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13. Unit. Healthy eating. diet. n. the Japanese diet of rice, vegetables and fish illnesses caused by poor diet idm. be/go on a diet v. You ought to diet and take more exercise. junk food healthy food. digest. salad peach bean dairy yog(h)urt

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  1. 13 Unit Healthy eating diet n. the Japanese diet of rice, vegetables and fish illnesses caused by poor diet idm. be/go on a diet v. You ought to diet and take more exercise. junk food healthy food

  2. digest salad peach bean dairy yog(h)urt mushroom bacon lettuce soft drink fuel

  3. nutrition peel protein roll up calcium chop ingredient steam fibre boil vitamin slice calorie dice chemical stir mineral mix fry 钙(元素) 烹饪原料 纤维 卡路里 蛋白质 维生素 营养 矿物;矿石 化学制剂 剁碎;砍 蒸 煮沸 把…切成薄片 把…切成方块 搅拌; 搅动 使…成卷(筒等) 剥;削;剥落 混合 煎;油炸

  4. Test Yourself Ice cream is ____ food because it has a lot of ____ and ____. Vegetables are healthy food because they ____ lots of ____.

  5. Patient Doctor I’ve got a pain here. This place hurts. I don’t feel well. There’s something wrong with my back/knee. Lie down and let me examine you. Let me have a look. Where does it hurt? Drink plenty of water and get some rest. Nothing serious. Seeing a doctor Giving advice and making suggestions What can I do for you? / What’s the matter? I advise you to … / I suggest you (should) … You’d better … / You ought to … I think you should …

  6. D: What seems to be the trouble, Lily? P: I’m not feeling so ____. D: What’s the ____? P: I’ve got a ____ here. This place ____. D: ____ down and let me ____ you. Let’s check your ____….. Well , you have a ____. What did you eat yesterday? P: I had a lot of strawberries. D: Were the strawberries ____ or green? You ____ to be ____ with fruit. P: They were a bit green. D: That may be the problem. It’s nothing ____. You’d ____ get some rest. Take these ____. And I advise you not to eat fruit that isn’t ripe in the _____. Test Yourself

  7. reading WE ARE WHAT WE EAT • Questions: • In your opinion, what will the writer tell us in the passage? • Do you know the six essential nutrients for our body? • Which of the following gives you the most energy: a banana, a soft drink or a bar of chocolate? protein carbohydrate fat vitamins mineral water

  8. reading WE ARE WHAT WE EAT Comprehension • What does the word “fuel” mean in the first paragraph? • Choosing what to eat is no longer as easy as it once was.Why? Give some reasons. Complete the form Nutrients Function Sources(来源) protein dairy products main fuel for our body vitamins;fibreminerals

  9. Comprehension I. Was the peach ripe or green? “Eco-food” is produced by companies who use green ways to grow it. II. Describe the following terms in proper English. vegetarians; vegans; yoghurt; environmentally friendly eco-food; organic vegetables Do you know them a red battle I always knew you were yellow! He looks blue. Things look black. a white day / a white lie

  10. comprehension • Which does the author think better, keeping a healthy and balanced diet or taking pills? • What are supplements? • What are “crash diets”? • If we want to lose weight fast, we’d better • A. go on “crash diets”. • B. eat expensive diet food. • C. simply try to eat less fat and sugar and exercise more.

  11. comprehension • What do you think the author refers to by “the challenges and opportunities in life? • Think of some ways to keep fit. Possible answers: develop healthy eating habits exercise more learn more about our body and the fuel it needs

  12. core sentences as • Our eating habits have changed, _____ has our way of life, and the ____ we need for our body is also different. • If we want to keep up with the _____ pace of modern life, we had better learn to make the right ______ about what and how we eat. • We had better think whether the food will give us the _________ we need. • Other nutrients, ____ ____ fibre and minerals, help keep our body ___________ well. • Vitamins, which we can get from eating vegetables, fruit, fish and drinking milk, help our body ______ ______. fuel high choices nutrients such as functioning fight disease

  13. Many people today make choices about their eating habits ______ on what they believe, such as ____________ and _______. • Eating habits become _______ of who we are. • ______________ friendly vegetables, or _________ vegetables are those that are grown without harmful ______ • We should spend our time and money in buying good food and keeping a ___________ diet. • If we eat healthy food in the right ________, we do not have to buy any ____________. • The same goes for ______ ______ that some companies say will make us lose weight fast. vegetarians based vegans part Environmentally organic chemicals. balanced amounts supplements crash diets core sentences

  14. SNACKS nutritious Even though we choose ________ food for our main meals, we probably still need to ______ now and then. We can give our body and brain more ______ by eating snacks. An apple, a banana, or an orange is a good ______. Most fruits are __________ sweet and we can eat them just the way they are --- all we have to do is clean or _____ them. refuel energy choice naturally peel

  15. language study I. Was the peach ripe or green? “Eco-food” is produced by companies who use green ways to grow it. a red battle I always knew you were yellow! He looks blue. Things look black. a white day / a white lie a. The rice is ripe for harvest. b. The problem is ripe for settlement. c. He lived to the ripe age of ninety. d. You’d better not eat green fruit. e. He’s still green at his job. f. The team was green at that time. ripe: 成熟的;准备好的;年高的 green:未熟的,嫩的;无经验的

  16. language study II. I advise you not to eat fruit that isn’t ripe in the future. n. / pron. advise doing sb. (not) to do (sb.) clause doing suggest (sb.) clause n. / pron. ? advice suggestion • I _____ the boy to save money but he wouldn’t listen. • A. hoped B. suggested C. advised D. made • (2) Many people advised that he _____ accept the offer but he lent no ear. • A. not B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. can’t • (3) 他的父母建议他健康节食。

  17. language study III. Our eating habits have changed, as has our way of life. • She looks forward, _____ does her secretary, to the completion of the new building. • A. like B. which C. as D. when • (2)They all have finished their work, _____ has she. • A. as B. though C. like D. which • (3) I want you to tell my friend your very interesting experience exactly _____ you have told them to me. • A. like B. just like C. as D. how IV. Other nutrients help keep our body functioning well. keep … doing keep … from doing sth The train was late and many people were kept _____ at the railway station. A. to wait B. to be waiting C. waiting D. waited

  18. language study IV. Because we have so much to choose from, many companies and stores offer advice about what we should eat. offer v.提供;给予;提出; 出价 offer sb sth offer sth to sb offer to do sth n.提供;提出;出价 choose 选中,选出 choose from 从…中选出 (1)She kindly offered _____ us around the park, but we refused her because she was ill. A. to show B. showing C. of show D. a show (2)He promised to make an offer of support. (3)They’ve offered us $1,5000 for the house. Shall we take it?

  19. language study VI. If we eat healthy food in the right amounts, we don’t have to buy any supplements. amount: n. in large / small amounts a large amount of = a great deal of v. amount to e.g. The production of steel amounted to 1,000 tons. Ex. A large _____ of food has been sent to the flooded area by train. A. number B. deal C. amount D. deal

  20. language study VII. The same goes for “crash diets” that some companies say will make us lose weight fast. go for : 适用于:应用于 e.g. I think this report is badly written, and that goes for all the other work done in this office. Your brother is a clever boy. And the same goes for you. • ---Tell the men that they can rest for an hour. • ---Does that ______ me, too? • A. do with B. go for C. come with D. fit for • (2) 他的关于你的一席话对我也适用。

  21. language study VII. Only in that way will we be ready for the challenges in life. Only then did I realize the importance of studies. Only whenChina was liberated could people lead a happy life. Only untilI went back home did I notice my new jacket. • Only by reading extensively _____ your knowledge. • A. you will enlarge B. so you can enlarge • C. can you enlarge D. you may enlarge • (2) Only when school was over _____ _____ _____ back home. • (他才能够回家)

  22. VIII. Most fruits are naturally sweet and we can eat them just the way they are. e.g. They didn’t do it the way we do now. • 他不象我说话的方式讲话. • What surprised me was not what he said but ______ he said it. • A. the way • C. in the way D. the way which

  23. 小心水果 这儿痛 没什么大不了的 将来 应该 大量的 建议某人干… 不再 传统的饮食习惯 追随;跟上 现代生活的快节奏 做出选择 包含大量蛋白质 使身体运转良好 抵抗疾病 成为…部分 以…为根据 环保的 有机蔬菜 对…有害的 花费…做… 保持平衡的饮食 以合适的数量 适用于… 快速减肥饮食 节食 养成健康的饮食习惯 确保 保持健康 为…做好准备 营养食品 不时地 简单的快餐 您要点什么? 你推荐什么? 增长着的数目 过不健康的生活 跟上;赶上 快节奏避免做某事 增肥 减肥 卷起…

  24. 1. How much water does the bottle _____? 2. Everybody had something to say, me _____. 3. Everyone here took part in the fight against the flood, ____ old people. 4. No ______, no gains. (不劳无获) 5. Only in this way _____ we catch up with others. 6. Don’t walk so fast. I can’t ____ ____. 7. The fans in Chicago admire Michael Jordan ____ he is no longer fighting for the Chicago Bulls. A. since B. even if C. however D. when 8. ---Let’s take a walk before we start work. ---Oh, I think it’s ____ for walking. A. much too hot B. very much hot C. too much hot include & contain exercises

  25. 9. We all write ______ , even when there’s not much to say. A. now and then B. by and by C. step by step D. more or less 10.We admired him for the way _____ he faces difficulties. A. which B. by which C. in that D. / 11. Some passengers complain that it usually _____ so long to fill in travel insurance documents. A. takes B. spends C. uses D. costs 12. If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week, better _____ it--- you’ve got some big bills coming. A. forget B. forgot C. forgetting D. to forget 13. I _____ the boy to save some money for the future, but he wouldn’t listen. A. hoped B. suggested C. made D. advised exercises

  26. 14. There isn’t any difference between the two. I really don’t know ____. A. what to choose B. to choose what C. which to choose D. to choose which 15. Our teacher never looks tired. He is so full of _____. A. power B. force C. strength D. energy 16. This is Mr.Smith, _____ has sth important to tell you. A. who I think B. I think who C. he thinks D. I think he 17.Swan Lake is a famous ballet in four acts _____ on a German fairy tale. 18.Does the same thing ____ for me? 19. A _______ diet should contain some fat,some fibre,a little salt as well. exercises

  27. 20. I _____ the habit of eating between meals when I was young. 21. A hurricane hit the city last city and a large _____ of damage was done in a very short time. 22. I am _____ of money this week. Can you lend me some? 23. I am _____ a diet and I’m trying to _____ weight. 24. _____ of going on a _____, she eats less fat and sugar and exercise more. 25. The machine won’t _____ properly if you don’t oil it well. 26. You _____ not to be a mouse potato. 27. Only then _____ I realize how foolish I was. 28. The dish smells _____. I can’t wait to eat it. exercises

  28. 33. There was a lot of fun at yesterday’s party. You _____ come, but why didn’t you? A. must have B. should C. need have D. ought to have 34. Sir, you _____ be sitting in this waiting room. It is for women and children only. A. oughtn’t to B. can’t C. won’t D. needn’t 35. I failed in the final examination last term and only then _____ the importance of studies. A. I realized B. I had realized C. had I realized D. did I realize 36. To regain their _____ after an exhausting game, the players lay in the grass. A. force B. energy C. power D. health 高考链接

  29. 29. Would you slow down a bit, please? I can’t ______ you. A. keep up with B. put up with C. make up to D. hold on to 30. They’ve ______ us $15000 for the house. Shall we take it? A. provided B. supplied C. shown D. offered 31. I often see lights in that empty house. Do you think I _____ report it to the police? A. should B. may C. will D. can 32. ---I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. ---You ______ her last week. A. ought to tell B. would have told C. must tell D. should have told 高考链接

  30. 31. He suggested that he _____ there by train. A. should go B. went C. going D. will go there 32. ---David has made great progress recently. --- _____. A. So has Julia B. So Julia has C. Julia has so D. Neither Julia has 33.---How about this kind of fruit? ---Oh, this kind of fruit _____ lots of vitamin B and C. A. remains B. holds C. includes D. contains 34. The machine won’t _____ properly if you don’t oil it well. A. function B. serve C. perform D. handle 高考链接

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