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The Rose Prince

The Rose Prince

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The Rose Prince

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  1. The Rose Prince By Elizabeth Burnett

  2. Once upon a time there lived a king, queen, and prince. The prince had brown hair and a royal outfit. He had always wanted a princess to marry, but he could never find one.

  3. . One day he sent out his servants to find one, but they would always come back and say, “No luck, sorry.” But one day, the prince went out into his garden to pick a vase of lovely flowers, and suddenly he fell through a hole in the ground.

  4. . And there, right in front of him, was a whole village of fairies. Then one of them stopped and flew over to him and said, “How did you get down here?” “Well, I don’t really know,” said the prince. “Well we are the granting fairies, we grant wishes,” said the fairy.

  5. “Oh,” said the prince. “I wish that I will meet a beautiful princess and marry her.” “Oh I am soooo sorry, but we do not know how to grant that wish yet. But we do know of a princess that lives far in the deep woods and that is very beautiful. “

  6. “There is only one problem. There are ten-foot-tall monsters that guard her. And she has been waiting to run away and find a prince, but she is asleep and can’t wake up unless a real prince puts a rose in her hand. Then she will wake up and marry the prince that has defeated the huge monsters and put a rose in her hand.”

  7. So then the prince went to fetch a vase, and to go far away into the woods. There stood three ten-foot-tall monsters guarding the princess. He said to himself, “I can do it.”

  8. And then it happened. He dashed through the monsters and put the rose in the princess’ hand. She woke up, the prince picked her up, they got on the horse, and then they rode to the palace.

  9. Then the wedding was held, and it was a grand one, too.

  10. And they lived happily ever after.