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By: Abby Torgerson

By: Abby Torgerson

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By: Abby Torgerson

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  1. RAIN FOREST • By: Abby Torgerson

  2. 1. What is causing the rainforests of Africa to Disappear? What percent of the rainforests are already gone? • 90% of Africa’s rainforest is gone People are cutting the tree down to sell.

  3. 2. What is the name of the tribe that lives in the rainforest? Describe some of their customs. • He tribe that lives in the rainforest is called the Baka. They are also known as “Pygmies.” They hunt and gather food and believe that the rainforest is their parent and provides everything for them.

  4. 3. Meat is easier to come by in the United States than in the rainforests. List all the different animals they get meat. Elephants, okapi, monkeys, hippos, and okapi are meat that comes to United States

  5. 4. List and describe different animals • Gorillas-The best known of Africa's three gorilla species is the mountain gorilla, an endangered animal that lives in the montane rainforests and bamboo forests around Rwanda and Congo-Kinshasa's Lake Kivu. • PYGMY HIPPOPOTAMUS- A native of West Africa, the pygmy hippopotamus lives exclusively in the lowland and wet forests between Sierra Leone and CÙte d'Ivoire's Bandama River.

  6. 5. One plant in the rainforest is used widely throughout the world; in fact you may have some of it in your house. What is the name of the plant? Describe it. • The Oil Palm Trees, everyone probably has some. You can use wood to build your house, fire logs excreta.

  7. 6. What is the climate like in the rainforest? Average rainfall? Average temperature? • The average temperature in the rainforest is 80 degrees, the average rainfall is 63-79 inches a year. The climate of the rainforest is sunny and wet to

  8. 7. List the countries that have rainforests in them? • Burundi • Cameroon . Nigeria • Congo Kinshasa • Rwanda • Sierra Leone • Ghana • Guinea • Liberia • Central African Republic • Cote d’lvoire • Congo Brazzaville • Equatorial Guinea • Gabon

  9. 8. What is the main reason the rainforests are being cut down? • People cut down the rainforest because they sell the wood to people around the world.

  10. 9. The African rainforest grows in the Congo River basin. What large river runs through the basin? • The Congo River goes through the basin

  11. 10. The Congo River goes through the basin OIL PALM A native of West and Central Africa, the oil palm accounts for roughly 14 percent of all theMAHOGANY Mahogany is one of the most commercially popular woods from the African rainforest OKOUMÈ Found only in Central Africa, okoumÈ accounts for 90 percent of the trees logged in Gabon's rainforests