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General presentation

General presentation

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General presentation

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  1. General presentation A European Engineering Deans Council in Europe João Rocha – EEDC Vice-President GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  2. Context } as EUGENE T2 co-leader 3 driving forces are behind the creation of the EEDC University of Florence /EUGENE EU LLP project ISEL SEFI GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  3. MEMBERS Membershipis for individual « DEANS » only: • A personin charge of an engineering college, school or facultyin a universityin Europe • A person in charge of a European institution of HE thatisprimarilyfocussed on engineering education and research • A person in charge of an engineering deanscouncil/organisation in a respective country/region GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  4. Legal IdentitySecretariatBylaws and statutes EEDC aisbl International Privatenon Profit Association under the Belgian law with the headquarters in SEFI. Legally founded on 2nd March 2012. Bylaws and Statues It contains the vision, mission, functioning, internal structure and also addresses the legal requirements GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  5. Objectives and activities Objectives To provide a forum for exchange of information and for discussion of experiences, challenges and best practices in leading an engineering college, faculty or schools, To identify opportunities for engineering deans to collaborate with industry and other stakeholders in education, research and innovation, To build a network that will support engineering deans in playing a leadership role in developing European and national policy to advance economies. GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  6. Objectives and activities • Activities • Collect information and analysis concerning higher engineering education in Europe and circulate them to EEDC members • Promote exchanges through the EEDC members, notably exchange of good practices concerning the implementation of the Bologna process • Promote cooperation with Deans organizations and associations at national and international level • Participate in the Global Engineering Deans Council • Participate in political discussions concerning engineering education and research GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  7. History I: First Deans Working meeting First Deans working meeting, in Paris on the 24th February 2010 In conjunctionwith the 3rd SEFI European Convention for Deans in Engineering, Paris, February2012 “Engineering Education for an Innovative Europe” GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  8. History II : the lisbon Declaration 27 September 2011: Leaders of engineering education from Higher Education institutions (Deans) converged to Lisbon from different European Countries to create the European Engineering Deans Council (EEDC). They signed the so-called “Lisbon Declaration” 8 GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  9. EUROPEAN ENGINEERING DEANS COUNCIL DECLARATION SignedinLisbonon 27thSeptember 2011 ….. We, the undersigned, confirm our commitment to pool our collective strengths for the advancements of engineering education and research for the benefit of Society and to pursue the establishment of links with similar international organisations that are committed to the same objectives worldwide. ….. 9 GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  10. Lisbon Kick off meeting LISBON, PAVILHÃO ATLÂNTICO 27 September, 2011 10 GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  11. Sponsor Among the substantial outcomes of the EUGENE project, the creation of the European Engineering Deans Council creates the promising perspective of a forum open to all engineering education leaders of the continent. As a member of SEFI and a participant in the EUGENE network, Dassault Systemes is happy to support an initiative that further advances our shared vision of a vibrant, innovative and globally connected community of engineering education institutions. Xavier Fouger Dassault Systemes, Senior Academic Program Director GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  12. Sponsor Deans of Engineering of Europe, It is an honor and a pleasure to sponsor and attend the foundation of the European Engineering Deans Council here in beautiful Lisboa. May I wish you success in your endeavors as you strive to continue to seek excellence in engineering education across Europe. Lueny Morell Strategic Innovations & Research Services Office Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Past President IFEES 12 GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  13. Constitution act On March 2nd, 15 Deans signed the Act of Constitution of the EEDC aisbl at the notary office in Brussels. The EEDC web site will be operational at the end of March.

  14. On our agenda • The First General Meeting of the EEDC was held in Birmingham on 30 March • An Extraordinary General Assembly was called for Florence on 13th September • A presentation of the EEDC’s objectives and mission at the SEFI Annual Conference 2012 (Thessaloniki) • A presentation at the GEDC in Buenos Aires (October 2012) • A meeting to be organised in conjunction with the SEFI/CESAER European Convention on Engineering Deans (Aalborg 18-19 April 2013) • A workshop on PhD formats in Europe to be organised in cooperation with SEFI Annual Conference 2013 and 4Ing (September 2013) EEDC- Florence 14/9/2012

  15. Global cooperation A strong interaction is expected! GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012

  16. The future of the EUROPEAN ENGINEERING DEANS COUNCIL alreadystarted.....! EEDC aisbl 119 rue de Stassart, B - 1050 Brussels Tel. + 32 2 5023609 – Fax: + 32 2 5029611 VAT BE 0485.502.181 GEDC-Buenos Aires 16/10/2012