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LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION. LCIF Coordinator Meeting, USA/Canada Forum. Wayne Madden Immediate Past International President LCIF Chairperson Welcome and Opening Remarks. Cynthia Bianchi Regional Development Specialist USA-West and Latin America. Today’s Agenda.

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  2. Wayne Madden Immediate Past International President LCIF Chairperson Welcome and Opening Remarks

  3. Cynthia Bianchi Regional Development Specialist USA-West and Latin America

  4. Today’s Agenda • Leadership and Working Relationships • LCIF Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities • Impact of LCIF • LCIF’s 5 Year Goals • Goal Setting • Fundraising Strategies

  5. LCIF Steering Committee 2013 – 2014 LCIF Steering Committee: Clement Kusiak, Chairperson, USA Kajit "KJ" Habanananda, Vice Chairperson, Thailand J. Frank Moore, USA Jack Isaman, Canada RosaneVailatti, Brazil Georges Placet, France Dr. Tae-Sup Lee, KoreaRohitC. Mehta, India R.J. "Bob" Coulthard, Australia S.P. Amin, Kenya G. "G.R." Ramaswamy, India Shinji Kayamori, Japan Ching-Li Lee, Taiwan Dr. TebebeYermanBerhan, Ethiopia Wing-Kun Tam, Immediate Past LCIF Chairperson • Comprised of 15 members • Every area represented 15 Steering Committee Members 150 Multiple District Coordinators 750 District Coordinators 45,000 Clubs

  6. Working Relationships District Governor LCIF Steering Committee • District Governor Team • 1st and 2nd Vice District Governor • GMT and GLT Leader • LCIF Coordinator • Treasurer • Secretary Multiple District Coordinator District Coordinator Clubs Clubs We Care. We Serve. We Accomplish.

  7. LCIF Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

  8. We are the nurturers of society “We are giving people an opportunity to invest their money in creating the change they want to see in the world.”

  9. LCIF Ambassadors • LCIF is: Lions helping Lions Serve. • YOU are the link between Lions and LCIF!

  10. You Are A Noble Fundraiser You offer Lions: • An opportunity to be generous • A share in Lions’ global service • Fullest experience of Lionism

  11. Inspiring Leader What is YOUR vision for growing a culture of support for LCIF in your Multiple District? How will you apply the general tools, messages, tips, and guidelines with your local DC team and among the local Lions? How will you make LCIF irresistible?

  12. Roles and Responsibilities: Summary • Develop relationships • Show passion for LCIF • Report activities • Recruit helpers • Donate to LCIF!

  13. Impact of LCIF

  14. Funds Raised 2012-2013 • US$ 35.63 million • Thank You!

  15. Lions’ Life-Changing Global Philanthropy- Grants LCIF awarded 489 grants totaling US$39.3 million

  16. Canada Grants 2012-2013 • Total grants to Canada • 17 grants • US$ 909,715 in total grant funding • 85% of grant funds are for Standard grants • 157% of funds donated to LCIF by CA II were awarded in CA II as a grant

  17. US Grants 2012-2013 • Total grants to the US • 99 grants • US$3,398,244 in total funding • 41% Standard Grants • 31% Emergency Grants • 70% of funds donated to LCIF by CA I were awarded in CA I as a grant

  18. Local Impact – Telling the Story

  19. LCIF Five Year Goals

  20. LCIF’s Five Year Financial Goals US$50 million in 2017-2018 for 50 year anniversary of LCIF

  21. Case for Support Why does LCIF need to grow our support?

  22. Case for Support Why does LCIF need to grow our support? • LCIF Steering Committee is exploring many options in response to increased demand for grants. For example: • increasing annual funds available for Emergency Grants • funding new areas like disaster preparedness • raising Standard Grant maximum to US$100,000 • Decisions will be made on these proposals in the coming months.

  23. Case for Support–Expanded Measles Commitment US$ 30 million from Lions “Lions Clubs International and its members are excited to continue our commitment to the fight against measles and rubella. Through our joint efforts with GAVI and other partners, we will increase access to quality immunization services at every level – globally, nationally and locally – to benefit children in developing countries.” - PIP Wing-Kun Tam US$ 30 million match from Gates & UK US$ 60 million to save children from measles!

  24. Case for Support – Special Olympics • 45th Anniversary of Special Olympics, July 2013: Changing lives through the power of sport • LCIF is pledging US$7.8 million to expand and strengthen our 14-year collaboration: • Provide health services • Engage youth • Encourage family support Fast facts - 70,000+ competitions every year - build communities of acceptance and provide health screenings - 2014 Canada Summer Games in Vancouver, B.C. - 2014 USA Games in New Jersey

  25. LCIF’s Five Year Financial Goals

  26. 2013-2014 Goals by Constitutional Area

  27. Goal Setting

  28. “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs…. One step at a time.”

  29. Why Goal Setting? • Dual purpose: • Clear end point • Compass to guide the way • Map is the work plan • Gauge progress regularly • Communicate progress to maintain momentum

  30. Goal Setting Process

  31. What Works in YOUR Area? Work to develop a plan that suits the characteristics, interests and needs of your unique area How to: • Maintain/ increase current gifts • Expand donor base

  32. How do Lions Give in Your Area? Ask yourself the following big-picture questions… • Do Lions in your area give as individuals, or do they make their gifts through their clubs? • Do Lions in your area prefer to give to particular projects or would they rather give general gifts to LCIF? • If they prefer a particular project, what type do they prefer? Are there ways you could encourage general gifts instead? • Is recognition a main motivating factor in giving in your area? If so, what type? • What other factors motivate giving in your area?

  33. 1. Analyzing Giving Patterns Once you’ve worked through the previous questions, use LCIF data to analyze the results and compare with your impressions: • How many gifts came from clubs versus individuals? • How much was the average gift? • Were there many MJFs, PMJFs or Contributing Members in your area last year? • Did Lions in your area give generously in response to a particular program, such as One Shot, One Life, or disaster relief? • Were most gifts in your area undesignated? • Did most clubs in your area contribute?

  34. 2. Goals: Challenging but achievable • Think globally: Aim for the per member average needed from each CA • Alternatively, aim for 5-10% over last year

  35. 3. Goals: Break It Down District ABC sets a goal of $30,375, which is an increase of 25% (or $7,875) over the previous year. What kinds of donations should the LCIF team target throughout the year?

  36. 4. Consult the Council of Governors • Secure support of LCIF goals • Request insight about club giving capacity • Solicit active support, e.g. mention LCIF in DG club visits • Communicate progress monthly to the COG

  37. 5. Secure Commitments from Clubs • Start the year with active engagement of each club: • Appeal letter • Call or meet with Club Presidents • Share club donation history • Try to secure an increased commitment • Use information from reports to inform commitment request

  38. Fundraising Strategies

  39. “The grass is greener where you water it”

  40. Inform Future Strategies: Individuals If Lions in your area give mostly as individuals, the following ideas might be helpful. • MJFs and PMJFs: Fellowship Lay Away Plan • Contributing Member Program is easy and affordable for new donors • Employer Match • Major Donor Match • Public MJF presentation in honor of International Officer visit • Act as key troubleshooter on donation and recognition matters

  41. Inform Future Strategies: Clubs If Lions in your area give mostly as clubs, the following ideas might be helpful. • Encourage clubs to give at least one MJF or PMJF per year • Promote club recognition opportunities, such as the 100% Contributing Member program, the Club Plaque, and the 100% MJF program. • Lions Clubs can connect communities to critical international events or causes • Engage Leos – youth as community leaders for a cause

  42. Successful Strategies – Basic Appeal Letter • Structure • Opening • Story – focus on one individual impacted and convey emotion • The Facts • The Ask • Reinforce the ask and close • Tips • Include the word ‘you’ in your letter (i.e. “Your support means so much”) • Use bullets, underlining, bold, photos • Ask staff for assistance

  43. Successful Strategies – Planned Giving • Bequest– determined amount or percentage of estate noted in donor’s will • Lions should consult an expert (attorney, financial advisor, etc.) • Planned Giving potential at all levels – donor does not need to be wealthy • Other planned gifts available

  44. Fundraising Strategies: Zeiss Eyeglass Cleaning Kits • Carl Zeiss International/Nanofilm provides a high-quality lens cleaner kit which includes: • One bottle of Zeiss lens cleaner • One microfiber lens cleaning cloth • Six Zeiss pre-moistened lens cloths • Instructions and information about • LCIF • US$1.50 royalty payment to LCIF for each kit sold • Kits are available to clubs in quantities of 36 (1 Case) at a cost of US$6 in the United States and US$7 per kit in Germany and Canada • Kits are sold for at least US$10 • Kits may be purchased via credit card or check via the website or mail

  45. Successful Strategies: Major Donors • Help LCIF identify donors and clubs with affinity and capacity. Locally, you can: • Write a personal thank you • Keep top donors informed: forward information from LCIF headquarters • Schedule an “exclusive” donor recognition event at local conventions • Invite donors to tour local LCIF-funded projects, especially projects of interest • Request LCIF staff assistance with strategy

  46. Next Steps Next 2 weeks: Next 4 months:

  47. Questions?

  48. Thank you Lions Clubs International Foundation Multiple District Coordinators!

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