company emergency crisis measures n.
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  1. COMPANY EMERGENCY CRISIS MEASURES TECHNICAL & FINANCIAL PROTOCOLS Various technical protocols measures are need to be taken the best care by the business company to avoid the crisis. Technical protocols include technical aspects of the business such as networking security and cyber security strategies, technical team formation with the versatile leadership in the team and the high end latest version devices used for the purpose of emergency response to unexpected crisis. The emergency strategies of the technical aspects are very crucial and vital for assessing the response for the crisis management.  Financial protocols are necessary which are vital during financial crisis. Any sort of highly vulnerable cause such as fire, natural disaster etc. can cause financial crisis with other crisis. So financial protocols such as insurance service for the company as well personnel

  2. should be registered, budget should be allocated for the emergency utility and support during the crisis. COMPANY EMERGENCY CRISIS MEASURES REGULAR TIMESPAN CHECKUPS Regular check ups of each and every department factor and aspects assures the metrics about how vulnerable it is to get possible crisis in the business company. All of the emergency response plans and strategies, drills and trainings are regularly checked up in the business by the assigned rescue team. The measures and metrics obtained from the regular checkups are used to analyze the situations and these metrics will help if any change is in plan and strategies are need to adapt the new kind of possible crisis. CONDUCT MASS CONFERENCE/COMMUNICATION Mass communication can help drastically to aware and inform the people in the community and in company during the times of crisis. This helps to alert the people with no delay which can transmit the authentic message to them and destroy all the false news and hoax roaming around during the crisis period. Company should prepare this medium all the time and maintain this measure frequently before tackling the crisis. EMERGENCY RESPONSE TRAINING This is the best measure to keep all good as the team trains the employee of the company regarding various strategies to tackle during crisis. This training will help the company staff to get self prepared and this ultimately takes measure to the company’s ability to tackle the fore coming crisis with less effects. And hence this will create the better working environment sustainability to run the company even during the period of crisis. PREPARING MESSAGE TEMPLATES The crisis rescue team in the company can prepare certain sets and templates of messages which can get handy to deliver to the mass with no delay. The message templates must be appealing and with alert regarding the crisis situation. This measure should be well taken care of by the team.

  3. EMERGENCY RESPONSE MESSAGES The messages or the alerts that team of the company is sending from the set of the templates or drafting in the real time scenario should be analyzed properly. This analysis requires the better understanding of the crisis communication. This is the another measure to check if that messages can actually help during the time of crisis. And the messages which have been drafted in real time is feasible to tackle during the crisis period can be recorded as the template messages. ALLOCATE NUMBER OF TEAMS OR EMPLOYEES AS EMERGENCY RESPONSE This measure should be taken seriously by the company where the effective number of employees or teams can be set on mission during the period of the crisis as the emergency response. It is sure that, company cannot take charge to put all the employees on work during the period of crisis, so effective employees should be selected and trained well enough to perform certain operations that helps company to run during the emergency environment. Company should track the exact situation and employees in service of emergency response that contributes to the security of emergency plans and strategies.