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Effective Grant Writing PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Grant Writing

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Effective Grant Writing

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Effective Grant Writing

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  1. Effective Grant Writing How to prepare a successful grant application

  2. Preparing successful grants • Preparing successful grant proposals to receive funding from corporations or foundations requires a little research, preparation, and graceful writing. Grant administrators tell us that many grant requestors have no real understanding of the proposal writing process and as a result, their worthy causes lose out.

  3. Be prepared • If you learn how to avoid the errors that lead to the rejection of your proposal, you will be better prepared to help the causes you most admire. On grant writing Tuesdays we will walk through the basic steps to grant writing--including an important discussion of what you must do when the grant arrives!

  4. Where do I start? • You have already taken the most important step. You are here! Next step - we should become familiar with the institution or project for which we are requesting support.

  5. Our ultimate goal… • To be able to put everything together so we can assemble, write, and submit complete grant proposals to foundations and other organizations and have our applications approved.

  6. What grants are available? • I have found a list of about 50 grants and they are on my webpage in the left window pane. • Please email me with additional grants you find doing research or if any of the grants I have listed are now defunct, please let me know. • We are going to focus primarily on the CFBISD Educational Foundation application because you will be able to use the information in this application for other grants.

  7. What is the CFBISD Educational Foundation Grant? What are the CFBISD Educational Foundation grants? Today, the Educational Foundation offers annual grants and scholarships to teachers and students that: Promote academic excellence Stimulate creative thinking Encourage innovation Broaden life experiences Enrich classroom teaching Since its inception, the non-profit Educational Foundation has awarded over $1.6 million in the form of: Student Scholarships - awarded to graduating seniors to help them pursue their college education. Teacher Grants - to enable teachers to implement new and innovative programs and projects in their classrooms, engage the students in the learning process and increase student achievement. Student Enrichment Grants - to allow students to experience educational educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. District Program and Campus Grants - to fund comprehensive programs that enable children to meet challenging district content and student performance standards with an emphasis on basic academics and parent involvement. See more at: http://www.cfbisdeducationalfoundation.org/#sthash.UZh2ktl3.dpuf

  8. What have past grant recipients done? • G:\Effective Grant Writing\2010 Teacher Grant Recipients.pdf

  9. What does an approved grant application look like? • G:\Grant App\Teacher Grant Application.pdf • G:\Grant App\Grant Budget.pdf

  10. Where can I find an application to apply? • G:\Effective Grant Writing\2013 Teacher Grant Application.pdf • Or go to the CFBISD Educational Foundation Website

  11. What should I do when I receive the grant? • Write a thank you card to the Educational Foundation • Post the news on the DFL School Website • Put a blurb in the PTA Newsletter • Display your plack outside your classroom door • Exampleon next slide

  12. Why are grants rejected and what should I do if this happens? • Rich Lewis will tell all on Tuesday, September 17th!