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Update on FY14 Budget Implementation Dept. of Housing and Community Development

Update on FY14 Budget Implementation Dept. of Housing and Community Development. October, 29 2013. FY14 Budget Implementation. Key Program Changes Additional resources for HomeBASE Rental Assistance (HBRA) transition f amilies

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Update on FY14 Budget Implementation Dept. of Housing and Community Development

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  1. Update on FY14 Budget ImplementationDept. of Housing and Community Development October, 29 2013

  2. FY14 Budget Implementation • Key Program Changes • Additional resources for HomeBASE Rental Assistance (HBRA) transition families • RAFT Short-Term Temporary Accommodations for families at imminent risk of homelessness • MRVP increase with targeted vouchers to disabled families transitioning from HBRA • Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund

  3. Update on HomeBASE Transition Overall Numbers Overall goal is to assist families with a stable tenancy and to minimize entrance to emergency shelter (no more than 20% entry into EA) Of 5,395 families, 1,326 have transitioned off rental assistance in July, August, and September Of these families, 83% remain housed or have successfully relocated and 17% entered the shelter system. In September, the return rate to shelter was 9.7%. Regulations/Guidance Issued Emergency regulations (early August) Notice to local housing authorities regarding preferences (July 31) Guidelines for Household Assistance (August 1) Guidelines to RAAs regarding EA eligibility (September 26)

  4. Update on HomeBASE Transition Key Activities Intensive case management continues with all families Engaged Community Action Agencies to provide job training and other supports and have continued Secure Jobs Initiative Hotline has received more than 750 calls since it started in late June Fully implemented a streamlined system for central office processing of EA applications Letters regarding MRVP were mailed to all families on Sept. 17. A lottery will be held in early November to select 500 households to receive the vouchers. As of Oct. 23, 821 completed applications have been received. 628 families or 47% received Household Assistance through Oct. 23. Only a few families have applied for RAFT.

  5. Residential Assistance for Families in Transition RAFT RAFT providers began receiving applications on August 1. Through Oct. 23, 802 families were approved. Seven Day Temporary Emergency Accommodations Eligibility: --Families who appear to have incomes that do not exceed 150% of federal poverty level --Are not eligible for emergency shelter --Provide credible written statements or credible evidence that they are within 24 hours of staying in a place not fit for human habitation Referrals began on September 3. Through Oct 23, 276 families were placed costing $251,160. Almost all families stayed the full 7 days. Of those exiting through 9/30/13: -- 53% went to EA -- 36% “left on their own” -- 11% received RAFT

  6. Mass. Rental Voucher Program Process for providing 500 MRVPs to families in shelter with longer lengths of stays began September 9. Approximately 270 vouchers have been issued as of Oct. 23. Process is underway for providing 500 MRVPs to HomeBASE families transitioning off rental assistance (must have a disability) Up to 350 project-based vouchers to be issued this fiscal year (Rental Round, SIF, Supportive Housing) Will be increasing administrative fee of housing agencies from $32.50 to $40 per unit/per month, effective January 1, 2014 Proposal to upgrade database and information systems and hiring of additional staff Other adjustments under consideration, including rent adjustments of tenant-based and project-based vouchers, would require more funding

  7. Responses to Increase in Emergency Assistance Entries to emergency shelter increased by 70% in July, August, and September, compared to monthly averages in FY13 Congregate Expansion Increasing congregate capacity by more than 400 beds As of Oct. 23, 108 new beds have been added and a total of 395 will be brought on line by Dec. 31 By Region: --Boston: 159 --North Shore: 72 --Western MA: 104 --Metro Boston/Central: 68 --South Shore: 31 Converting scattered site to co-sheltering units when feasible

  8. Responses to Increase in Emergency Assistance Motel Outreach and Rehousing Increased staffing of RAAs to have daily presence in motels Hired 3 new field staff for motel outreach DHCD internal team is making regular visits to motels to meet with families Cross agency teams (DHCD, DCF, DPH) are making weekly visits to motels Intake and Appeals Appointed Alvina Brevard as new Acting Director of Field Offices Hired 8 new staff to focus on intake and appeals Ensuring coverage in South Coast field offices

  9. Responses to Increase in Emergency Assistance Diversions Increased emphasis on front door diversions using $4,000 of HomeBASE Household Assistance Co-location of RAA staff at key local DTA offices Shelter Exits On site visits to all shelter providers to focus on strategy 500 exits using MRVP Continuing to promote use of $4,000 of Household Assistance

  10. Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust $10M from Net Consolidated Surplus is expected to be deposited after final deficiency budget is enacted One-time capital investments to create 150 units of permanent supportive housing towards the goal of 1,000 units Capital funds will be combined with project-based MRVPs and service coordination funds

  11. Other Initiatives Increases in Housing Consumer Education Centers, Home and Healthy for Good, and Tenancy Preservation Program LIHEAP starts on November 1 New Lease Program started on October 1 with first placement on Oct. 25 Funded 700 mostly ELI units in June (“out of round”) Rental Round awards (1,000 affordable units) will be announced in November. Next round starts in late January. Supportive Housing Initiative (400 units this years towards 1,000 unit goal) Social Innovations Financing for chronically homeless individuals to be announced soon Self-Sufficiency RFQ to be released in November (public housing and MRVP)

  12. Other Initiatives Public Housing --Increase of 9% in the annual non-utility expense level (the operating subsidy line item was level-funded) --Public housing comprehensive redevelopment awards (HILAPP) --Continuing vacant units initiative ($2M) Community Investment Tax Credit NOFA to be released in November Start-up of HUD 811 Initiative for people with disabilities (awaiting HUD approval) Homeownership Development Round to start in early 2014 10,000 Multifamily Housing Units Initiative (5,500 through August; 65% higher than last year) Preservation of expiring use properties (10,000 units preserved over past 3 years with state resources, including use of project-basing of enhanced vouchers) Managing $20M in Section 8 cuts due to sequestration

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