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An Architecture enabling spontaneous Wireless Services PowerPoint Presentation
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An Architecture enabling spontaneous Wireless Services

An Architecture enabling spontaneous Wireless Services

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An Architecture enabling spontaneous Wireless Services

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  1. An Architecture enabling spontaneous Wireless Services The WINE GLASS Ad-hoc Service Platform Lars Schrix IMST GmbH June 21st, 2001

  2. Hierarchic service structure C/S-Architecture Strict distinction between provider and consumer role Predefined service relationships Closed platform Efficient support of pre-installed networks Modest integration of nomadic users Conventional Services

  3. Definition Based on community of nomadic users (Service Community), no C/S-Architecture No predefinition of provider and consumer role User-to-user relationship (Peer-to-Peer-Approach) Focus on user Open platform Spontaneous Services

  4. Nomadic Scenarios Mobile Office/Mobile Meeting Ad-Hoc Location Services Community Chat Infotainment Online Games Use Cases

  5. Group of users willing to share services Network interconnection between users Service Community may be characterized by: Regional size Access type Type of interest Efficiency Terminal Type Service Community

  6. No pre-installed service infrastructure Administrative tasks distributed among community Administrative tasks Discovery Lookup NeighbourhoodExploration Architecture Service B Service C Service B Accounting & Service A Service C Accounting & (e.g. Mobile Service A Authorization (e.g. Printer) (e.g. Mobile Authorization Office) (e.g. Printer) Office) Administrative Tasks (Distributed) Administrative Tasks (Distributed) Discovery, Lookup, Neighbourhood Exploration Discovery, Lookup, Neighbourhood Exploration Network Network (WINE GLASS Network) (e.g. OMAN)

  7. Architecure II

  8. Bridging element between Service Communities Service Proxies can be assigned dynamically, no static setup necessary Service entities inherited from Service Proxy: Content Provider (providing content from CMS) Bridging User (accessing legacy services) Service Proxy

  9. „Bootstrap“ for Service Communities Lookup Process distributed within Service Community Network requirements: Conventional Broadcast/Multicast (sub-optimal) Regional announcement mechanism of future networks Appropriate real network testbed available in WINE GLASS project Discovery & Lookup Process

  10. Discovery Procedure

  11. Testbed Architecture

  12. RB & NPQ Architecture

  13. Thanks for your attention The End