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Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, PowerPoint Presentation
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Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses,

Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses,

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Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses,

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  1. Assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) for Local Emergency Management INSERT DATE INSERT Location

  2. Introductions and Agenda • Agenda • Purpose and Goals of this meeting • The Context of Emergency Management • Guided discussion of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and hindrances (threats) • Wrap up and identification of possible action items

  3. Purpose of This Meeting • This meeting is one of many similar meetings being conducted around the State so the statewide network of Emergency Management professionals can: 1) Develop a baseline understanding of the current status of Emergency Management from the perspective of local stakeholders, and 2) Consolidate insights from across the State to identify commonalities and unique characteristics that may need specific attention.

  4. Goals/Milestones of This Meeting • Identify and discuss the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) with respect to our local Emergency Management. • Identify action items that will improve our Emergency Management.

  5. The Context of Emergency Management:Always part of something bigger

  6. County

  7. PETRegion The Planning, Exercise, and Training (PET) Regions

  8. Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) VISION: The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency will be a nationally recognized Agency that ensures that Nebraska is prepared to meet any disaster, hazard or emergency threatening our State. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to attain and maintain the principles of emergency management in providing the highest quality of support to the citizens of Nebraska. PHILOSOPHY Because every emergency occurs at the local level, local officials must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively, especially in the initial phase of a disaster before State government can provide supplemental assistance. NEMA will provide technical advice and support to assist local government in accomplishing these responsibilities.

  9. Nebraska Statewide Emergency Management

  10. How Planning Activities Fit Together Today’s SWOT Discussion is part of the assessment process

  11. SWOT Activity - Discussion General comments will be recorded without names attached to them Discussion will proceed in this order: • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats (Hindrances) • Summing it up

  12. Strengths • What strengths does your community have with respect to Emergency Management? • What are you proud of? • What things make you think “We’re successful here”?

  13. Weaknesses • What weaknesses does your community have with respect to Emergency Management? • What do we think could be done better? • What keeps us from doing what we think needs to be done?

  14. Opportunities • What opportunities does your community have with respect to Emergency Management? • Do we have positive momentum, and if so, where can it take us? If not, where can we create it? • How do we fit into a larger Emergency Management framework, and what does/could that mean for us in terms of opportunities?

  15. Threats (Hindrances) • What threats (hindrances)does your community have with respect to Emergency Management? • What hinders or gets in the way of your community’s ability to meet your emergency management goals? • What is occurring now, or perhaps on the horizon, that will impact your ability to meet your Emergency Management goals?

  16. Summary Comments • Were there any themes or topics that seem to keep rising to the top of the conversation? • What do we want other communities to learn from us? • What do we hope we might learn from other communities?