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Information Designing

Information Designing

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Information Designing

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  1. Information Designing Information Management Implementation Information Designing

  2. Information Designing Information Designing

  3. Planning Design Information Database and Resource Dictionary Analysis Implementation Operation and Maintenance Information Designing

  4. Solar Energy Envelope Flow of Matter Nutrients Facility Structural HVAC Electrical Lighting Communications Other Systems Complexes (Cities) Land Use Population (Demographics) Transportation Economics Infrastructure Utilities Services Health Natural Environment Human Organize Circulate Communicate Produce Explore Planetary Surface Geology Physiography Soils Climate Hydrology Design Analysis Manufacturing (Construction) Operations Green Plants Herbivores Impacts Effects Carnivores Decomposers Performance Performance Biotic Abiotic Application to Project

  5. A n y subsystems 2 A 2 y 1 A 1 Real World Analysis System

  6. Global Planning and Problem Solving Selection of Analysis Strategy Selection of Learning Strategy Learning of Analysis Strategy Learning Programmed Analysis Selection of optimal policy Real World Analysis System


  8. ANSI / X3 / SPARC Standard for Enterprise Planning P Z Conceptual Schema Neutral View Internal Schema Computer View External Schema Users View Three Schema Approach

  9. Control Output Input Activity Mechanism IDEF = ICAM Definition Language ICAM=Integrated Computer Assisted Manufacturing IDEF Context Diagram

  10. Policy: Decision making in the absence of knowledge or information. A Definition

  11. Traditional Decision Making Summary Conclusions Raw Data Pattern Recognition, Prediction, Empirical Determination Two Approaches toDecision Making

  12. Information Designing Information Management Information Designing

  13. Matrix of Information

  14. Land Use Population Demography Market Criteria Transportation Production & Commerce Economics Planning Urban Infrastructure Development Energy & Utilities Accessibility Government Services Restrictions Health Human Resources Natural Environment Supersets Sets Urban InformationClassification

  15. Foundation Super Structure Construction Exterior Closure Documentation Roofing Cost Estimating Interior Closure Space Planning Conveying Systems 3D Modeling Elec. & Mech. Systems Business Management Equipment Property Management Site Work Supersets Sets Facility InformationClassification

  16. Land Use Population and Demography Transportation Economic Data Physical Structure and Infrastructure Energy and Utilities Government Services Health Data Natural Environment Composite Map Mapped UrbanInformation Processing

  17. Rainfall Vegetation Erosion Drainage Water Wind Access Hydrology Climate Views Temp./Hum. Sunlight Physiography Context Contours Boundaries Noise Buildings Rocks Legal Geology Zoning Soil Utilities Zoning Easements Physical Characteristics Site Hierarchy

  18. universe contains contains block table has-a-part has-a-part 1 1 top legs has-a-part has-a-part 1 1 has-a-part leg1 has-a-part leg4 1 1 leg3 leg2 Entity Relationships: Table

  19. world contains contains contains temple cube table consists of consists of consists of has has columns cella consists of steps legs top 6 made of made of column roof 4 step made of made of back_wall 4 2 leg tympanum side_wall 2 made of front_wall 2 pitch Entity Relationships: Greek Temple

  20. consists of has Temple Parts Characteristics include include supports Plinth Order Orientation has supports prescribes positions conceal Cella Columns Dedication consists of prescribes support Measure Type Walls Roof Entablature Relation to Context support enclose indludes supports includes includes dimensions Tympanum scales Grid Location conceals Structure scales Module supports Scale scales determines Pitches Intercolumniation Directionality shelter Statue of Deity identifies Decomposition of Entity Relationships

  21. TEMPLE 1. representation flags 3. execute plinth 5. execute order 2. global transformation 4. execute cella 6. roof PLINTH 1. representation flags 2. local transformation 3. execute platform CELLA 1. representation flags 2. local transformation 3. execute rear wall 4. local transformation 5. execute side wall 6. local transformation 7. execute side wall 8. local transformation 9. execute front wall 10. local transformation 11. execute front wall ORDER 1. representation flags 2. local transformation 3. execute column grid ROOF 1. representation flags 2. local transformation 3. execute tympanum 4. local transformation 5. execute pitch 6. local transformation 7. execute pitch PLATFORM 1. primitive 2. execute steps COLUMN GRID 1. local transformation 2. execute column 3. local transformation 4. execute column 5. local transformation 6. execute column 7. local transformation 8. execute column 9. local transformation 10. execute column 11. local transformation 12. execute column STEPS 1. local transformation 2. execute onestep 3. local transformation 4. execute onestep 5. local transformation 6. execute onestep TYMPANUM 1. primitive REAR WALL 1. primitive PITCH 1. primitive SIDE WALL 1. primitive ONESTEP 1. primitive COLUMN 1. primitive FRONT WALL 1. primitive Hierarchy of Entity Relationships

  22. Information Designing Information Management Implementation Information Designing

  23. PHIGS Smart Vectors CAD Dumb Vectors Rendering Rasters Software CASE Translation Speak Easy Volumetrics Voxels GIS Relational Data Bases DATA DB2 DATA Local Data Translation Between Machines and Data Types Information Processingby Translation

  24. FACILITIES (CITIES) MANUFACTURING FACILITY MANAGEMENT (BUILDINGS) Analysis Graphics Data Bases GPG Connectivity HIERARCHIAL IMS/DL1 Network Simulation CADG FM CADAM CATIA Other Pattern Finding IGES/ PDES RELATIONAL D82/SQL PHIGS Modeling Interactive Environment (SpeakEasy) OTHER Synthetic Environments Other Software Systems Integration

  25. SIMULATION Current Research Information Management Real World Data Types Central Database Analysis / Management Computer Programs Computer-Aided Design Graphics Files Computer Documentation Accounting Procedures Paper Plans REAL WORLD PROCESSES Natural Environment, Cities, Buildings, Manufacturing, Etc. Simulation

  26. "The theme of this book is that a universe comes into being when a space is served or taken apart. The skin of a living organism cuts off an outside from an inside. So does the circumference of a circle in a plane. By tracing the way we represent such a severance, we can begin to reconstruct, with an accuracy and coverage that appear almost uncanny, the basic forms underlying linguistic, mathematical, physical, and biological science, and can begin to see how the familiar laws of our own experience follow inexorably from the original act of severance. The act is itself already remembered, even if unconsciously, as our first attempt to distinguish different things in a world where, in the first place, the boundaries can be drawn anywhere we please." Quote from The Laws of Form, by G. Spencer Brown