i am a community health nurse n.
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I am a Community Health Nurse PowerPoint Presentation
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I am a Community Health Nurse

I am a Community Health Nurse

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I am a Community Health Nurse

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  1. I am aCommunity Health Nurse A package for Community Health Nurse practitioners in Western Australia • The Community Health Nurse Western Australia Inc. • March 2004 • Revised and created in PowerPoint by Hilary Giles

  2. Chris Vye 2003

  3. Who I am • My name is • I am a registered nurse, with post registration qualifications in ****** • I have gained experience working in many different areas including ****** • My special interests are *****

  4. My community is • The community that I cover is…….

  5. My community is • I see my community as having these characteristics

  6. My community is • My clients are

  7. Chris Vye 2003

  8. Community Health Nurse Practice • Is focussed on wellness not sickness. • Is focussed on prevention not just treatment of problems. • Is focussed on assisting people and communities make their own decisions regarding health care. • Is focussed on assisting those with existing health conditions to maximise their potential and prevent deterioration if possible.

  9. Community Health Nurse Practice • Is based in the community in a range of settings, wherever there is a need for support, information and education. • Responds to public health needs in relation to communicable diseases.

  10. Chris Vye 2003

  11. Community Health Nurse Practice • Has the whole community as their client, as well as groups, families and individuals. • Recognises the impact of life course and social determinants of health and works in partnership with the community to address these.

  12. Community Health Nurse Practice • Utilises the primary health care philosophy to guide practice. • Has a specialised body of knowledge which reflects current research and evidence based practice.

  13. Community Health Nurse Practice • Community health nurses recognise health as “ a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity” W.H.O. • Community health nurses deal with clients in a holistic manner, working with them wherever they are on the health – illness continuum.

  14. What guides our practice We recognise we must identify the needs of the community as well as individuals and groups, as a healthy community supports and empowers individuals to develop and maintain life long healthy lifestyles and choices. Many health issues require a community wide approach and a community involvement in solving them.

  15. What guides our practice Communities are unique and dynamic with a variety of norms, cultures and value systems. Community health nurses are creative and adapt their practice to respond to the needs of each community and groups and individual clients who are members of that community.

  16. What guides our practice • Communities need continuous monitoring of the overall health status of the community as well as responses to episodic health needs.

  17. What is different about our practice • Community health nurse practice, by the nature of the work setting, requires autonomy, self-direction and use of a high level of professional judgement.

  18. What is different about our practice • Community health nurses interact with a wide range of both professional and non professional people within the community and must have a variety of interpersonal skills.

  19. In my community my role is • To promote health and health behaviour in the community • To act as a health resource person for the community

  20. In my community my role is • To identify health issues which may impact on the well-being of individuals, families, groups and communities. • To refer identified health issues to appropriate agencies and ensure co-ordination of care occurs