gala

  22. President’s Gala Entertainment The President’s Gala Entertainment featured Nicholas Wallace – magician, Illusionist and mind reader. Nicholas had delegates’ undivided attention as he delivered his magic show! Nicholas is the current Canadian Champion of Magic!

  23. 2013 Vancouver Conference 39th ANNUAL CONFERENCE Vancouver, British Columbia Changing Perspectives May 29th – June 2nd, 2013

  24. 2013 Vancouver Conference • Changing Perspectives • Fresh look • New ideas • Different approach • Dare to Dream • Food experiences • Thought provoking

  25. 2013 Vancouver Conference • Educational Topics • Changing Perspective of Social Media • Water, Water, Water… • Oceanwise Seafood • “An Afternoon of Decadence” • A Healthier, Happier You • Activities • A variety of great tours! 39th ANNUAL CONFERENCE Vancouver, British Columbia Changing Perspectives May 29th – June 2nd, 2013

  26. 2013 Vancouver Conference Accommodations at the Delta Vancouver Airport

  27. 2013 Vancouver Conference Mark your Calendar Wednesday, May 29th through Sunday, June 2nd 2013 You won’t want to miss this! See you in Vancouver!

  28. National Sponsors