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Boiler Manufacturer in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Boiler Manufacturer in India

Boiler Manufacturer in India

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Boiler Manufacturer in India

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  1. Indian Boiler industry is a major contributor in “Make In India “dream of our great PM Mr. Modi. The Indian Boiler Industry has the capability as well as skills to manufacture and deliver quality engineered products. We have the competitive advantage in terms of cost as well as quality compare to other countries. Boiler markets in India have been growing continuously for past few years with a CAGR of 24.53%. Boiler market is expected to grow almost 3 fold to USD11.7 billion by FY22 from USD 3.8 billion in FY11 with a expected CAGR of 10.8%. Boiler Industry will continue to play a critical role in growth of engineering sector and increase in no. of jobs. Efficiency of Boiler Industry could affect many other large industries like cement, power etc. Scope: More focus on “Make in india” could create a good opportunity for Boiler Manufacturer in India like Noor Boiler etc. Ease in various regulations and act like Indian boiler Act could fuel the growth of this sector Continued Growth in energy requirement could have positive impact on demand of Industrial Boilers. Increase in Domestic Demand Replacement or brown-field expansion could provide significant opportunities Threat: There are many threats which could affect growth of Indian Boiler Sector. High competition from Chinese manufacturers on base of cost and delivery time. China products are quite cheap with fast delivery but have lower quality compare to Boiler manufacturer in India . Inspector raj due to Indian Boiler Act. Make unnecessary harassment in Boiler manufacturer in Gujarat & overall india. Indian Boilers Act (1923) was formulated during British rule to ensure safety of boiler users. The archaic law led to rampant

  2. corruption as it gave the inspector right to shut down a unit for inspection and interference in appointment of agencies for repair and maintenance work of boilers. Growing domestic competition between local boiler manufacturers. Hindrance in capacity addition plan. Fluctuation in steel price affects raw material cost. Growing labor cost creates a secondary pressure on profit margin. Measures Needs to be taken by Government : End of Inspector raj Self certification scheme as a part of its plan to improve the ease of doing business to implement “Make in India” campaign successfully. Given the existing domestic demand and likelihood of continued growth in Energy Requirement in the country, industrial boiler markets have a favor able future outlook.