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SMS and Email Marketing Trends PowerPoint Presentation
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SMS and Email Marketing Trends

SMS and Email Marketing Trends

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SMS and Email Marketing Trends

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  1. SMS and Email Marketing Trends TOGENERATESALES

  2. Digital marketers would benefit from knowing the SMS and email marketing trends of2020.

  3. Making the email designs mobile-friendlywilltherefore increase open and click rates and improve profit generation. Email Marketing Trends Mobile-Friendly Email Designs EmailDesigns for Dark Mode Dark mode consideration goes together with mobile optimization. Thiscanbedonebysimplygoing for a darker palette.

  4. User-Generated Social Media ContentInsertion Anotheremailmarketingtrendistomerge your email marketing with social media strategy.Inthepastsocialmediaintegration simply meant including social media links and icons in your promotional emails.

  5. Reviews, Ratings& FeedbackInclusion Video&Animation Inclusion Brand Storytelling You need to communicate withyourconsumersthrough brand storytelling. Even if yourbrandisfaceless,you still have a mission and history, which you can weave together and share narratively. Stats say that simply by addingtheword“video”toan email title, you can increase your open rate by some 20%. It also makes your promotionalemailsmore accessible. By including your customer reviews, ratings, and feedbackinyouremails,you can increase your cus tomer base and brand loyalty and improve sales.

  6. Cus tomer s ervice has a s upplementaryrole to play in your marketing department. F i rms largely rely on phone calls to delivertheir customerservice. Use SMS as a Promotional Channel S MS generates higher res pons e ratesthan email, F acebook, or phone calls . I t als o has a convers ion rate of almos t 1 4 %. And nearly 49 million cons umers agree to receive S MS from brands through s ubscription. TransactionalSMS Updates S tudies s ay that a vas t majority ( 77 %)of cons umers have a good impres s ion ofbrands and bus ines s es that keep them informed via S MS . T hey are increas ingly opting to receive order updates through texts. OfferCustomerService Through SMS SMS Marketing Trends

  7. AI-Enhanced Chatbots A prominent S MS marketing trend that hasbegun gaining a lot of attention this year is S MS chatbots. T hes e automates everal areas of thecus tomer experience andprovide ins tant replies tocommon customerqueries. Trigger-Based Texting Trigger-basedmessagescan allow S MS marketersto radically s caleup communications , jus t the way email automation has. Marketers can place triggers to request feedback,remind abandonedcarts Review Requesting Cus tomer reviews havean immens e influence ona customer’sbuying decisions.72%of cons umers agreethat pos itive reviews abouta localbusinessbuildtheir trus t in it. S o,brands s hould focus on gathering customerreviews.

  8. Combining Email and SMS marketingTrends By looking at the S MS and email marketing trends , you canunderstandthattoday’stwomostpowerfuldigital marketing tools are here to s tay for a whilelonger.

  9. NotifyVisitors’ Email and SMS MarketingSoftware Notify Vis itors ’ email and S MS marketing s oftware has many features and tools for merging emailand S MS marketing and s ales automation. Y ou can us e it to nurture leads , run campaigns , and carry out marketing analytics.

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