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IdeaGarden – Your Garden

IdeaGarden – Your Garden. Craig Clark, DTE Terrie Rust, DTE Mike Fitzgerald, DTE.

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IdeaGarden – Your Garden

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  1. IdeaGarden – Your Garden Craig Clark, DTE Terrie Rust, DTE Mike Fitzgerald, DTE Session Description: The IdeaGarden is YOUR garden. Come visit to share your experiences,  your successes and your fellowship with fellow Gardeners. Learn what the Garden can do for you! - Open to all- March 28, 2014 2– 2:50 PM

  2. Please NEATLY share on the index card the following information Front Side of Card Name _____________________________________________ School _____________________________________________ State ______________________________________________ Email Address ________________________________________ Share Your IdeaGarden Status • Seedling Never been to the Garden • Sapling New to the Garden • Plant Veteran to the Garden Back Side of Card Please share a professional, technical, or teaching question that you need help with OR that you would like to learn more about

  3. EST 1991

  4. Goals In this session we will share the following: • Who we are & what we do • What you get & where it lives • You can play, too! 2 ways to join • Getting started • Stump the Garden – fun and games • Wrap it up

  5. Who we are! Est. 2002 • Some Gardeners plant seeds • Some Gardeners are hunters and gatherers • Some Gardeners are users • Some Gardeners are lurkers All of us together are a happy assorted bunch of fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers and weeds. Together we find ways to help each other suc-seed!

  6. What we do! Est. 2001 Gardeners often make a “call for help” to gain support, ideas. Gardeners post “useful” leads, tips, ideas, and best practice tricks Gardeners are a “social” networking bunch Gardeners are “all knowing” due to our extended family of crowd-sourced interests and talents If the Garden does not know, we typically know someone, who knows someone, that knows someone

  7. You can, too! It’s easy to join and there are 2 ways to do it Select Members Only; enter email and member number or password

  8. You can, too! It’s easy to join and there are 2 ways to do it The Networking Way

  9. You can, too! It’s easy to join Find the “Subscribe” link

  10. You can too! It’s easy to join Set your preferences and select subscribe

  11. What you get!

  12. Where it lives!

  13. Where it lives!

  14. Getting started In a short time you will begin to receive support from your professional colleagues! Think of what you post as a crowd- sourced benefit. If it may be of benefit in curriculum, instruction, general knowledge or pedagogy, then what you share is very likely a good thing to post. Etiquette • If you are interested, join in& respond. • If you have a need or question, ask. • Be a lurker. It is OK. We will not tell. • Or, be a deleter. We do not mind. • If you think it might be objectionable, it probably is. If in doubt, do not post it. Remember: we love the flowers AND the weeds in the IdeaGarden!

  15. Stump the Garden Game Show Rules Three judges from the audience will be selected A card from the audience will be selected by a moderator and the author will join the moderator as it is read out loud. Anyone can buzz in by yelling “buzz” to answer the question Prize awarded if the answer impresses the judges. The judge may choose to select from prize box A or prize box B. If the answer is not answered satisfactorily, it may be determined as a stump. If the moderators and audience are stumped, the owner of the question will gain a prize from BOTH prize box A and prize box B. Remember that this is a game. It is intended to be fun. Prizes may be traded with each other or for any remaining prizes upon the conclusion of the session.

  16. Stump the Garden • IdeaGarden LIVE – The Game Show! Insert contestant name here Come on down! Please join us on stage! Name Employer/School State Share your IdeaGarden status (seedling, sapling, or plant) What is your question?

  17. Wrap it up

  18. More helpful ITEEA resources From the Members Only page, you can access the Online Library where you will find: • Current and past copies of the TET journal • PPTs from past conferences • White papers • Lesson plans • Standards documents

  19. See you next year in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin CenterThank you for joining our family today!

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