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Company Information

Company Information

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Company Information

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  1. Company Information • Canadian Diamond Traders (CDT) is registered with: • The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada • (look for us in the members directory among other reputable companies: • • The Ontario Management Board of Cabinet • – Registered by a government-level notary following a complete review • – Business model also reviewed by a criminal lawyer International businesses and solicitors may call the Ontario Management Board of Cabinet to confirm that CDT is registered as a legitimate business.

  2. Company Information • Two years in business in Canada as diamond wholesalers marketing successfully to brokers and jewelers • This debt-free company is located in Toronto, Canada • The Principal founders of the company are closely affiliated with diamond mine owners around the world, and the Director of Research & Development is J. (Jay) Waterman • Principal lawyer is a Government-Level Queen’s Counselor) • Program also reviewed by a criminal lawyer • In December 2004 CDT launched a $500 USD Diamond Trading Program, and in May 2005 launched a $100 USD Feeder Program to allow EVERYONE to participate

  3. CDT Presentation Room “CDT holds weekly public presentations every Monday and Wednesday at their offices.”

  4. CDT Reception Area “People may go directly to CDT to register or pickup their checks and diamonds. Anyone may use the facilities to do presentations in the presentation room, or have meetings in the board room, or simply to sign people up in the program.”

  5. Program Overview (3000% Return) $4000 $3000 Cash $100 $800 $500 $300 pays for a diamond(Canary Yellow or Polar Blue) $1000 pays for a diamond (Plus 2 Diamonds)

  6. 3 Systems To Ensure Your Success • We recommend that you sponsor 2 or more people (workers) as early as possible. • We have a Freebee system to help you succeed even if you’re unable to sponsor your 2 workers. • We have a Follow-the-Leader system to provide up-line support KIM YOU JOHN PAM In Cycle Example: Kim sponsored You.

  7. Potential Income Projections This Table is for illustration purposes only. Not a guarantee or indication of your income. Your results may vary. It takes work and consistent effort to make income in our program * Assuming you re-enter with $500 every time you cycle out. All amounts are USD ** Based on approximate appraised value of the diamonds ($2,500 USD)

  8. Attributes of the Program • Both the $100 and the $500 programs are a one-time out of pocket expense. • No products to buy. • No monthly auto-shipment • No inventory • No monthly sales requirement • Simple compensation plan (easy to calculate)

  9. Convenient Payment Methods • Cash payment • Credit card payment • Interac payment • Direct Deposit payment • Certified check payment • Money order payment • Internet banking bill payment • Telephone banking bill payment • Interac Email Money Transfer payment • Western Union/Money Gram

  10. Diamond Appraisal • Our diamonds are appraised by the largest ACCREDITED diamond appraisal laboratory in Canada – Gem Scan International is ISO 9001 Registered

  11. Additional Benefits Unique Freebee System: Is systematically designed to ensure that all members become a Diamond Collector. 680 News: Advertising on this all-new radio station allows us to build a name you can trust (branding), and also generate company-sponsored Freebees. Money Back Guarantee: If you personally sponsor two workers within one year, but do not become a Collector within two years, CDT will refund your investment in full. Membership Benefits: Receive 10% off the wholesale price of any loose diamond purchased at CDT.

  12. Program Review • 2 Workers / Freebee / FTL • If you are unable to get your 2 Workers we have a Freebee System, and if you are still unsuccessful we have the Follow-the-leader system. • Revolving System • Our system revolves so that the people at the top go to the bottom pushing the people at the bottom up to the top. • Product is a Valuable Diamond • You cannot find a better price for these diamonds unless you buy it stolen. • Internet-Based (International Access) • The whole world is our customer base. We have customers in Israel, Poland, India, England, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia and a growing number of other countries. • Financing (available only in Toronto, Canada) • If you cannot come up with the US$500 to go into the Network System our creditors will lend you the US$500 dollars without a job or credit check, provided you bring at least 1 other person with their US$500. • Repeat Customers • Everyone re-enters the program after cycling out. • Credibility (Government-level)/ Ethics • We are registered with the American Chamber of Commerce as well as Notarized by a Government –level lawyer and registered with the Ontario Management Board of Cabinet (Government).

  13. Coming Soon • Online processing and payment (24/7) • Help desk (24/7) • Animated Video Infomercial for advertising on TV, DVD, and Website • Extended radio and TV advertising for Brand Name recognition • Conference calls for new people and training for members

  14. Concluding Questions • Do you have Investments? • Can you consistently get 600% return? • Do you have a Bank Account? • What does your money do for you in the bank? • Is this a Typical MLM? • Most MLM’s are not cyclic, therefore they will eventually come to an end. Our Diamond Trading Program is cyclic. • As more people enter other programs the cycle time increases, but in our program it decreases. • Our program is designed so that every time you cycle it gets faster and faster. • Most other programs don’t allow you to purchase multiple positions or allow stacking, but in our program you can • Is this a Fair System? • Then if you think it’s a fair system your people will too. What do you think you should you do when you see a Good Opportunity? JUST DO IT!

  15. C.D.T. Mission Statement We are committed to changing lives and enhancing lifestyles.